Bookmaker Favbet

Review of Favbet (Favbet) – bookmaker’s office; Favorite Sport.

This bookmaker has a rather complicated history of development, which has many unpleasant factors for bettors. In particular, the bookmaker has extremely low reliability, not very high quality indicators of the game plan, as well as many problems with legality. It is not surprising that almost all gaming industry experts advise avoiding Favbet, especially for newcomers to the industry.

Bookmaker Favbet – a detailed analysis

Bookmaker Favbet

This bookmaker has a rather complicated history of development, which has many unpleasant factors for bettors. In particular, the bookmaker has extremely low reliability, not very high quality indicators of the game plan, as well as many problems with legality. It is not surprising that almost all gaming industry experts advise avoiding Favbet, especially for newcomers to the industry.

The history of the development of BC Favbet

BC Favbet is a kind of semi-mythical snake that sheds its skin several times to appear before people in a different guise. However, she does not do it out of functional necessity, but to hide her true insides, while collecting even more money from betters, regularly “throwing” them in various ways.

Appearance No. 1 appeared at the office in 1999. Then Favorite (this is the basic name of the bookmaker), was a major representative of the genre, worked not only in Ukraine – the ancestor country of the company, but also in other CIS countries. Some experts of that time even called the office the leader of the post-Soviet industry, regularly praising it in reviews and making remarks about quality and reliability. She had 500 betting shops, which operated in all countries of the post-Soviet space, in addition, in 2001, the office stepped onto the Internet, creating a personal website for accepting bets. However, the song did not play for long – in Ukraine a new law on gambling broke out, which ended the stellar time of Favorite. Since then, everyday life began, filled with a hopeless struggle for existence.

Appearance No. 2 appeared in 2014, all in the same long-suffering Ukraine. The brand decided to ignore the laws of the country by creating a new variant of the company called Favorite Toto. Most likely, the hope was for a shaggy hand in the government, which was supposed to cover up the company's actions, but did not grow together. The office was opened and closed, however, “Favorite Toto” did not disappear by itself, but took with it all the money that the betters kept in their accounts. Haven't been able to get a refund.


Appearance No. 3 lies in the brand Favbet, which settled on the site This is the last shell of the bookmaker, which tries to reject its unpleasant past, luring bettors into its networks with assurances and promises. However, it does not smell of legality.To start with, the bookmaker works without any permissions, that is, it can be blocked for the second time. The latest practice shows that in this case all the money of betters will be lost, so you can contact the office only at your own peril and risk. In order not to be unfounded, it is worth mentioning the fact that Favbet was expelled from the NAC due to regular financial problems and violation of the image of an honest bookmaker. That is why the teaching staff of the office work illegally, no matter what the purchased reviews and experts claim.

Game parameters of BC Favbet

It is worth noting that the bookmaker has problems not only in the field of reliability, but also in terms of the main game parameters – lines, odds and painting. It cannot be said that the indicators are too low, but in no case will they be able to satisfy the needs of even the average better, not to mention professionals. Only beginners may be interested in the offers of the bookmaker, but they should not contact the bookmaker at all because of their extremely low reliability. However, high-quality gamblers should not do this either, since the administration of the bookmaker does not make sense to behave honestly – cutting maximums and blocking accounts are in full swing here.

  1. Line. The line of the office includes only the most common and popular sports that will surely attract bettors. In particular, football, hockey, tennis and basketball here have a fairly good depth of prescription, there are betting options for the second and third divisions. However, when it comes to more highly specialized or exotic options, then the situation changes radically, and sharply in a negative direction.
  2. Painting. The same applies to painting – popular sports have several dozen betting options, otherwise the number of possible positions is rapidly declining. In general, according to the painting, the bookmaker can be equated with domestic counterparts, foreign options, of course, are better written than an example.
  3. Coefficients. As expected, the odds in the office are low. So low that bettors can't even count on big winnings, only bets for amateurs. This fact generally reflects the plan of the office – to lure bettors to the site with fairly good indicators in the field of line and painting, and then not let them win a lot, but take away and appropriate their money. Those bettors who start to win too much are quickly cut off, the most slow-witted ones are simply blocked, and the money is taken away. But the office knows how to plant – the minimums start from half a euro. The maximums are determined by the administration (yes, it can't be!), the total maximum winnings is 100,000 euros.
  4. Live mode. In principle, everything that concerns the pre-match version also applies to Live – a fairly good line and painting, low maximums.

Description of the BC site Favbet

The resource of the office is also ambiguous – reliability at a minimum, the design is quite beautiful. Needless to say, Roskomnadzor blocked the site for Russians, but Favbet continues its own business on the Internet, based on permission from the Kurasa government. However, not everything is so unambiguous here – Favbet does not have a direct license from the island government, but a sublicense issued to another office brand. Well, why honest bookmaker in this way get out? However, all this information is displayed on the main page of the office of the office, but this case does not change.

  1. License. The office has a sublicense from the Kyurasa government. The conclusion about the reliability of such a permit suggests itself.
  2. Languages. But with translations “Favbet” did not stint, translating its resource into 10 languages, including Russian. However, it is difficult to imagine the situation when Europeans with their “William Hill” and “The Greek”, for example, will come to put football in Favorite.
  3. Design and navigation. Naturally, to attract beginners who most often “peck” precisely on the design, Favbet tried to do everything possible. Design and navigation on the site are “excellent” – the picture is pleasant, there are no problems with traveling on tables and graphs, everything is fine, everything is free.
  4. Statistics. The office was split into statistics, buying it from Betradar. There are no comments about this.
  5. Video broadcasts. On the FavBet website there is a wide section of high -quality video broadcasts.
  6. Tote. The Favorite does not have a totalizer.
  7. Virtual sport. The office offers virtual football services, which, in fact, is a slightly expanded slot. Also on the site you can find many other gambling entertainments – the same slots, casinos, poker.
  8. Mobile version. There is a mobile version and applications.
  9. Mirrors. Of course, such a “advanced” in terms of changing the brands of the site has mirrors.

Financial issues of BC Favbet

As mentioned above, the bookmaker is a “stolen” office, which is trying with all his might to take money from Betterers. Blocks of accounts, return return without explanation, cutting maximums flourishes, almost all experienced betters eventually do not receive their money. Reviews on the Internet, which literally pour poison on the office, confirm all these statements. However, the bookmakers can even be justified – the BC describes all its arbitrariness in the rules that Better should familiarize yourself before making bets. So players, in principle, allow themselves to be “shod”.


But what cannot be justified in Favbet is its secrecy. The office, in principle, does not report any telephones, addresses, nor contacts of managers, only pathos about reliability and capabilities. The support service also works in the same way – only by messages through the mail, so it immediately becomes clear how difficult situations help to “resolve”.