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In our online store, only proven types of Chinese tea: pu-erh, oolong, green and red teas. Direct deliveries from plantations in China.

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For all tea discounts from the volume, 500 grams of tea is much more profitable to buy than 50, fill the basket and your discount will be displayed directly on the page.

Oolong, Puer, Red, Green, Japanese, Herbal, as well as elite tea from other countries.

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Chinese tea online store

Pu-erh is a special tea, it is a tea fanned with rituals and a special tea culture of China. And therefore, how it grows in reality, few people imagine.

Dear visitors, on the 14th-15th the site was unavailable, the problems were of a systemic nature not only on our site. By the evening of the 15th, the provider's performance was restored, the site is operating normally.

Dear buyers, many sellers, taking advantage of the general confusion and rush demand, began to unreasonably raise prices, including for goods that were imported long ago and at a different rate.

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Good store, fast delivery, very satisfied with the purchase, I recommend this store to everyone

Thank you for your feedback, we will try to keep the brand in the future.

I ordered two Xi Hu Longjing for comparison – premium and top quality. The one that VK is good. And premium – no smell, no taste, I generally keep quiet about freshness. On the site they offer to compare it and the usual one from the photo – and so in real life it corresponds to the photo where the usual, dark one. Maybe there is no difference in taste. I do not recommend. Tea White Peony also does not match the photo and description at all. Has a small leaf – in fact, these are large leaves along with cuttings, and even some cuttings without leaves.

Good afternoon Olga. Reviews combined into one. I'm sorry you didn't like the tea.
Xi Hu Longjing and Xi Hu Longjing VC have a nominal difference only in that VC is this year's crop and simply SI HU is that year's crop. Therefore, there is basically no difference in taste, many simply prefer what would be straight from the garden. That's all.
White peony is always stemmed, as it is always whole leaf tea. Perhaps the description should be corrected.
Sincerely, black-green.