What is account promotion and should cappers be trusted

Good forecasters enjoy authority among the players. They write forecasts and publish them on authoritative resources. Professionals do not spin accounts, this is a myth.

Unscrupulous cappers offer inexperienced players to promote their account for a percentage of the promotion or a one-time fee. The beginner is obliged to provide the keys to enter his personal account. Fraudsters promise to multiply the bank account several times. They write: “I’ll throw money off the bets,” so the victim’s sense of self-preservation is dulled.

Knowing the password from the account in the bookmaker’s office.

It is difficult to withdraw other people’s funds. The main goal of the forecaster-fraudster — getting paid for his services. The player provides a password, and the pseudo-capper plays for money from this account. Luck is not always.

Sale of predictions

The most common type of fraud is the sale of forecasts by such a privateer. A person sends you his forecast for a certain sporting event for money. The amount you have to pay can be different – from 100 hryvnia and more. It all depends on how “promoted” the marque’s page is. And also on whether it is an ordinary rate, or express.

What is the problem

The privateer in this case does not risk anything. He receives money from you, and sends you his “thoughts” about this game. If you lose, he won't refund you anything. If you win the first time, you may get hooked by a privateer. And pay more next time.

How does this happen

For example, there is a football match. Three possible outcomes are possible in it – team A win, draw or team B win. A fraudulent privateer sends a “forecast” to one group about the victory of team A, the second about a draw in the match, and the third about the victory of team B. One of these “forecasts” “Eventually it will. Therefore, those who received it will have reasons to trust the privateer more, because he has proven his “professional suitability”.

And for those who are unlucky, the privateer can simply block all communication with them (and their messages will not be on his page). Or offer them a “reimbursement” – another one of your predictions for free. He guesses – you will have reasons to trust him. Do not guess – you will go to the ban. You will not have the opportunity to complain to such a privateer on the page. There is only room for laudatory odes, nothing more.


Sometimes privateers, in order to lure more customers, resort to a noble act – they offer cash on delivery of their forecast. This is done so that you trust the privateer more in case of victory. But again, we emphasize – you are playing with your own money, not a privateer. Therefore, if you lose after such a prediction, you will lose your money. The caper has nothing to lose.

Betting Mistakes You Can Avoid

1. Perception of sports betting as a way to earn money

The biggest and worst mistake novice players make. You can’t try to make money on bets. It can be a pleasant pastime, a hobby, but not a job. Even if you are great at sports and beat the betting line, it should still be a pleasant hobby that brings additional income, nothing more.If you set a goal to live solely on bets, you will wallow in losses, debt and depression.

Of course, everyone considers themselves the smartest (this is how our psyche works), but, believe me, much smarter people than you and I lost on the delusion that you can live solely on winnings from bets. Think of betting as a pleasure, not a profit – this is a sure way to stay afloat. However, you choose. If you want to be at the bottom, go ahead.

2. The desire to recoup

How to win back on bets after losing? Golden rule: if you lost the amount that you could afford to lose, then your bets for today are over. Do not try to bet in order to return the lost! With this approach, you automatically lose concentration and start betting on all sorts of nonsense. Even if you still have a match that you had in mind before losing, you still cannot bet on this day.

Yes, it is sometimes difficult to resist, especially if negative emotions make you bet for the sake of winning back, but accept that you have no choice. Either you stop for today, or you continue to lose with a 100% probability – this is the most important law in betting. You can lose as much as you can afford, and not a penny more. Don’t believe? Go and check.

3. Ignorance of the rules of the bookmaker

It is especially important to know the rules of bookmakers in betting on hockey. All offices accept bets on hockey matches in different ways. Someone – for the main time of 3 periods (without OT), and someone – taking into account OT. Therefore, be careful. If you are a complete beginner, we recommend that you read the bookmaker’s rules. It is not worth reading the entire set, only the rules for betting on the sports where you are going to play.

4. Including a large number of events in express

Most beginners try to collect giant parlays from clear favorites or events with low odds. Of course, if we consider each match locally, then it seems that only a miracle can prevent such a bet from being played. But this impression is misleading. In fact, such parlays are bread for any bookmaker.

5. Mistakes in live betting

There are a lot of mistakes that are made when betting during a match.

6. Passion for betting on your favorite team

Of course, betting should be fun and exciting, and betting on your favorite team does just that. But sometimes it’s worth looking at the bet more objectively: you can and should bet on your favorite team, but only if your opinion as an analyst coincides with this. Still, try to be more sober and bet on a team based on its game form, and not on the form in which it plays.

7. Bets on various win-win systems

On the Internet, many sites (under the guise of experts) talk about various strategies that guarantee a stable income on bets.And also for the money. Like, all sorts of housewives Nina Petrovna and Vasya programmers bought a system and now earn a day for a thousand dollars. All this is complete nonsense. Nothing but chatter near zero (at best), you will not receive, but most likely, you will lose your entire bank. All free strategies described are also complete nonsense. Various sites advertising bookmakers are trying to create the image of experts and experts in betting and write similar articles.

8. Buying contractual matches

It’s just akhtung. If you are going to buy “contractual matches”, then you are 15 years old, or, excuse me, you are a fool (no offense). Friends, our site declares with all responsibility that all proposals for contractual matches on the Internet is a divorce!

Of course, contractual matches exist, and throughout the world and even in the English Premier League (“What kind of nonsense they write,” many fans of English football thought now). Everywhere where there are people, there is a place of corruption and agreements, unfortunately. And the same Premier League is no exception. Of course, such matches there are played once every 10 less often than in Italy or Ukraine, but they are everywhere. But. No one will ever sell such information on the Internet. Nobody ever. All proposals for the sale of information about contractual matches – pure fraud. Do not be fools, do not go to it!

9. Stations under alcohol

You can bet and go to drink with friends in the sports bara, watching the game.But you can not do the opposite. The bet must be made, being sober, and if you drink, it’s better not to play. Otherwise, the loss of concentration and all money is guaranteed to you.

10. Learent

Here we are already talking about a serious stage of dependence. If you are going to borrow, you have obvious problems. Always risk only the amount that you can afford to lose relatively painlessly, and do not try to borrow money in order to bet. You will recoup once, and lose three. And so it will be every time. You just get into real bondage. Do not think!