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Brief and honest review of BC Bet365 RU (BET365 RU). ☝ Disadvantages, advantages, margins, withdrawal of money and other important points of the bookmaker. – honest review and reviews Bet365

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In the review, we will evaluate this bookmaker from all sides, we will go through such standard moments as margin, line and signature, and also try to understand what Bet365 plans to conquer the Russian market. The review will be filled with numbers and analytics that will show all the strengths of the bookmaker and its vulnerability.

Website – legal bookmaker in the Russian Federation
Game account Rub
Methods of replenishment Visa, Mastercard, Kiwi
Bonus Fribetes up to 10,000 rubles
Min. bid 10 rubles
Mob. Applications
Mob. version +
Multi Live
Video broadcasts +
Virtual sport
Player support [email protected], online chat on the site

Bet365 license and legal information

Legal entity Bet365 – Golden Bet LLC, which uses the Bet365 trademark under a license agreement. The license from the Federal Tax Service was received back in 2018, but he began the reception of bets in the Russian Federation bookmaker only in March 2021. This BC works through ETsUPS (previously the second tsuspis).

Review of the Bet365 RU bookmaker

Review of the Bet365 RU bookmaker

So far, the brand’s ambassadors have not been announced in Russia, but we note that the international version of BET365 cooperates with people such as the British actor Ray Winston and the Australian TV presenter Bill Baxter. Bet365 also owns the English FC Stock City.

E -sports (margin, line, painting)

Bet365 Ru competitors in this chapter – Parimatch and Melbet – bookmakers with a strong e -sports component.

The table in our review Bet365 RU will show how things are with margin on CS: GO and Dota 2 for these bookmakers:

Bookmaker Marge on CS: GO Margin on dota 2
Bet365 7.42% 9.33%
Parimatch 6.88% 11.69%
Melbet 3.24% 10.28%

It turns out that according to the margin on CS: Go Bet365 RU is behind competitors, but according to the margin on Dota 2 Bet365 is on the best list.

Next, we evaluate the line on CS: Go and Dota 2.

Bookmaker The number of tournaments in the line on CS: GO The number of tournaments in the line on Dota 2
Bet365 8 3
Parimatch 23 6
Melbet 24 8

It turns out that along the line on CS: GO and Dota 2, Bet365 is significantly lagging behind.

We complete the chapter with an assessment of the painting on CS: Go and Dota 2.

Bookmaker Painting for the match on CS: GO between and Enze Dota 2 match between psg.lgd and
Bet365 About 20 markets About 20 markets
Parimatch About 20 markets About 10 markets
Melbet About 10 markets About 30 markets

We will bring the line: the “hobby” Bet365 in e -sports is a profitable margin and a strong painting on Dota 2, but about CS: go this cannot be said.

Margin in prematch mode for traditional sport


We will start the assessment of the margin in the prematch for football with the status club tournament – the Champions League. We compare Bet 365 with bookmakers such as Parimatch, betting, pin and zenith. We specially picked up different rivals – both bookmakers with a long history and beginners of the Russian market.

Marge on the Champions League:

Bookmaker Middle margin for champions League matches
Bet365 6.73%
Parimatch 3.70%
Betting League 4.20%
PIN AP 3.83%
Zenith 6.77%

Of all the bookmakers of our checklist, only Zenit Marge on the Champions League is worse than in Bet365.

Marge for matches of the Russian national team:

Bookmaker The average margin for matches of the Russian national team
Bet365 7.03%
Parimatch 4.07%
Betting League 3.98%
PIN AP 3.87%
Zenith 5.30%

Bet365 shows the worst result among the entire control group.

Next, consider the margin to the RPL – the most popular tournament among Russians:

Bookmaker Average margin for RPL matches
Bet365 6.41%
Parimatch 5.28%
Betting League 4.21%
PIN AP 6.35%
Zenith 3.44%

The margin in the prematch on RPL in Bet365 is the most disadvantageous among the entire control group.

Let us now consider the margin to four leading European leagues – the Premier League, La Liga, the A and Bundesligu series.

Bookmaker Average margin for nuclear submarine matches The middle margin for the Bundesliga matches Middle margin for matches La Liga The average margin for matches of series A
Bet365 6.55% 6.23% 6.41% 6.40%
Parimatch 5.30% 5.40% 5.23% 5.33%
Betting League 4.10% 4.27% 4.15% 3.82%
PIN AP 4.14% 4.63% 4.67% 4.44%
Zenith 3.47% 3.66% 4.46% 4.52%

It turns out that the margin for all these championships in Bet 365 ru is less profitable than that of these competitors.

And we will make a control test – we will evaluate the margin in the prematch for low -rating championships. Figures in margin for the championships of Sweden and Uruguay:

Bookmaker The middle margin for matches of the Sweden championship Middle margin for matches of the Uruguay Championship
Bet365 9.07% 8.83%
Parimatch 5.16% 7.08%
Betting League 6.19% 8.79%
PIN AP 6.95% 6.96%
Zenith 7.03% 7.61%

The conclusion according to the margin in Bet365 to football (in the prematch): for all key tournaments (with single exceptions), it is an order of magnitude inferior in terms of profitability to those bookmakers with which we compared BET365.


We approached the assessment of the margin for tennis (in the prematch). In this category, Vinline and Boom-bookmakers leaders of the Russian market will compete with

Bookmaker Margin for wta tournament Margin for ITF tournament
Bet365 5.85% 6.60%
Vinline 5.26% 8.11%
Bet Boom 3.29% 8.30%

The conclusion on the margin on tennis in Bet365: it leaves much to be desired for WTA tournaments, but with ITF tournaments everything is fine.

The last stop of this chapter is the assessment of the margin at the UFC, competitors BET 365 this time – Betsiti and Baltbet.

Bookmaker Marge on UFC
Bet365 5.02%
Betsiti 5.23%
Baltbet 6.36%

It turns out that the UFC is the strength of Bet365.

Conclusion throughout the chapter: the margin for football in prematch in Bet365 is the weak side of this bookmaker in terms of margin’s profitability, with margin to tennis everything is tolerable, but with margin on the UFC, things are better than that of competitors.

Margin in Live mode for football

In the focus of our attention-two fights of the qualifying round of the World Cup-2022: Belarus-Estonia and Croatia-Cyprus. First, the table on the first match, which will show how the margin from the prematch to the lives changed:

Match Belarus – Estonia
Time 2 hours before the match 1 hour 10 minutes before the match 20 minutes before the match 5 minutes before the match 5 minutes of the match 10 minutes of the match 30 minutes of the match Break in the match 75 minutes of the match
The value of margin 6.98% 7.05% 5.95% 6.37% 7.05% 6.82% 5.60% 7.00% 6.20%

margin review in Bet365

margin review in Bet365

This follows the conclusion: the margin in Bet365 ru in liva for football is one of the best in the market. It, compared with the prematch, increases within 1%.

Competitors are worse for competitors: in Melbet, margin in liva, when compared with the prematch, increases by 1.5-2%, and in Pin AP-within 2%.

Now consider the dynamics of margin in the match Croatia – Cyprus:

Croatia match – Cyprus
Time 2 hours before the match 1 hour 10 minutes before the match 20 minutes before the match 5 minutes before the match 5 minutes of the match 10 minutes of the match 30 minutes of the match Break in the match 75 minutes of the match
The value of margin 6.94% 6.94% 6.94% 6.94% 5.37% 6.10% 5.78% 5.25% 4.24%

BC BET 365 r review and reviews

BC BET 365 r review and reviews

Here with margin is still better: it, in comparison with the prematch, decreased by 1-2%during the match. Again, we emphasize that such values ​​are a rarity for Russian bookmakers, who, as a rule, immediately after the start of the match, takes off several percentage points.

Analysis of the line for traditional sports

First, we will evaluate the line for football, the Bet365 competitors will perform a betting league and Baltbet.

Let's start with the low -rating championships of Europe: all three BCs have the League of Kosovo and Luxembourg, similarly – with the Bosnia and Herzegovina Cup – everyone has it.

We look further: Lithuania has all three BCs, the championship of Ukraine – just as, however, the Slovakia championship. In the same way with the leagues of Montenegro and Estonia – they are in Bet365, the betting league and Baltbet.

Bet365 Review of the Football line in the bookmaker

Bet365 Review of the Football line in the bookmaker

Further – Latin America: Guatemala has the whole trinity, the league of Peru and Salvador – only in Bet365 and Baltbet, the second league of Nicaragua – only the data of two BCs.

Now we look at the rest of the world: the Cambodia League is only in Bet365, the Saudi Arabia League – only in Bet365 and Baltbet, the Tanzania championship – only in Bet365 and the betting league.

We summarize: the line for football in Bet365 is as wide as possible. Both European championships and the League of the African and South American continents are perfectly represented.

We evaluate the line for tennis, competitors BET365 are the same – the betting league and Baltbet. Here's what it turns out: Bet365 presents two WTA tournaments, 7 ITF tournaments and one ATP tournament; Two WTA tournaments, also 7 ITF tournaments and one ATP tournament are offered in the betting league; Baltbet has exactly the same indicators.

All about Bet365 ru

All about Bet365 ru

It turns out that the line on tennis in Bet365 is at the same level as these competitors.

And we finish the chapter with the line with the line on the UFC (both female and male battles): 37 battles are presented in Bet365, 33 in the betting league, and 63 in the Baltic Baltet. It turns out, Bet365 is a strong middle peasant in the “UFC” line.

Review of the Russian bookmaker Bet365

Review of the Russian bookmaker Bet365

The result of the chapter: in Bet365 – the widest line for football, both for European championships and on the leagues of other continents; The line for tennis is exactly the same as that of competitors; The line on the UFC is very medium.

Painting for traditional sport

We will evaluate one match of the RPL and one of the ADL match. Competitors BET365 this time – Betsiti and Zenith.

The numbers for the ADL match between Leicester – Man City and the RPL match between Rotor and Locomotive:

Bookmaker Painting for the match of the Lester Premier League – Man City Painting for the RPP Rotor – Lokomotiv match
Bet365 About 110 markets About 110 markets
Betsiti About 140 markets About 135 markets
Zenith About 70 markets About 80 markets

The conclusion on the painting for football in BET365: it is at approximately the average level (ahead of the latitude of bookmakers, but lags behind the lead bookmakers).

We evaluate the tennis line in two matches – Fritz – Bublik fight as part of the ATP Miami and the Barty -Sobolenko fight as part of WTA Miami. Numbers:

Bookmaker Painting for the Fritz-Bublik match within the ATP Painting for the match Barty – Sobolenko in the framework of the WTA
Bet365 About 60 markets About 65 markets
betcity About 25 markets About 60 markets
Zenith About 20 markets About 40 markets

Conclusion on painting tennis: it is at Bet365 at the level of the leading betting shops of the Russian market.

We will evaluate the line at the UFC in two fights – women's and men's. Figures for the Shevchenko-Andrade fight: Bet365 – one market (who wins), Betcity – also one market (who wins), Zenit – 2 markets (who wins and double chance). The figures for Usman vs. Masvidal are exactly the same – Bet365 and Betcity have one market each, and Zenith has 2.

Conclusion from the painting on the UFC: Bet365 does not favor this sport, and the painting on it here is more than scarce.

Section with odds below 2 at Bet365

The Bet365 website has a curious and unusual section for Russian bookmakers – “Odds. below 2.00. There, as you might guess, there are matches where there are outcomes with quotes up to 2. Such a “feature” can be useful for those who are inclined to bet on ZhB and are looking for a selection of events with low odds.

Bet365 Review and features of the bookmaker

Bet365 review and bookmaker features

There is also a Best Events section, where the most status matches are selected. Also an interesting, but still familiar option for Russian bookmakers.

Do I need to pay tax in Bet365 ru?

Bet365 is not a tax agent, therefore, when playing with this bookmaker, the client pays a 13% tax, that is, the entire responsibility for providing information about winnings to the necessary authorities lies with the client. Find out how and when to file a tax return on betting winnings.

Deposit and withdrawal of money

The following withdrawal methods are currently available at Bet365 (this list is expected to grow):

  • Visa and Mastercard cards (minimum – 100 rubles, maximum – 599,999 rubles);
  • Qiwi wallet (minimum – 100 rubles, maximum – 599,999 rubles);
  • bank account (minimum – 100 rubles, maximum – 599,999 rubles).

Bet365 ру обзор букмекерской конторы

Bet365 ru bookmaker review

Note that for deposits (account replenishment) the minimum amount is 100 rubles.

Overview of bonuses

The flagship Bet 365 bonus is the New Client promotion, in which the player can receive (for 50% of his deposit). How it works:

  1. within 30 days after registration, replenish your account in the amount of 100 rubles;
  2. then bet this money in 12 times the amount on real events, from your account and only on odds of at least 1.20 (or on multibets with at least one event with odds of at least 1.20);
  3. you get half the amount with which you started (for example, you first replenished with 15,000 rubles and bet them 12 times, which means you will receive 7,500 rubles.

The maximum bonus amount is 10,000 rubles. with an initial replenishment of 20,000 rubles, however, you can deposit more than 20,000 rubles. – then you will receive the maximum amount – 10,000 rubles). Read more here.

Other attractive bonuses are also available at Bet365: several promotions for early payouts in football and basketball matches; bonuses if accumulator bets enter certain tournaments (the bookmaker will add from 5 to 70% to accumulator bet winnings) and others.

bet 365 ru обзор бонусов

Bet 365 ru. Bonuses review

Site, applications and functionality overview

At the moment, the Russian Bet365 has not released the applications, so we’ll talk about the site and the general functionality.

The BET365 website in Russia is made on the platform of the international version of Bet365, and it simply cannot be claims: it is frisky (it functions perfectly even on weak PCs), intuitively understandable and even somewhere “primitive”. With navigation – everything is fine, and finding the right match is a matter of several seconds.

Video broadcasts of matches in the bookmaker can only be watched with a positive balance.

Review of the Russian bookmaker Bet365 RU

Review of the Russian bookmaker Bet365 RU

However, aesthetes can confuse black-green colors, which seems stylish for some, and for others-at least unusual.

Only the most pleasant words can be said about support: it is well organized, works quickly, “does not hang”, and the operators are extremely responsive and polite.

BC bet365 ru and exclusion from the game

We also note the section on the website “Responsible Game”, in which its principles are exhaustively described, and, in addition, it is possible to inform the bookmaker about the game on the site of minors.

Полный обзор букмекерской конторы bet365 ru

Full overview of the Bet365 Ru bookmaker

Review of the advantages Bet365 RU

  • ultra -high margin for football in Liva (one of the best in the market);
  • The ultra -high margin for UFC battles (however, the line and painting on the UFC are not as wide as that of competitors);
  • a wide line for football (both for rare European championships and for championships of other continents);
  • a profitable margin and a wide painting on Dota 2;
  • fast, modern, reactive support service;
  • Tennis painting is at the level of leading BCs.

Bet365 RU review review

  • unprofitable margin in prematch for football (both for leading championships and rare leagues);
  • far from the widest painting for football;
  • There are no applications;
  • weak painting and line, as well as an unprofitable margin on CS: GO;
  • Very average margin for tennis.

Reviews about the bookmaker

BC BET365 only appeared in the Russian Federation, and so far in the media environment the image of this bookmaker is not as formed as in the old-case bookmakers. There are not so many reviews on Bet365 RU yet to make a holistic unbiased picture, so we hold our hand on the pulse and we will update this chapter.

However, the fact that the international version of BET365 has long been leading a leading position on traffic on the world market (with an average monthly number of users about 300 million), suggests that the bookmaker is seriously configured to the Russian market and will fight for customers with all acceptable methods.