Two tram; Cinema; Dream.

Two tram squirrels finds forgotten sledges in the winter forest. He knows how to deftly jump in trees, but never rode a hill. Curiosity defeats fear. Swimming lesson

Two tram

The squirrel finds forgotten sledges in the winter forest. He knows how to deftly jump in trees, but never rode a hill. Curiosity defeats fear.

Swimming lesson

Director: Tatyana Dokryzhnova, artist: Natalya Lobanova, film studio Soyuzmultfilm, Russia, 2017, 3 min, 2D animation, glass painting

Based on the poem by Anna Ignatova, “True remedy”. Once the boy went to swim in the sea and …

Director and artist: Polina Mintsk, the Soyuzmultfilm film studio, Russia, 2015, 7 min 47 seconds, computer shift
Only the appearance of a huge and toothy gray wolf leads fear to the whole village. But one little girl was not afraid and made friends with him.

Unwashed penguin

Directors: Alexey Mironov, Isabelle Fave, artist: Isabelle Fave, Soyuzmultfilm, Russia, 2015, 5 min 38 seconds, computer transfer.
The lyrical story of a little penguin, afraid of water. However, the desire to have a friend is much stronger than any fears and barriers.

Girl, Dragon and Dad

Director and artist: Evgenia Zhirkova, film studio Soyuzmultfilm, Russia, 2016, 2 min 30 sec, drawn

The story that for every girl her dad is a brave knight, the winner of the dragons, and for each dad his daughter is a real princess.

Two tram

Director: Svetlana Andrianova, Wastewriters: Olga Usacheva, Anna Desnitskaya, Soyuzmultfilm film studio, Russia, 2016, 10 min, puppet, 2D animation

Based on the poem of Osip Mandelstam. Two trams lived in one tram depot – mother and son. From early morning until late in the evening they traveled around the city and were happy. But nothing in life is forever …


Director: Sergey Romashkin, Soyuzmultfilm, Russia, 2014, 4 min, 2D-animation murals for a fairy tale about grandfather, a boy and a donkey about how not easy to follow other people's advice.

Snow bunnies
Directors and artists: Elizabeth and Polina Manokhina, Soyuzmultfilm, Russia, 2014, 5 min, computer transfer.
A bunny with hare funs cheerfully walking through the forest to the winter Christmas tree. And behind them the wolf is sneaking.

A hole with water
Director and artist: Tatyana Ilyina, Soyuzmultfilm, Russia, 2014, 3 min, 2D animation.
The fairy tale about how the old beetle, telling the little beaches about the structure of their beach world, arouses fantasy and curiosity in the kids.

Director: Dmitry Vysotsky, artist: Andrey Sikorsky, Soyuzmultfilm, Russia, 2014, 3 min 35 sec, 2D animation
Once a bird living in a hollow of a tree saw that his leaves were blooming ants. Only she was about to teach them how the trouble happened even worse: a lumberjack came to the tree. Film to the music of Leo Deliba.

Where do snowflakes come from?

Director: Marina Karpova, Waiter artist: Natalya Grebenkina, Soyuzmultfilm film studio, Russia, 2016, 3 min 17 sec, computer shift

Christmas story about magic, which is hiding in ordinary things. Children ask about the origin of snowflakes and begin to fantasize.

Seven cats
Director: Ruslan Sinkevich, Soyuzmultfilm, Russia, 2015, 3 min 10 seconds, plasticine transfer
A musical film about the old woman and her talented singing cats.


Director and artist: Alexey Alekseev, Soyuzmultfilm film studio, Russia, 2016, 3 min 30 sec, 2D animation

The story of a hare who haunted the animals in the forest until he became an accidental owner of the staff of Santa Claus.