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What is SKU in trade? | Marketing

| What is SKU in trade? | Marketing

What is SKU in trade?

SKU – This is an identifier of the product position, which is necessary to account for the sold products, as well as tracking the corresponding statistics. Thus, any product that is accepted at the warehouse and is sold through the outlet has its SKU.

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It is worth noting that for different market participants The indicator of the heading has different specifics, in particular:

  • For a company that sells products, the amount of SKU is the number of separate products, which, due to different properties and characteristics, differ from each other.
  • For suppliers, nomenclature units are objects of warehouse management, namely for their replenishment, return, sale, as well as analysis of the turnover of inventory, not only in groups, but also in assortment or for each individual commodity position.

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The rational approach to managing the remnants of SKU is really necessary for the effective development and further economic prosperity of the enterprise. It is worth considering that regardless of the number of SKA, which is in circulation, the largest revenue can come twenty percent of the total number of warehouse accounting.

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Features of the SKU indicator (SKU)

Indicator features

The SKU indicator is actively used in the trading field, since only with the help of a well -formed system that ensures the forecast of product sales and warehouse planning can the company save a significant amount of money that can be redirected to the implementation of important strategic programs.

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However, if the warehouse residues for each nomenclature unit or errors in the incidence of errors during calculations, the enterprise may lose significant financial resources, because in this case the funds will remain “frozen” due to residues in the warehouse.

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Specific SKU (SKU) for retail

Since the assortment of retail contains thousands of groups and commodity units, effective control of reserves and supplies is a time -consuming and rather complex logistics task. All positions of the scab should be systematized, and each individual warehouse number needs to be controlled by residues.

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Quality control of the Scabble is a fundamental and important task for retailers, which is, along with issues of increasing profitability from each shelf and a meter of outlet.

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The influence of SKU (SKU) in the field of merchandising

In merchandising, SKA denotes an assortment unit of one group of goods or brand. To correctly classify the group indicator, methods such as XYZ analysis or ABC analysis are used.Using the obtained results, all SKU items in the assortment can be divided into: