International Ice Hockey Camp

International Ice Hockey Camp is a hockey children's camp for children 5-18 years old, Sochi, Krasnodar Territory, Russia

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International Ice Hockey Camp

Russia, Sochi, Imeretinsky Civil Code, coastal quarter (look at the map) ID 9244

International Ice Hockey Camp

International Ice Hockey Camp is hockey fees for children from 5 to 18 years old in the Olympic Sochi on the Black Sea. A great opportunity to family vacation and improve the child’s skills in hockey! The company “Magic Hockey” under the leadership of Honored Master of Sports Alexander Kharitonov invites everyone to go through traditional fees in Sochi. We place the velvet seasons in the hotel, the sports quarter of parents and children. Children from 10 years old can live unaccompanied by adults.

  • copies of birth certificate or passport of a child;
  • copies of the child's medical policy;
  • Medical certificate of admission of a child to engage in hockey
  • consent or refusal to provide first aid – signed original
  • In the case of remote design: original contract

The city-Hotel Corchast Seasons is the largest hotel complex in Russia. At the same time, more than 10 thousand people are possible.
The hotel consists of three quarters located on the first and second coastal lines from the sea coast: the Catherine Quarter, the Family Quarter and the Sports Quarter.
Each quarter has its own infrastructure, which allows guests to feel at home.

Sports infrastructure near the residence building.

Apartments: 2-3-4 local numbers.

Food according to the Swedish table system.

It is possible to accommodate children with parents (children from 10 years old can live unaccompanied).

Accommodation/numbers: 2-4 local numbers
Facilities: in the room
Nutrition: 3-rack
The area of ​​the land: 10 hectares

Beach, playground, sports hall, stadium, football field, basketball field, volleyball field, pool, hockey box, as well as a catchy area

Security and medical care:

24 -hour guards by the choke of the hotel. The medical office provides first aid. In the ice complex there is a medical cabinet.

General program:

Daily at hockey fees are held

  • Ice training for 90 minutes,
  • training for the technique of possession of the club,
  • Book training,
  • Special and general physical training.

Football and gaming sports.

At the beginning of the fees, computer testing of the level of training of a hockey player is carried out, as a result of which players receive the recommendations of the coach.


11.00 -12.30 Ice training for 90 minutes. per day in the Ice Complex Galaxy

17.00-18.00 General physical training (hotel sports ground)


Schedule by day for shift:

1 day – arrival from 14.00, meeting at 18.00

2 – 7 day ordinary schedule

8 day – from 12.00 departure from the hotel

Video about the camp:

  • according to the receipt in the bank at the expense organizer
  • cash in the office organizer
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Power (Swedish table)
  • Daily bus transfer for children for ice training
  • Training program
  • Computer tests
  • branded T -shirt
  • baseball cap
  • Training hockey shirt
  • Drinking water in training
  • Participant's diploma
  • Transfer from airport to hotel (if the child rides on his own)
  • air travel and transfer. Parents bring children on their own

There is no additional payment for the athlete.

Additional payment for parents: accommodation in a hotel in a 2-seater room of 2,900 rubles (per person per day) with a 3-rack food table.

  • hockey uniform
  • Two clubs
  • Two sets of hockey underwear
  • sneakers
  • hygiene products

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Alexander Yuryevich about the program International Ice Hockey Camp (a boy was resting 15 years)


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