Maxwell (Capper): Reviews for Telegram Channel. Scammer? Review

Capper Maxwell is a telegram channel with expresses. There are no reviews about Maxwell on the network, because the project is new. But it was obviously renamed, because there are photos and records from May 2020.

Capper Maxwell: reviews about telegram channel with expresses, review from RK

Capper Maxwell – This is a telegram channel with expresses. There are no reviews about Maxwell on the network, because the project is new. But it was obviously renamed, because there are photos and records from May 2020.

Despite this, the channel is already in the tops of some ratings of capers. It is very alarming. Because usually the capers change the name of the channels due to the influx of negative reviews in order to save customers and gain new ones using advertising.

Recently, projects that change the name every day have become great.

We suggest you write a complaint to us and we will help you apply for a collective complaint from the victims of scammers to the prosecutor’s office!

Specialization of the Maxwell project

Capera Maxwell specializes in the sale of express express expresses. Bets are provided with very high coefficients – from 10. There are also a lot of positive patency results.

There are very few returns and losses. For example, out of 10 bets, only one can not play. It is precisely these results that other viewing sites justify the rapidly growing popularity. Just those where Trevory is in the top.

They also write that this is a unique project, because it does not make money on the sale of insider information. A whole team of analysts is working on the creation of forecasts that have extensive experience in the Betting field.

The project has several managers who communicate with clients through social networks. They talk in detail about all the nuances of the purchase. They respond promptly at any time of the day or night.

On the project channel, no advertisements of bookmakers or other projects were found that were suspected of fraud. Therefore, we can say with confidence that earnings come exclusively with the sale of forecasts.

Forecasting statistics

Statistical data on forecasts are published every day. Screenshots are laid out with setting and drunk rates, a small report and general results are written in the post. Unfortunately, these data are not verified through third -party independent services. And such information is very easy to fake, so we do not recommend trusting it without appropriate evidence.

Forecast statistics on the Maxwell channel

Capper Maxwell: Telegram channel and other project social networks

More than 17,000 people have been signed on the telegram of the CAPER Maxwell Channel.betting reports, announcements for the purchase of new and sports news, football players are published daily. Views on posts – 3,000-5,500, the ability to comment and discuss posts is not available.

Maxwell capper telegram channel

Capper Maxwell and reviews about it online from customers

The Maxwell capper has not received any online reviews yet. Despite the dates of publication of promotional posts about him, not a single review has appeared yet. But due to the gaining momentum in popularity, real clients should soon appear who will talk about cooperation with the capper project.

If you have already managed to buy parlays from this forecaster and place bets, tell us about your experience in the comments.

Project Fraud

No fraudulent activities were noticed behind the project. The channel does not advertise unscrupulous bookmakers, fraudulent capper projects, does not offer investment. Therefore, in this case, the channel can not be blamed for anything.

Feedback from the site team Rating of Cappers about the Maxwell project

After analyzing the Salamandra project, we found advantages – reports are published daily, statistics are detailed. Among the main disadvantages of the bot:

  • statistical data is not verified;
  • the project appeared recently, but already occupies a leading position in the ratings.

Share your opinion about the work of the project in the comments. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with our rating of cappers in telegrams. In it, we have collected projects that have passed our personal check for open business.

Our site has a section with proven cappers! If you do not want to lose your money, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the section of forecasters you can trust.