Set to win

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Official website of the Russian Sports Society LOKOMOTIV, Accountant of the Banking Operations Department of the North Caucasus Regional General Service Center Olesya Shevtsova conducts fitness classes in her free time.

Set to win

Set to win

Olesya Shevtsova she herself has always led a healthy lifestyle and now helps others to be in good physical shape.

– WITH childhood fond of athleticsshe says. – I run, jump in length and in height. I started playing sports at the age of 12. Once at school they arranged a running competition, and I also participated. The athletics coach watched the relay race and selected the guys for his group. After the competition, he invited me to attend the sports section, and I agreed.

Olesya I went to training while I was at school, and then received a specialty at the university. She participated in regional competitions and in the championship of Russia, repeatedly became the winner and prize-winner. Her best result is silver in the Russian athletics championship, which was held in Adler in 2012 (800 m in 2 minutes 30 seconds).

When Olesya graduated from high school and came to the enterprise, she did not quit sports.

I took a liking to him. He helps me live and workshe says. – Gives energy and vivacity. I found a way to combine work and training. Before the pandemic, she took part in mass races that were held in the city. That's when I decided to become a fitness trainer.

Olesya has been working on the North Caucasus Railway for only 8 months, but is already actively participating in all sports railway events. For example, she went to the start in the Reaching the Goal charity run, which took place in August 2021. She constantly increases her stamina level. During the pandemic, when the stadium was closed, she ran through the streets of the city of Bataysk, and today Olesya is expanding the geography of training. Not only Bataysk, but also the Rowing Canal, and the embankment of Rostov-on-Don are now on the list of her occupations. In addition, she visits the gym and plans to participate in competitions that will take place in the spring. And of course he wants to win!