The Art of Sports Betting: A Beginner’s Guide.

The Art of Sports Betting: A Beginner’s Guide Many players can bet on sports, but learning how to beat the bookmakers and make money from your hobbies is a real art.

The Art of Sports Betting: A Beginner’s Guide

Many players can bet on sports, but learning to beat bookmakers and earn money from your hobbies is a real art. At first glance, everything looks simple. Imagine, you know that in tomorrow’s game your favorite football team plays the role of a 100% favorite, and it can only lose to an outsider under a fantastic set of circumstances. You really want to bet on it in order to earn quick money. And you can easily do it, even a beginner can cope with the task.

What a beginner needs to know: basic concepts in betting

Before you learn how and where it is better to bet on sports, you need to master the terminology. Let's start with the basics – the definition of Bookmaker. Once upon a time, this word was used to refer to people who accept bets from gamblers, arguing about the result of an event. Moreover, these disputes did not necessarily concern sports matches. Mostly bets were made on the results of horse racing and dog racing. Today, a bookmaker (bookmaker, bookmaker) is most often called a specialized Internet site that performs the same functions, namely, accepting money from gamblers who want to bet.

Formally, the bettor tries to beat the bookmaker, but in fact he makes a bet with other clients of the same office, who bet on the opposite outcome of the event. And the bookmaker is an intermediary in these disputes, which accepts money from both disputers, and then gives the winnings to the winner.

You can place bets in bookmaker here.

A bet placed on the outcome of an event is called a bet. In modern bookmakers, players can place different types of bets, depending on the number of selected outcomes. If one outcome is selected and the entire amount of the bet is bet on it, the bet is called single (“single” or “ordinary”). Another common type of bet is called express. In this case, the bet amount is placed on several outcomes included in one coupon.

Coupon or basket is the section of the bookmaker's website where bets are placed. It is in the coupon that the player enters the bet amount and finds out the size of the potential winnings. The coupons of different bookmakers provide functionality for quickly placing a bet on a fixed amount of money.

Placing a bet in a betting shop coupon

All sports events, on the outcomes of which you can bet, are in the betting line, which is conditionally divided into prematch (bets before the start of the event) and live (bets during the event).The main page of the bookmaker's website almost always contains the main line, in which the bookmaker includes the most popular events from the world of sports. In the main line, the main outcomes are usually offered – the victory of the first team, a draw, the victory of the second team. Less often here you can find a total (number of goals) and a handicap (a conditional advantage of one team over another).

Outcomes in the main line of the bookmaker

By clicking on any sporting event, you can open the painting. This term refers to all outcomes (markets, markets) within a single match, on which the bookmaker accepts bets. The more outcomes available for betting, the more variable the list and the wider the line of the bookmaker’s office. Beginners are advised to bet on the main outcomes.

In the list of a sporting event, all outcomes are accompanied by numbers (more often – in the form of decimal fractions). These numbers are called odds, and they indicate the probability of winning when betting on a particular outcome. The lower the number, the higher the probability of passing the bet, but the smaller the amount of potential winnings.

The bookmaker’s margin is exactly what the office earns on. For the bookmaker, it makes no difference with what result the match will end: after all, he will receive his “commission” from each player who has made a bet. We will talk about this in more detail when we consider the principle of the bookmaker’s office.

Sports betting training

Before placing a bet, understand the basic concepts and terms used by bookmakers. The betting line consists not only of such simple positions as the victory of one of the teams, a draw or total over/under. There are also a huge number of other bets where various pitfalls for a novice player can hide: if you do not delve into this and simply experiment without the necessary knowledge, this can lead to bitter disappointment.

In order not to have to learn from your mistakes, we recommend that you set aside time for learning, carefully study the betting rules and possible nuances that may arise when calculating the bet. The coefficient offered by the bookmaker is also important: it is very important for the player to avoid betting on overestimated outcomes, because such bets will be unprofitable at a distance. As a rule, the favorites are overestimated, but this is not always the case. Understanding the correct evaluation of the event will come only with experience, but you need to remember this from the first bet.