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What to give a hockey player for his birthday

The question of a gift to a loved one traditionally confronts us several times a year on the eve of holidays and memorable dates. Everyone indulged in the throes of choice, sorting through the options for a gift. It’s a little easier if a person has a favorite thing in life, but even here it’s quite difficult to please, because without understanding the intricacies of a hobby it’s very difficult to make the right choice.

Birthday hockey players

We decided to help everyone choose the most suitable gift for a hockey player, taking into account various budget options. You can donate clubs, skates and other equipment only if you are 100% sure of the size and model. But what if you don’t know the person so well or want to make a surprise?

“What to give a hockey player friend?”, “The best birthday present for a hockey player guy?”, “What to give a hockey player for 500 rubles?” We have tried to find answers to all these questions.

Gifts up to 500 rubles.

Even in the case when you need to make a symbolic present or the budget is limited to just one banknote with the image of Arkhangelsk, you can choose worthy things.


An excellent gift for a hockey player will be the attributes of your favorite club. If you know the favorite hockey club of the hero of the occasion, then it will not be difficult to order a magnet, badge or other souvenir with the team logo. The main thing is not to make a mistake, because it is unlikely that you will become best friends by giving a fan of AK Bars a badge of HC Salavat Yulaev.


Hockey, like any other sport, requires the regular purchase of the necessary accessories. Any hockey player will be pleased to receive a roll of tape, stick wax, a beautiful shower bag or a new water bottle as a gift. The main advantage of such a gift is that it will definitely find its use and be useful.

Washer with logo.

A puck with the logo of any club can be the beginning of a collection of rubber discs. There is some great purpose in collecting pucks, because collecting them all is simply not possible. A puck with the club logo is a great souvenir from a trip, instead of a banal magnet.

Beer RedMachine.

RedMachine beer with a hockey player on the label will delight the lover of craft brewing. This IPA was brewed specifically for all hockey fans. Even preaching a healthy lifestyle, sometimes on a hot summer day you can afford a glass of unique hockey beer.


You shouldn't laugh. A seemingly banal gift can be very useful for a hockey player.Firstly, there are special sports hockey socks that no hockey player will refuse. Secondly, there are cool MASSKOTT socks, which are stylized as skate lacing and will make even the toughest tough guy smile. They are also quite inexpensive.

Hockey socks Masskott Horse

Also, on a minimal budget, a shower kit will always be the perfect gift for a hockey player, because the second most popular question in the locker room after “Who has water?” is the question Who has shampoo?

Gifts up to 1500 rubles.

Despite the stern look, many hockey players love sweets, which is why a cake in the form of a hockey box, stick or goalie pads will be a great gift for hockey players.

Hockey festive cake

Hockey figurine.

The choice of figurines is simply huge. Ideally, pick up a figurine in the colors of your favorite club or choose a legendary player, but the nameless hockey player will also take his place of honor at the working computer.

Figures of hockey players

Hockey ticket.

Hockey players are very fond of going to hockey, so a ticket to a match of your favorite team will be a win-win gift option. Just imagine how happy your friend from Syktyvkar will be when he receives a ticket for tomorrow's match in Vladivostok between Admiral and Amur!

Cap or hat.

Depending on the time of the year, a cap, snapback or winter hat can be purchased as a gift for a hockey player. Especially for hockey players, the MASSKOTT brand produces hockey caps and hats in retro style with laconic inscriptions Hockey and Soviet hockey. Most importantly, the cap and snapback can be made unique by adding the name and number of the hero of the occasion. Such a gift will not leave indifferent any hockey player.

Hockey caps and snapbacks

Gifts up to 5000 rubles.

Clothing from MASSKOTT hockey inside

In this segment, it is interesting to consider sweatshirts, hoodies with branded hockey symbols from MASSKOTT hockey inside

A large selection is presented in our online store

A new take on the look with urban wear that goes great with personalized embroidery or SURNAME #99 (NUMBER) print

Such clothes look very presentable and impressive, in the spirit of modern trends.

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Any hockey player will be happy to receive a jersey as a gift – a game sweater of his favorite team. If you are not sure about the sympathies of the chosen one, then the jersey of the Russian national team will be universal, since everyone without exception is rooting for it. Do not forget to add the number and surname of the birthday man, which can be timed to coincide with a memorable date.

Table hockey.

All men are small children at heart, they just can’t always admit it to themselves. Do you want to make sure of this? Then put in front of a company of mature respectable men such a simple game as table hockey. You will see that there will be no trace of solidity. Adult men will drive a small puck along the surface of the site with childish delight, rejoice at goals and argue desperately. Want to help remember your childhood? You can't think of a better gift.

Table hockey

Hockey clothes.

Masskotta lets out collections of hockey clothes: T -shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, anorak and even shorts. The design is simultaneously associated with hockey, but at the same time designed in the casual style, so such clothes are suitable not only for training, but also for socks in everyday life. Additionally, you can please a loved one by adding a surname and a number to clothes. The whole range is in our online store.

Gifts over 10,000 rubles.

Game console.

Today, the technologies are so developed that computer games are already not much different in beauty and graphics from real films and events. Seeing on the screen the latest version of the NHL game, it is easy to confuse the picture with a real hockey match. If you are not afraid to lose your friend’s attention for a couple of days until he wins the Stanley Cup and all personal awards in interactive battles, then you can safely give him a computer console.

Nomitable wooden sunglasses Visor.

This is a truly unique thing from Woodsun and Masskott. Exclusive sunglasses in a wooden rim “Vizor” are handmade work from the harvesting of elements to the application of logos. The simultaneous use of several wood and technological polymeric lenses of Carlzeiss make Visor glasses not only a unique, but also a very high -quality thing. A stylish gift for hockey players who are not afraid to be at the peak of fashion. A pleasant addition is the engraving of the surname and the number on the inner surface of the arise, which is included in the price.

Hockey glasses Visor

The best cartoons about hockey: USSR, Russia, USA, Canada

Thanks to the unclean number of genres and directions, the animation is open to all ages and views. In this article we will talk about the best old Soviet and foreign cartoons about hockey, as well as modern animation. Forward!

Domestic hockey cartoons.

Born in the USSR, of course, will immediately recall the cult trilogy of the confrontation of the pennant and meteor. “Puck, washer!”, “Revenge” and “Come to the rink”. The last cartoon in this list is more a romantic comedy than a sports confrontation, but all of them are a real classic of Soviet animation, relevant at all times!

We recommend viewing for all ages:

Puck of the puck, USSR, 1964

Revenge match, USSR, 1968

Come to the rink, USSR, 1981

By the way, did someone else empathize with the red? 🙂

Continuing the theme of Soviet hockey cartoons, we smoothly move on to the next hero of our small review-“Vovka-trainer” and his wards of Chuni-Muni. Everything is fine here: a fool – a goalkeeper mask, fan musical accompaniment, cool animation. As for hockey in this cartoon .. The game goes clearly according to alien rules. Although everything happens in life;)

The cartoon has no restrictions on age.

Vovka – coach, we watch online for free and without SMS, USSR, 1979:

Another representative of the Soviet school of animation, however, shot after the collapse of the Union – this is a series of the animated series about the adventures of three brave Cossacks How Cossacks played hockey.

In this part, the main characters are already represented at honorable age, with a bunch of children and gray hair in their heads. The opponents of the Cossack team are pirates, familiar already in the past series, only in Canadian form.

You can also watch at any age.

How Cossacks played hockey, Ukraine, 1995

Modern Russian cartoons about hockey, but they are. Fixiki and Smeshariki are probably already known to those who have small children:

Series Fixikov, Russia, 2013

Series Smesharikov, Russia, 2013

Another series of Smesharikov, Russia, 2013

The “tail hockey” is a cartoon, where the main character is a cat, which can not in any way humanly drive a puck in the yard due to winter weather quirks in central Russia. Light, ironic short film, we watch the first series here, production Russia, 2016:

Another representative of modern animation about hockey is a series of the animated series Three Heroes, in which three heroes will have a battle on the ice. The cartoon is funny and voiced, and the moment with legend No. 17 is just chic!
Three heroes and hockey, Russia, 2014

Foreign cartoons about hockey.

Old Donald Duck and his nephew in Hockey since 1939. Billy, Willy and Dilly in their characteristic style with sadistic inclinations drive their uncle, champion in the world.

Despite the villains of small villages characteristic of the characters, there are no restrictions on viewing.

Donald Duck: Hockey Champion, USA, 1939

“Guphi: Murdious hockey” is a cartoon where all the heroes “play” by a dog Guphi familiar to many. The cartoon is full of sports aggression, humor and irony. Despite the fact that it was shot in 1945, it is interesting to watch at the hockey cartoon and now, at any age.

Guphi: Killed Hockey, USA, 1945

In 1993, Disney creates in the city of Anaheim the Mighty Ducks from Anaheim team, in honor of which the animated series with the same name is released after 3 years – powerful ducks. The team itself, by the way, was named after the film, released a year earlier, which told about the children's hockey team, and which was also called Mighty Ducks. Such is an interesting mutual. The series did not last long, only 1 season.

Mighty ducks, initial screensaver, USA, 1996

Canadian animators, of course, could not pass by a topic such as hockey. Let's start with the cartoon The Sweater. The atmosphere of hockey fever is perfect here – which is worth this phrase: In the place where I lived, there were two important dates for people – Sunday Mass and Hockey on Saturday evening.

The hero recalls the times when every boy (and not only) from the province of Kwabek was an ardent fan of Maurice Richard, when five Moris Rishars played on hockey boxes against five other Mauris Rishars. Everything was like one with his hair lined, like his hair, the shoelaces were also tied, the club was rewound, and, of course, everything in the Montreal Canadiens sweater under the ninth number.Once, the main hero of the story, the mother buys a new sweater (he grew out of the old one), but instead of the coveted red-white-blue sweater, this is Jersey .. Toronto Maip Lifs.

In general, the cartoon is very interesting and unusually drawn, but unfortunately, there is no translation into Russian so far.

Sweater, Canada, 1980

Peter Pak is a hero of three -minute videos stylized as a puck, which tells about the rules, equipment and history of hockey, created to popularize hockey, especially among children. In the 70s, 9 original drawn series were released, after which the NHL stopped releasing cartoon data. However, 3 books were published about this character. In 2009, Peter Pak returned to the screens, but already animated using computer graphics. The rules in the original cartoons are outdated, there is no translation, but the agility is funny.

You can see here. Canada, 1970-2016 Peter Pak, a series of hockey cartoons, Canada

In the 90s, on our television, the Canadian animated series Raccainers was played, in which one of the special Christmas series was dedicated to hockey. The villain Trubkozub and his henchmen decided to build on the lake (which is part -time is a public rink) his casino with Blackjack and everything else. But the brave raccoons stand in the way of the enemy and offer to solve the issue of ice. According to the laws of the sports comedy genre, there is both a beauty and a conflict of fathers and children, intrigues and a decisive game, on which everything depends. The translation did not meet us, but hockey is executed in the cartoon beyond praise, we recommend!

Raccoon, Canada, 1981

If you have a translation, write in comments;)

As mentioned in one animated series, which will still be given below, everything was already in the Simpsons, and hockey is no exception. Here you have a rubber-gag (sofa screensaver at the beginning of the series):

.. And the moment with Vyacheslav Kozlov (Pliz Tu Take May Hockey!, just a masterpiece of Russian accent):

.. and the eighth episode of the sixth season, Lisa on the ice, whose culmination is Bullit Bart against Lisa. The moment is definitely one of the most touching for the main characters in the history of the cartoon. Definitely to view.

Simpsons. Lisa on the ice., Excerction, USA, 1994

One of the most odious animated series South Park was also held by hockey. This is the 14th episode 10, the Stanley Cup, in which one of the main characters, Stan Marsh, had to lead the hockey children's team so that he could buy his bike. The series is a parody of the above -mentioned film Mighty Duckling, and also ridicules stereotypes of films about sports. The players Red Wingz who are rolling into the ice – the peak of humor on the verge.

ATTENTION! Humor in this series may seem to many through a dirty chur, as said at the beginning of the cartoon, it is not intended for viewing to anyone.

A fan of tin will find a series somewhere here . USA, 2006

Southern Park, 14 episode 10 season, Stanley Cup

A minute of exotic at the end of the review: Indian hockey cartoon. If you do not own Hindi, then it is possible to understand what exactly the question is only from the picture. So, the Indian world hockey champions (.) offer a company of peasants, who calmly played some kind of bandy, to take the fight on ice. Using advanced technologies for pouring ice, the peasants famously make a hockey field out of a football field (.), and the game itself takes place according to the rules known only to the inhabitants of India, for example, there are shootouts with coconuts. Despite the parody and lack of any authenticity, the cartoon is funny. Hockey is played in India. What if a future competitor sneaks up from the south? 🙂

Ice Hockey – Motu Patlu in Hindi, India 2015

Soon we will tell you about the best films that talk about hockey or hockey players, and much more interesting things, but for now – watch hockey, play hockey, love hockey! Thank you for being with us, stay in touch!

P.S. If you liked the article, share with your friends!

MASSKOTT hockey inside

KHL mascots: from a snowman to a bear

Traditionally, every KHL club is simply obliged to have an official mascot in its composition, which entertains the audience and creates an atmosphere in the stands. Mascots in the KHL clubs are radically different from each other and are chosen based on many interesting stories. Whatever problems the united league has, it’s worth recognizing that the mascot battle at the All-Star Game appeared for the first time in the KHL, and became so spectacular that the NHL is already thinking about a similar action.

Mascots have become very firmly established in the hockey life of fans: souvenirs are produced with them, they

Western Conference

Dynamo (Minsk)

Zubble Mskot Minsk Dynamo

Dynamo Minsk has one of the friendliest mascots in the entire league. Although the bison on the club's emblem looks menacingly at the enemies, its plush projection in the stands can only cause a smile. Guests of the capital of Belarus always note the excellent atmosphere in the stands, which is largely created by this horned beast. Especially for children, the club's management at one time released a superhero named Dynamoman into the stands, but he cannot be compared with the charisma of the bison. By the way, the bison Baron from the Minsk Zoo has officially become a living symbol of the team.

Dynamo (Riga)

Maskot of the Riga Dynamo

This funny man doesn't have a long history or name. It appeared during the entry of the Rigans into the KHL thanks to the artist's hand and the club's marketing department. In their opinion, it is precisely such a little man that is most accurately associated with the name Dynamo. In Russia, the little man from Riga was quickly nicknamed Dynamik, including for his frenzied pre-match shows.


Maskot HC Jokerit Joker Otto

In Finland, the mascot has a long history, because it appeared 20 years ago with the first match at the then new club arena. The joker was chosen as the mascot (in translation, “Jokerit” means exactly the joker), who also playfully squints and smiles mysteriously, like the team logo. By the way, Otto mascot got his name in honor of one of the favorite hockey players of the local public, Otakar Janetski.


Maskot HC SKA Horses

In St. Petersburg, increased attention is paid to the atmosphere in the stands, so one mascot was not enough for the team.The “captain” of the Muscovite team is certainly a horse-car, which has always invariably entertain the public in the rosters of the arena in St. Petersburg for almost 10 years. The club thought for a long time what name to give to the talisman, but the nickname of the horse-car was so firmly entrenched in the mask that the name was not necessary in the end. Maskot flaunts in Jersey with number 46, which symbolizes the year of the founding of the army team. After concluding a contract with Soyuzmultfilm studio, a hare and a wolf from “Wait!” Were added to the team, as well as Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, but not one of them can overshadow the famous radiant white-toothed smile of the horse.

Slovan Orlan Harvey Maskot HC Slovan

The Muscot of Slovana is the white -headed Orlan Harvey. The Muscot of the team appeared recently and had not yet been completed even the 5th anniversary, while the fans were only invited to choose the name to the talisman, because they did not consider anyone else except Orlan from the club emblem to the position of Mastot. It is curious that they developed a mask in Canada, in the very agency that creates Muscovites for the world championships.


Maskot HC Spartak Gladiator

The ironer has a “red-white” heavy story. When he first appeared in 2012, the club had financial problems, so the stands did not have to light up the stands for a long time, because the Spartaks ended the season without any show in the stands. The gladiator returned after the return of Spartak to the KHL, where he firmly took his place among other teams of teams. The hockey gladiator is very similar to its football counterpart, but at the same time actively illuminates its life in various social networks.


Vityaz Svyatogor Maskot HC Vityaz

The team with this name is the corresponding talisman – the Vityaz Svyatogor. Although in a certain period, the fans of other teams insisted that it was time to change the mask to the boxer in Vityaz.


Wolf Maskot HC Dynamo Moscow

Dynamo’s mask from the Russian capital is a wolf. Fans with experience remember the first wolf, which was gray, and young fans found an already updated image of a talisman with blue hair in the color of the main shape of the club. In addition to the wolf, fans in the stands and dinamenchik entertaining fans, forcing the whole arena to support the charge “this is“ Dynamo ”!”


Bear Maskot HC Lokomotiv

In Yaroslavl, one of the most interesting talismans that has been accompanied by the team for 20 years. Young fans can ask a logical question “Why a bear?”, For an answer to which you will have to turn to the logo of the city of Yaroslavl, where a brown bear is located. According to the history, Yaroslavl was founded by Yaroslav the Wise, who, in the place of the future city in an honest battle, one on one won the bear.


Lynx Seva Maskot HC Severstal

In Cherepovets, a lynx named Seva was chosen as a talisman. According to legend, during the return of the team a small trot, who was saved and went out, ran out to the track. The fans for its activity and endless energy have long been loved. True, this season, Seva had a serious competitor in the form of a goalkeeper of the Gudachek team, whose show in Cherepovets is waiting for no less than the extracts of Muskot.


Leo Maskot HC Sochi

The team on the Black Sea shore is still very young, therefore the Musk team does not yet have a rich story. Nevertheless, Leo very quickly remembered the fans of other teams in that he was very actively spending time both on the ice arena and beyond.


Deer Torrik and Victoria Maskota HC Torpedo

Of course, the most romantic pair of mascots is located in Nizhny Novgorod. The Deer Torrick missed a long time alone, while one day before the match of Torpedo with Dynamo from Moscow, Victoria appeared in the arena. The story of the acquaintance of this couple is worthy of a separate film, which will knock out a tear even from the most brutal tafgai.


Horse Maskot HC CSKA

Of course, the army team could not have another talisman, except for the horse. The first mask of the Moscow army was very much like a camel, so many fans breathed a sigh of relief after changing the image of the team's talisman. At the time, during the army derby, arrange jumps between two talismans.

Eastern Conference


Moose Avtik Maskot HC Motorist

The moose fit so firmly into the image of the club’s mascot from Yekaterinburg that it was hard to believe that the team of the team was a Cheburashka talisman. The choice in favor of the moose was made on the basis of the analysis of the Ural fauna, because it was the moose of the most powerful animal that blows all rivals. The moose received the name “Avik”, although during the vote such names as “Kuzmich”, “Zhorik” and even “snooped” appeared. Initially, the moose was an albinos with snow -white skin, but recently received a more formidable look and a more real color.

AK Bars

Bars Maskot HC Ak Bars

In the capital of Tatarstan, the pods come to the stands in the costumes of judges, hockey players, and other characters, but at all times the most important talisman will remain a white leopard, in whose honor the team is named. Periodically, the leopard renews its appearance a little, but its energy and enthusiasm remain unchanged.


Filin Maskot HC Lada

Maskot Lada in the form of an eaglest was the result of the club’s marketing rebranding. The team decided to update, changed the club logo, where the wise owl was just located on an alternative option. Prior to this, a bullfinch appeared in the “Lada” on the ice, and among other versions of the talisman, a raccoon, a dragon and even a transformer appeared. The audience was met by Filin quite warmly, although the connection of this bird with the Lada is still incomprehensible. On the other hand, it is not “Lada Kalin” to choose as a talisman.


Fox Timosh Maskot HC Metallurg

Who does not know Timosha? Everyone knows Timosha! This charming red fox is a real symbol of Magnitogorsk along with Mozyakin and Koshechkin. Players, leaders, emblem and strategy changed in the club, but Timosha was always next to the team.


Mascot HC Neftekhimik

Before the start of this season, in Nizhnekamsk, they finally paid attention to the near-chief components and rebrand the team. A rather terrible logo was replaced by a wolf with a predatory grin, which became a new mascot of the team.The good -natured little man gave way to the formidable wolf, which is able to scare not only children, but also adults. We met the new talisman of the team very wary, but we hope that the fans of the arena in Nizhnekamsk will nevertheless love this ferocious guest from the forest.


White Bear Maskot HC Tractor

Everyone knows the white bear from Chelyabinsk. This is probably the most recognizable and bright mask in the entire league. For a long time, Bear entertained fans alone, until the team leadership added a little assistant to him. At times, the bear lights so that looking at him is more interesting than at the site.


Mammoth Maskot HC Yugra

And in Khanty-Mansiysk the most unique mask lurked, because an analogue of Mamont is no longer in the world. A mammoth named Parchu appeared in 2010 thanks to the vote of fans, who opted for this beast. This is not surprising, because in the Khanty -Mansi Autonomous Okrug, huge mammoth burials were discovered, and right next to the arena there is an archaeological park with huge sculptures of these ancient animals.


Hawks talismans hk avant -garde

Fans with experience should remember that the first talisman of the Vanguard was the hero of Dobrynya, who visited the games since the mid-90s. A large rebranding of the club affected the talisman, which became a hawk. The talisman acquired a modern look in 2013, when two masks appeared in the arena at once: a hawk and a hawk in a transformer costume. Apparently the team leaders could not decide which option they like more, so the fans have fun at once two talismans harmoniously complemented each other.


Piratech Talisman HC Admiral

The Far Eastern sailors chose Pirate Pirate as a talisman. The club left the banal images of the sailor, preferring a bold and dangerous pirate. Fans are very quickly used to the pirate and often come to matches in the image of pirates. It is possible that soon the whole team will be a secret to call the “pirates”. By the way, the Matrosk cat, who became famous throughout the country, was having 60 thousand rubles in the Vladivostok store, who became famous throughout the country, became an unofficial talisman of the team. The club took all the costs of himself, and after the death of the cat, he set the Matrosk a monument near the arena.


Tiger velvet talisman hk Amur

The main rivals of the Admiral in the KHL from Khabarovsk conducted a shift in the talisman along with the general rebranding of the team and the entry of a new logo. If earlier in the stands you could meet the nameless tiger and a bear, then since 2015, a tiger named Barkhat is responsible for the luck of the team. The name was not chosen by chance, because velvet is a tiger from the Khabarovsk zoo, over which the team took patronage, supplying the necessary provisions. Maskot velvet quickly became popular for its recklessness and cheerful disposition.


Maskot Barsik Talisman HC Barys

Maskot Barsik has been amusing Astana fans for almost 10 years. The talisman was so loved by the viewer that they made a talisman sculpture, which now meets everyone in the lobby of the Barys Arena.No need to talk a lot, just look at how Barsik masterfully performed the bullet in the match of all the KHL stars. Talent!

Salavat Yulaev

Kunitsa Salavat and Yulai Talismans HC Salavat Yulaev

The choice as a mascara talisman is due to a reference to the coat of arms of Ufa, where this predatory animal hid. For a long time, the marten was alone until in 2013 the groovy brothers Salavat and Yulai, who have entertained the audience in Bashkiria, so far.

Kunlunred Star

Dragon Talisman HK Kun Lun Red Star

In the club from China, they did not come up with a bicycle and simply made a dragon team talisman. A cute dragon was clearly created for young children and is very scary for his health during the battle of Muscles in the next match of all the KHL stars.


Snowman Talisman HC Siberia

Snowmen were often used as talismans and good soft friends for children. In Novosibirsk, they approached the mask with a new look. A large rebranding of the team affected the talisman, which became a harsh and brutal snowman with a malicious grin on his face. And let only someone try to tell this baby that the blue color for the hockey team is not a sign of masculinity. By the way, it is this slender snowman that is the current best mask in the KHL.

Russian season in the NHL. What to wait in the new season from our guys?

NHL Russianans

This season, there were still a little more Russian guys in the NHL, thanks to promising crossings from the KHL. And inside the NHL, rather bright transfers of our guys occurred, so the new season should answer many questions from “how Panarin without Kane plays” to “whether Bobrovsky will take a new“ vezina ”. About all the Russian guys in the NHL at the very beginning of the season in the new post of the Masskott blog.

Vancouver – Alexander Burmistrov

In the offseason, she did not leave the confidence that Burmistrov would continue her career in the KHL (most likely even in SKA, following the example of Plotnikov and Tikhonov), but everything changed the desire of the “Karlyn” manager to play in Money Ball and actively walk around the market of free agents who did not like top clubs . If everything turns out, then the Burmistrov will play in the third link, but most likely his destiny is the fourth link. An excellent result in the season will be more than half of the point per game.

Winnipeg – Dmitry Kulikov

Another guy who was waiting in his homeland after the “magnificent” season with the utility coefficient “-26”. Kulikova would gladly shelter one of the two army clubs (others would hardly have pulled his heavy salary), but the defender was intercepted by Winnipeg, who just dropped a space salary for a player at a level of more than 4 million a year. After the season with such a salary and a KHL you can return.

Vegas – Vadim Shipachev

The most confusing story of the offseason is connected with Vadim Shipachev, whom Vegas signed. NHL debutants delivered a good salary to Shipachev and saw the first center in it, but everyone ruined the control games. Shipachev on the ice looked quite tolerable, but his statistics at the point of throwing were terrified. It seems that the guy was on the first time on the throwings.Before the start of the season, Shipachev was sent to the AHL, though he does not play there yet. In this solution, the role of the cunning games of Vegas managers is great, who are trying to realize their assets received in the draft as profitably as possible. Given how Fleri began the season, perhaps field players will not be needed at all.

Dallas – Alexander Radulov

Potentially, this season can be the best for Radulov, if everything is most favorable. A lot will depend on the role of Radulov and the link in which he will hold most of the games. In the first game, Radulov was remembered only by the powerful hit of the opponent and active gestures. There is absolutely no time to get used to a new form, they are waiting for their heads from Radulov and will soon wait.

Colorado – Semen Varlamov, Nail Yakupov, Andrey Mironov, Nikita Zadornov

Poor avalanches have been a rather miserable sight for a year now. The complete lack of defense significantly affects the statistics of Varlamov, but he is not sinless. Although what can we talk about when you stably apply more than 30 shots per game on your gate?! The only plus of all this hopelessness is a huge number of playing time of Russian guys, who have become even larger this season – Nail Yakupov went into another reincarnation. If this time it doesn’t work out, then Yakupov can be expected in the KHL – in one of the clubs with the abbreviation in the name.

Nashville – Alexey Emelin, Vladislav Kamenev

Emelin in the Predators reunited with Subban, which year after year is becoming cooler and cooler. The success of Nashville played the appetite with the players, and now no result will look like fantastic. Kamenev will begin the season in AHL, but for a young guy this is a great option to prove himself. During the season, he will be given chances in the NHL, the main thing is only to use them correctly.

Saint -Luis – Vladimir Tarasenko, Ivan Barbashev

The role of Tarasenko in the camp of musicians is not even discussed. That's just the whole situation in the team has the fact that again Tarasenko on the cover of the NHL game we will not see in the near future. A huge number of injuries and the loss of free agents predict a difficult season, but at the same time they open the prospects for regular games for Ivan Barbashev.

Chicago – Artem Anisimov

That's who has lost most from the departure of Artemy Panarin. Playing with guys like Artemy and Kayne is a continuous pleasure comparable to the descent from the mountain. This season for Anisimov will be a real test of willpower, since it will start it in the third link and it is very curious to see how Artem will show himself in new, more difficult conditions.

Edmonton – Anton Slepyshev

In Edmonton there is only one player – McDavid. Okay, still Drejaytl. That is how the oilmen positions many media, giving 99.99% of the share to these players. Against this background, it is quite difficult to declare Slepyshev, although after Yamamoto’s departure, he may turn out to be a partner of even this sweet couple. Who could believe this a couple of years ago?!

Alenders – Nikolai Kulemin

This is the last season of the contract of Nikolai Kulemin, whose salary grew, regardless of the results. Almost certainly, a year later he will go to the KHL, as hardly anyone in the NHL will be able to offer him more than 2 million per season, even if Kulemin spends the magical season (and he will not spend). The Kulemin season will start in the fourth link, and only on big holidays we will meet his last name in news releases.

Buffalo – Victor Antipin

In May of this year, Klinkov fans met the news about the signing of Viktor Antipin with caution. The young defender, who did not particularly shine in Magnitogorsk, can he strengthen the team? Antipin has exactly 1 year to convince the leadership of Buffalo fans of their utility. Many note that in the manner of the game he looks like Nikita Zaitsev, and even surpasses him in potential.

Boston – Anton Bogobin

Subban (which goalkeeper) drove into “Vegas”, the McNontire, apparently, was not created for the NHL, so it is the thinbabin that will be the main replacement of the show in the gate of the “bears”. It will be great if, according to the results of the season, it will not be a shame to look at the columns “Matches” and “missed goals”.

Washington – three of Casciner: Alexander Ovechkin, Evgeny Kuznetsov, Dmitry Orlov

The Russian NHL team (not by the number of Russians, but by the degree of interest of Russian fans) as always will be in the focus of the Russian press. The role of Orlov last season grew to the leading defender of the first pair, and Kuznetsov and Ovechkin will now play together, which enhances the attacking potential of both. Ovi generally started the season as if younger for 10 years-with a hat-trick and poker, and the fans will have to urgently purchase new caps, in return for the ice. They say that the matter is its weight loss, but most likely the matter is in a great friendly atmosphere within the team.

Maybe it's finally the time has come to Washington and Ovechkin take the Stanley Cup?!

Columbus – Sergey Bobrovsky, Artemy Panarin

This year, Russian fans began to love Columbus even more. Still, because now the charming “bread” of Panarin, who simply adore everything for his spontaneity, was added to the modest guard of the gate of Bobrovsky. The level of Bobrovsky is not even discussed. It will be almost unrealistic to win the second in a row, but few people believe that the Bobrovsky ordinary person. Panarin in the Columbus can open up in a new way. Yes, Kane no longer runs nearby, but this did not prevent Panarin from giving 3 assists in the first game. This season can largely become a star hour Panarin and everyone will understand that “matches of all stars” cannot be held without this curly guy.

Pittsburgh – Evgeny Malkin

The main intrigue for the penguins – whether they will take the third Cup of Stanley. There are chances for this, although the team has become much weaker.For Malkin himself, his state of health will be decisive. For five seasons in a row, Gino cannot play more than 70 matches in a season. This does not prevent him from consistently scoring points, but for a personal award, you need to spend a season without injuries.

Rangers – Pavel Buchnevich

The first year in the NHL took Buchnevich to adapt to new speeds, because in the KHL, SKA can generally play on one leg before the playoffs. Injuries spoiled the impressions a little, so all the player's personal fans are looking forward to the new season. In a favorable scenario, Buchnevich should earn his 40-45 points for the season.

Tampa – Nikita Kucherov, Andrey Vasilevsky, Vladislav Namestnikov, Mikhail Sergachev

Another “Russian” NHL team is confidently looking forward. Separately, I would like to cross my fingers for Vasilevsky, for whom this will be the first season as the main goalkeeper of the team. Andrey's progress is noticeable from across the ocean, it's time to turn into a star. For all Russians, this is a new chance to express themselves. Except for Kucherov, who starts the regular season as a star.

Toronto – Nikita Zaitsev

The most promising and progressive Russian defender in the NHL already in his first season spent more than a period of net time for playing on the ice. Thrown right into the hell of big games, Zaitsev did not hesitate and nurtured himself both a place in the sun and a new partner. If progress continues, the NHL will soon have another top-notch defenseman.

Philadelphia – Ivan Provorov

A beginner who spends more than 20 minutes per game is about Ivan Provorov. It is not known for certain whether MacDonald is put to Provorov to help with adaptation, or Provorov to MacDonald in order to minimize the mistakes of the latter, but in the next season Provorov enters the status of a rookie.

Florida – Evgeny Dadonov

Dadonov will replace Jagr in the Panthers. A phrase that needs to be screened and kept as a keepsake, regardless of the outcome of the season for Evgeny.

Jagr is coming to us?

Yaromir Yagr

The closer the start of the season in the NHL, the more vague the fate of one of the legendary players in the league – the Czech Jaromir Jagr. The great Czech turned 45, but he can still be a great berry on any birthday cake. Last season and 46 points in the regular season will not lie. But all these thoughts are only on the screen of a smartphone, and in fact Jagr himself jokes sarcastically about the lack of offers from NHL clubs. The option with Calgary did not find its logical conclusion, and for other clubs, even the level of the name of Jaromir Jagr cannot cover his impressive contract of $ 4 million per season. Perhaps Jagr himself would have agreed to half the amount, but the player has no offers from the NHL. And then the news, as sharp as Datsyuk’s programs, “Jagr can continue his career at Neftekhimik. Are you joking?! The same Jagr in Nizhnekamsk?! The MASSKOTT blog hastened to understand this story and understand how real the return of the Czech legend to the KHL is.

Where are the rumors from?

The interest in Jaromir Yagr, first on Twitter, and then not at a press conference, was announced by the general director of Neftekhimik, Rail Yakupov. And if a message on social networks can still be attributed to PR, then official statements are not made just like that. Although the leader chose very streamlined language in his speech, it can be concluded that there is no smoke without fire. Just a month ago, Calgary stocked up on jerseys with the name Jagr, which are now suitable only as a souvenir, so they are not in a hurry to run to the store for a new jersey in Nizhnekamsk.

Rail Yakupov HC Neftekhimik

Why do they need Jagr?

In Russia, everyone is already used to the fact that Neftekhimik is a social project for plant workers who can come to watch hockey for free on their free evening. This season, the rules of the game in the KHL have seriously changed, as the 3 worst teams will leave the league at the end of the regular season. In terms of the game, Neftekhimik has never been at the very bottom, but the club's marketing has been in a lethargic dream in recent years. Fans of the team recall with horror everything that surrounded the team, from terrible uniforms to nondescript paraphernalia and low-quality broadcasts. With the advent of Jagr, the team's marketing may get off the ground. The club, on the other hand, has noticeably changed for this season, having made a new kit and, finally, changed the outdated logo.

The surname Jagr can not only increase the sale of Neftekhimik merchandise (if it is currently sold at all), but also fill the arena with fans who this season, regardless of their place of work, are required to buy tickets and are reluctant to go to games so far. As you know, in Russia the transition from a freebie to the need for even a small payment for a familiar spectacle is very difficult. In any case, regardless of the results, which official will raise his hand to send a team to the VHL when Jaromir Jagr is listed in its composition?!

Arena Neftekhimik

Can Jagr end up in another KHL club?

$4 million per season is an impressive amount for all teams, except for SKA St. Petersburg, so you should not expect a Czech in the top teams, taking into account the limit on foreign players. All teams have well-strengthened rosters, and second-tier teams simply won't risk spending that much money for one player. For some reason, it is generally accepted that Neftekhimik is not the richest team, although this is not entirely true. Behind the club is one of the most powerful and well-established factories not only in Tatarstan, but throughout Russia, and the club will easily enter the top eight of the most stable teams in the East in terms of finances. It is in financial terms that the club is able to pull Jagr's contract, especially considering that after the start of the NHL season, the star Czech's appetites may decrease a little. For Neftekhimik, this will be the first signing of a contract with a star of such a level, which can serve as the first step towards the emergence of a fundamentally new club in the KHL.

The Yagr itself wants in the KHL?

Perhaps he doesn’t want to, but the player has a little choice. The NHL season is getting closer, and all places in applications are engaged at the speed of light. The legendary Yagr is forced to consider proposals from another continent, where the priority is certainly a KHL. Consolation for the player may be the opportunity to take part in the Olympic tournament, although the Yagr ended his career in the national team 2 years ago, but who will refuse the next (and in his case of the last) Olympiad? The potential status of Jagra also speaks in favor of the KHL. In the NHL, the YAGR is still in the shadow of younger stars, and in the KHL he will definitely become one of the main faces of the tournament. What can we say about Nizhnekamsk – in a small industrial city, such a star will be carried in their arms for each training session. Not everyone is given to get such a status at 45. Although it is still difficult to believe in Jagra, wandering in the center of Nizhnekamsk in search of a decent restaurant.

Yagr Fedorov

Do you need the oil Neftekhimik?

If you discard the marketing component, then in the game plan, the Czech will clearly strengthen the team, in which 6 legionnaires will quite organically fit. Despite his age, Yagr health is enough for a full season, and experience will allow the team to become a wise uncle. Only the potential interaction of Jagra with the impulsive Nazarov is embarrassed, but these guys got along in one time in the same locker room at the Vanguard. The invitation of Jagra so far looks more like an image project, but in any condition the case will definitely decorate the KHL. It remains only to wait for the final information about whether we will see Jagra in the KHL this year or will be content with memories.