Navbahor – Sogdiana forecast for a professional for a match

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Navbahor – Sogdiana forecast for a professional for match 26.04.22

Navbahor – Sogdiana. 04/26/22. Forecast and rates for the match

Events that would be held on April 26, so in the football section, you can bet on the Navbakhore -Sogdiana match began to appear in the bookmaker. The pre -match rates for this fight will be taken in offices until 16:15 Moscow time, until the game begins. Since in the last ten meetings, Sogdian's football club was six times stronger, it is he who is considered the favorite of this confrontation. The guests have already won this season with a score of 3-2.

The Navbahor team and the Sogdian team, judging by the starting application, will exit the strongest compositions on the field. Recall that earlier the media said that several leading football players will be absent in the hosts. This information significantly influenced the quotes of bookmakers exhibited for this match. Our forecasters believed that there are no grounds for such an overstated coefficient of Navbahor’s victory in this match, since the absence of two leaders for such a club as the Navbahore team is not critical, since the depth of the bench allows the composition of the composition, without a significant loss of the quality of the game . Moreover, now it has become known that the leaders will still play. We think that the Navbakhore team today will achieve a confident victory over its rivals, so we recommend that you play not only the victory of the home field in this match, but also bet on the head of the Navbakhore team. Considering that the teams will act with the main compositions, they also seem quite playable to the general total in the match, since the owners are unlikely to seize less than two goals, and the guests are quite capable of playing the goal of the ball. Here you can also consider the rate on the individual total of the Navbahore team for more, based on the fact that the home fields are very actively acting in their native walls. For example, last season, the Navbahore team scored less than two goals in three home matches.

Betting/coefficients of bookmakers for the Navbakhore match – Sogdiana:

In the case of winning a football club, Navbakhore will play a coefficient of 2.516, if the FC Sogdiana wins, the bookmakers will pay the winning at 3.135, and the probability of draws is 2.83.

Forecast for the match Navbakhor – Sogdiana (Uzbekistan Championship, national championship match, Sunday, April 26):The football club Navbakhor received from the bookmakers a quote of 2.516 for its victory, and at a coefficient of 3.135 you can bet on the victory of FC Sogdiana. Quote [kefdrew] accepts bets on a draw.

History of personal meetings

The large selection of bets offered by bookmakers for the match between Navbakhor and Sogdiana can be explained by the fact that both teams are considered to be the elite of modern football, and their confrontation is a match that will undoubtedly attract the attention of football fans all over the world. The teams are carefully preparing for this match, as a victory in it will allow not only to score three points necessary for the standings, but this victory will be a very strong moral boost, because a victory obtained in matches with a direct competitor in the fight for the championship is the best, oh than you can only dream of. In terms of personnel losses, the teams approach the upcoming match in excellent shape. All key players are ready to help the club from the starting minutes of the match, and the mentors were able to acquire a number of promising players on the transfer market who can strengthen the clubs' game from the bench. So, with the performers, the Navbakhor team and the Sogdiana team are in perfect order. The mentors also did not change their tactics compared to last season. Indeed, why break and change something that brings results. Recall that both clubs play attacking football, and, we can say that even sharply attacking, when the whole team can threaten the opponent's goal during a quick transition from defense to attack, or with standards. This means that today the teams will not sit on the defensive, but will try to create maximum scoring chances.

Navbakhor – Sogdiana 26.04.22

Football fans have long been waiting for the Navbakhor and Sogdiana teams to enter the field on April 26. Moscow time, the live broadcast of this match will take place at 16:15. Interest in this meeting also arises because the teams have not played with each other for two years. And in the last face-to-face confrontation, the teams parted in peace, ending the meeting with a score of 3-3.

Pre-match analysis and forecasts of bookmakers

Last season, the Navbakhor team and the Sogdiana team played a great match, the result of which is still in the memory of many football fans. On the eve of the full-time match between these football clubs, the media are actively reminding which opponents will meet, and that the players of both teams can create on the football field. In general, the result of this confrontation will be decisive for both teams. Recall that now the Navbakhor team and the Sogdiana team are among the leaders of the championship, the teams occupy places at the top of the standings, which indicates the seriousness of intentions regarding this season.Naturally, the teams have difficult matches ahead, but now all the attention of managers and players is focused on the upcoming game, in which the closest competitors will be the rivals. According to the managers of both teams, with the exception of injured players who have been unable to help their club for a long time, all other players are ready to enter the field from the starting minutes. Thanks to this, the managers of both teams have the opportunity to choose which of the players to entrust to play from the first minutes of the match. In this regard, the question arises of the tactical scheme that the managers of both teams will use for the next match. Our experts have carefully studied the statistics of the teams' matches in the current season, as well as the statistics of head-to-head meetings between these football clubs in recent seasons. This allowed us to find interesting patterns on which our forecasts are based, which can be found below.

Forecast Navbakhor – Sogdiana (April 26), rates and odds

For the experts of our resource, the advantage of the Navbakhor team in the confrontation with the players of the Sogdiana team is obvious. The home team is having the best season, demonstrating a well-coordinated, productive game in all matches. The players of the Navbakhor team feel especially confident at home, where they score several goals against their opponents. Guests are significantly inferior in class to their rivals. At the same time, the players of the Sogdiana team do not differ in stability in away matches. Yes, and the defense of the Sogdian team often fails, because of this, the guests miss a lot. We think that the players of the Navbakhor team should take full advantage of all these problems of the guests. And this means that the Navbakhor team will confidently win this match. Thus, our prediction for the match between the Navbakhor team and the Sogdiana team is a confident victory for the home team, and more risky bettors can bet that the Navbakhor team will break the handicap declared by the bookmakers. We recommend betting on more than the individual total of the home team, as well as the total total of goals scored in the match. At home, the Navbakhor team has never scored less than two goals against anyone, and given the problems of the guests in defense, we believe that the victory of the Navbakhor team will be crushing. Yellow cards and violations of the rules in this match, we advise you to play for less, as the teams have nothing to commit flagrant fouls in such a match. But we consider the individual total of corners of the Navbakhor team for more, since the club actively uses the flanks during attacks, and there will be a lot of attacks on the home team in this match, so this bet seems confident.


In recent years, the football club Navbakhor is constantly in the top three in the championship, so it regularly takes part in the Champions League.But, no matter how hard the hosts try, they still cannot become champions, because they start fighting for the title, but then the gap from the leader only increases. At the moment, it has already reached nine points, so even though the football club Bad Gleichenberg is second in the championship, it will not be so easy to return to the fight for gold medals. The team shows a confident game this season at home, so there were only two defeats at home, and at their home stadium, the players of the Navbakhor club score three times more goals than they concede. Now the hosts are giving out a series of seven victories in a row, but it does not surprise anyone, since the team played according to a very easy calendar, where there were many predictable results. In this match, the left-back, as well as the central and defensive midfielders will not help the hosts. Questionable access to the field of the right striker.


Due to the disastrous start of the season, the Sogdiana football club has been in the relegation zone for a long time, so many have already begun to think that at the end of the championship they are in danger of being demoted. But, two months ago, the management changed the head coach, inviting a young ambitious specialist, with whom the team began to show more attacking football, and not just sit on the defensive, hoping that they would not miss. With this coach, the Sogdiana football club played eight matches in which it suffered only one defeat, but won six victories. This allowed the guests to get out of the relegation zone, so now the team is already in the fourteenth place, four points ahead of the outsiders. Football players have begun to demonstrate more dedication on the field, and this applies not only to home matches, but also to away matches, where the team tries to act competently in defense, but also constantly attack. There are two defenders in the infirmary of FC Sogdiana, and the left winger can also miss the game.

Interesting facts before the match Navbakhor – Sogdiana

A very interesting confrontation awaits all football fans. Navbakhor team and Sogdiana team will determine the strongest in full-time confrontation. Both clubs have demonstrated good football this season, so our experts decided to analyze this match and offer their bets. So, we see the home team as the favorite of the match, who demonstrate excellent results at home this season. The club suffered only a few defeats at home, which is one of the best results. The guests, despite the fact that they showed decent football in away matches, cannot yet boast of stability, especially in matches with strong opponents, so in this confrontation we advise you to bet on the victory of the home team. Regarding the overall total, there are enough players in one and the other team who know how to score goals literally from nothing, using every opportunity to score a goal.This means that the total of the teams announced by the bookmakers is likely to be beaten, so we recommend betting the total goals of the match on more. We also consider the total number of violations and yellow 4 cards for more, since this meeting is a fundamental confrontation for one and the other team, so there should be a lot of violations and warnings. The total total of corners here is still worth playing for less, since it is unlikely that the opponents will allow each other to attack often, therefore, there should not be many standards in this match.

According to the results of the match, a draw will be recorded – 2.83, Navbakhor will win the game – 2.516, Sogdiana will win the game – 3.135.

Navbakhor – Sogdiana. Forecast and betting on the match. Championship of Uzbekistan April 26

Bookmakers believe that the Sogdian team has no special chances against a more motivated opponent, and our experts fully agree with this. Recall that the home team now needs points, and in terms of the level of play they are noticeably superior to their rivals, who, in addition to everything, have already lost motivation in this championship. Recall that the team of Sogdiana even earlier became the main loser of the championship, when they could not win a single away match. And in general, the guests in this championship really look weak, yielding even to frankly weak teams, it is clear that the team has spent the last of its strength to enter the elite division. There is no need to remind once again that the Navbakhor team consists of real professionals who have managed to prove themselves not only at the club level, but also at the level of the national teams, these players know how to decide the outcome of matches with one touch, so the guests simply have no chance in against such a formidable and motivated opponent. So, here we are in solidarity with the bookmakers who predict a confident victory for the home team. Therefore, our forecast is the handicap of the Navbakhor team in this match. The total total must also be broken, moreover, it is necessary to place bets on the total total of goals scored for more and on the individual total of the home team. At home, the Navbakhor team plays very powerfully, especially with weak opponents, whom they score at least two or three goals. We also recommend playing Navbakhor team's individual total of corners for more, as the home team does not stop attacking even after several goals scored.


Until recently, the football club Navbakhor was in last place in the championship, and there were no hopes that it would be possible to escape relegation. But, after the head coach changed, the outsider's game improved a lot, so in five rounds under his leadership there was only one defeat, moreover, from the representative of the TOP-5 of the championship, and in the remaining matches the hosts won two victories over stronger opponents and played twice draw. This made it possible to rise from the last place and the football club Navbakhor even left the relegation zone, but the team is ahead of other outsiders solely due to the better difference in goals scored and conceded.The main thing is that the effect of changing the mentor lasts as long as possible, then the owners will be able to score more points and move away from the dangerous zone. But, even despite the fact that the shape of the Navbahore football club has improved, it still remains the most low -embracing team in the championship.


This summer, the Sogdiana football club ran a loud transfer campaign, so the fans expected high results. But, the season began completely different from the way it wanted, because most of the matches were lost, and the head coach still tried to introduce newcomers into the game, although they clearly did not improve the game of the team. Such stubbornness cost the mentor of the work, so that quickly the guest management invited another specialist who has no less experience in this league. He immediately made adjustments to the composition, so now the Sogdiana football club is already a strong middle peasant and does not allow you to easily select glasses. From the departure zone, the guests climbed the tenth line, so that they were already secured from the departure, but it will not work to compete for qualifications in the Europa League, because because of the weak start of the season, the lag is very large. In addition, now the team began to decline again, since in the last six rounds it was possible to score only four points. But guests have no serious problems with the composition.

Statistics and personal meetings

For experts of our resource, the match, in which the opponents will be the Navbahore team and the Sogdian team was very interesting for forecasting. Now both clubs are fighting in the standings. Despite the fact that both teams are the faces of modern football, they are not in the best way, since the teams risk flying past not only the champion race, but also past high places in the standings that give the right to get into the prestigious club tournament on next year. According to club managers, now the teams are faced with the task of demonstrating your maximum and at any cost try to win a ticket to this tournament, so the match between the two applicants should be very tense. Given that these teams always play protective football, trying to concentrate the game in the center of the field as much as possible, and not to allow sharp attacks on each other's gates, it is unlikely that managers will use other tactics today, especially since for various reasons the teams will not be able to Help them some leaders. We believe that the outcome of the match will be resolved thanks to one accurate strike, and, immediately say, the players of which team will be able to score a victorious ball is very difficult, since, based on the current state of affairs, the match of the Navbakhore team and the Sogdian team are a match of equal rivals. Our experts tried to predict not only the outcome of this match, but made forecasts for statistics, below you can get acquainted with them.We are waiting for an interesting and unpredictable confrontation between the team of Navbakhor and the team of Sogdiana.

Navbakhor – Sogdiana: who is the favorite of the upcoming meeting?

Navbakhor – Sogdiana. Football prediction (26.04.22)

The experts of our portal and analysts of bookmakers agreed on who should be the favorites of the football match between the players of the Navbakhor team and the players of the Sogdiana team. Now, when the championship is coming to an end, the home team needs to win in order to remain among the clubs claiming high places in the championship. But the guests have already fulfilled their task this season, although the club is in the second part of the standings, it has already guaranteed itself participation in the championship for next season, so the manager of the Sogdiana team can afford to give rest to the leading players of the team. But the home team will have to play with the strongest squad, as the club cannot afford to retreat. From this it turns out that today the Navbakhor team will not only win, but also do it big, therefore, it is worth trying to flirt with the odds of the home team. Our experts see the overall total of the match for more, as the hosts have excellent attacking players, who from the first minutes will disturb the defense of the opponent, who arrived at the match in a weakened squad. So, both the total and the individual total of the Navbakhor team in this match, we recommend playing for more. It is unlikely that there will be many violations in the match, since it is already clear in principle who will win, so the players will not inflict injuries on each other once again. Based on this, the total total of fouls and yellow cards, we recommend playing for less. But we see a lot of corners in the match, since both clubs are unlikely to play defensive football, and when attacking, both the Navbakhor team and the Sogdiana team actively use the flanks, so the total of corners is likely to be beaten.

Navbakhor – Sogdiana: again we are waiting for a productive game

Contrary to the opinion that it is very easy to predict sports events, we note that the experts of our resource spend a lot of time to predict a single football match. Yes, now there is a huge number of opportunities that greatly facilitate the work of the forecaster. Various resources and special programs containing statistical data on the performances of football teams, all this allows you to find the information you need in a matter of seconds. However, it is the forecaster who should analyze it and make a decision. So, it is important for the forecaster to correctly assess the risks, and only then make a choice regarding one or another bet on the confrontation between the Navbakhor team and the Sogdiana team. The presence of a large amount of information makes it necessary to analyze it entirely, and some information may be completely useless.In general, our experts emphasize that it is not as easy to predict football matches as it seems, because to give out the right forecast-this means to fully evaluate all possible risks, check and double-check, and this takes a lot of time.

Football analysts know very well that Navbakhore and Sogdiana this season play the attack well, so that the bet in this game is aimed at the total of balls more than 3.5.

Navbahor – Sogdiana: Statistics and the history of personal meetings

The statistics of team performances not always reflects the essence of what really happens on the football field. For example, in the confrontation of the Navbakhore team and the Sogdian team, according to our experts, the game will not be held at all the way these teams are used to playing. Both clubs are the leaders of the championship, respectively, in matches with their rivals they are used to playing the first numbers. In the match between themselves, the teams will either have to act in counterclaims, or one of the teams will have to play the second number. Naturally, the club managers are faced with a difficult choice, given that there are certain problems with the main football players in the Sogdian team and the Sogdian team, and some of them are in question. It is on what tactics that managers will choose for this match, and much will depend. However, our experts decided not to guess the tactics of the teams, we will try to focus on the statistical indicators of this match. Fortunately, the bookmakers proposed a fairly decent volume of bets for the match of the Navbakhore team and the Sogdian team, since they believe that this confrontation will be the central match of the weekend. A detailed analysis of the match can be read below. We think that the game is perfect for betting during the match, as events will develop on the field rapidly. Thus, the fans will not have to be bored, they will watch an interesting match with an unpredictable result.