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Dynamo ” -“ Zenith ”: what account, overview of the RPL, goals, best moments, videos, RPL match report December 12

Dynamo was accepted by Zenit in the 18th round of RPL: ​​a review of the game, the best moments and goals, video and results of the match. Who scored, as they played, videos of goals, controversial moments in the Metaratings review.

Dynamo Moscow – Zenit: review of the match, goals, best moments, an uncleaned penalty

Mikhail Morozov

Dynamo took Zenit in the 18th round of the RPL. This is a final match for both teams in a calendar year. He was central not only in the tour, but also in the last month. Both teams occupied the first two lines in the standings.

It was possible to watch the match in a direct broadcast on the Match Prime Minister.

Dynamo Zenith

Video review of the match

What was before the game Dynamo – Zenit

After 17 matches in the Russian championship, Zenit was leading with 37 points. Dynamo has two less. Dynamo would have gone to the league leader for two months – before the renewal of the season in February. Any other outcome would leave Zenit in the first place.

Dynamo won six out of the last seven in all tournaments. Khimki, Krasnodar, Arsenal, Rubin and Ufa were beaten in the RPL, in the Cup – Orenburg. The only loss of points for this period (from October 22) happened in St. Petersburg-there Dynamo lost 1: 4 large.

Dynamo Zenith

In the last seven seven calendar matches, Zenit won only two. But the three games of these seven were held in the Champions League. During this period, Zenit defeated Nizhny Novgorod and CSKA, tied with the Urals, Malma, Rostov and Chelsea, lost to Juventus. This whole series is just after the victory of 4: 1 over Dynamo.

In the RPL, both clubs won 11 matches by the 18th round and missed 19 goals. The difference is that Zenit has more than two draws (and Dynamo has two defeats) and 11 goals (43 versus 32).

Certain issues of the public caused the solution of the main broadcaster of the RPL – the Match TV holding not to show the central game of the tour on the public TV channel Match TV, transferring it to the subscription “Match Premier”.

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How Dynamo and Zenit played in the first round

It was the 13th round.Having broken Spartak 7: 1, in the next round, Zenit received another Moscow team. The match began with a goal Claudinho in the eighth minute. In the second half, Dynamo recouped with Fomin's penalty in the 56th minute.

After that, Zenit scored twice for three minutes – first Wendel, then Dziuba. The final score five minutes before the end set Rakitsky. The Ukrainian defender exactly struck the penalty in his 100th match for Zenit.

So Zenit won the eighth match in a row of the house at the Moscow team (not only Dynamo). The failure of the guests Sandro Schwartz explained as follows: “We had a short week. We played in the cup, ran 120 kilometers. Today there was also an intensive game. ”

After this match, Zenit broke away from Dynamo by six points, lowering it to fourth place. But the next segment was held by Dynamo, so before their match of the second circle the difference was already two points.

Dynamo Zenith

What is the story of Dynamo and Zenit's meetings

Before the game of December 12, in Russian history, Dynamo and Zenit played 55 matches in all tournaments. 28 victories at Zenit, 13 – at Dynamo.

There were four games in the Cup, two of them were very memorable. In 1999, Zenit won 3: 1 at Dynamo in the final and won the trophy, and in 2007 he scored Ninamovs as much as Dynamo-that meeting ended with a victory with a very strange score of 9: 3.

In the Russian championship there was also a victory with a difference of six goals, only Dynamo. This happened in May 2003, when Dynamo defeated Zenit 7: 1.

A few more facts on personal meetings before the 18th round match:

• Of the last six matches, Zenit won five.

• The teams played the last time in September 2017.

• Dynamo last won in St. Petersburg in May 2014. Then it led 4: 2 at the end of the match, which fans tore off. Technical victory 3-0 was awarded Dynamo.

• Only in the tenth game between them at least one team scored more than a goal (Zenit in 2000-2: 1).

Dynamo Zenith

What kind of scandals were around the matches of Dynamo and Zenit

The fan relations between the teams were spoiled after the Cup finals in 1999, and fans turned into enemies in the spring of 2000. Then the Dynamo attacked the locals in St. Petersburg near the stadium. As a result, the 15-year-old schoolboy Vitaly Petukhov, who had nothing to do with fan showdowns at all.

In 2008, an insulting banner of Lev Yashin suddenly appeared at the stands of the Zenit stadium. In shock, as they say, there were leaders of movements. Petrovsky was eventually disqualified for one game.

In 2012, the Zenit fans threw a firecracker at Dynamo goalkeeper Anton Shunin. Verdict: The chemical burn of the cornea, century and the conjunctive of both eyes, as well as post -traumatic otitis media of the right ear. Zenit led 1: 0, but the match was interrupted and the club was counted 0: 3.

In 2014, Zenit in the penultimate round of the championship could practically resolve the issue of championship, and instead burned 2: 4 closer to the end of the match.Zenit fans flew on the Petrovsky field, one of which hit the defender of Dynamo Vladimir Granat. And again the technical defeat is 0: 3.

Dynamo Zenith

What were the losses before the game Dynamo and Zenit

Dynamo is forced to play without injured forest, also very upset the Shimannoy injury in the game with Ufa, but he could just claim to be in the last game. The participation of the n’zhi is in question, not everything was clear with the state of Laxalt.

The goalkeeper of Zenit Kritsyuk could not help the team due to injury. Loss in the center of defense is disqualified by Rakitsky. The release of Vendel and Azmun was in question – they were injured during the Champions League match against Chelsea a few days ago.

What were the starting compositions of Dynamo and Zenit

Sandro Schwartz put on the game the following composition:

Shunin – Barla, Ordets, Balbuena, Skopintsev – Zakharyan, Moro, Fomin – Makarov, Tyukavin, Grulev.

There were no surprises here, given the injury of Shiman. The Pole, by the way, did not even fall into the reserve. The number of Russian players in the start is also noteworthy – there are seven of them at once.

Sergei Semak put the following players:

Kerzhakov – Lovren, Chistyakov, Santos – Kuzyaev, Vendel, Barrios, Karavaev – Malku, Mostovoy, Claudino.

7+1 on “goal plus pass” at Azmun, 10+4 for Dziuba for this season. But none of them are in the application. And in general, the Zenit reserve looks poor. There are three incomplete places, and several players who have not yet been 20 years old.

Claudinho struck by the penalty, but corrected the game

In the first half there were only two episode attention.

At the beginning of the match, Judge Sergey Karasev went to watch the repetition. Var signaled about the contact of Skopintsev and the bridge in the penalty Dynamo. The moment did not seem unequivocal, but Karasev agreed with Var and set a penalty.

Claudinho approached the ball and did not even hit the goal of the gate. He aimed at the left corner, but struck by. The superhans is not implemented, the account remained the same.

It was Claudinho who recovered in the first half, although for this he needed only the right position and touch.

Zenit played an excellent combination: the pavement was connected to the attack of Karavaev, who ran and shot at Claudinho. The Brazilian neatly set his leg – and the ball flew into the gate from close range.

The first half ended with a score of 1-0 in favor of Zenit. For a break, the Brazilians went in different moods:

• Santos just received a yellow card.

• Malcom suffered pain due to a blow to the legs.

• Vendel freak out and threw the gloves on the field, leaving for the hub.

• Claudinho warmed the scored goal.

He did not go out to the second half – he was changed by Erokhin.

The left defender scored from the right of the right – so Dynamo equalized the score

Dynamo never broke into the target of the gate in the first half, but in the second the beginning with a dangerous blow of the Tyukavin head – Kerzhakov repelled.Zenit answered Dribbling Claudinho in someone else's penalty area with the subsequent loss of the ball. Ten minutes later, Looven pushed the ball from close range – Shunin with difficulty reflected.

And in the 72nd minute, Dynamo scored. The serving of Varel from the right flank closed the Skopintsev, who came running into the goalkeeper, he was ahead of Karavaev. 1: 1 – under this result, the Zenit table will not be able to seriously break away.

And after seven minutes, Grileov almost brought Dynamo forward – he received the ball into someone else's penalty and beat from the turn, but struck too high.

The match ended in a draw 1: 1. So Zenit went to the interval as a leader, and Dynamo is still two glasses from him.

What will happen next after the match Dynamo and Zenit

The Russian Championship will pause on December 13. On this day, the last RPL match will be played in the calendar year – Sochi will accept Spartak. These commands will close the 19th round.

The season will resume at the end of February 2022. The tour is scheduled for the last week of the month and will be held, most likely, from the 25th to the 27th. Zenit will play at home with Rubin, and “Dynamo is visiting Khimki.

Later, both clubs will play in the 1/8 finals of the Russian Cup. Zenit will accept KAMAZ, and Dynamo – “Nizhny Novgorod”.