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Director of ANO Step Sport Viktor Kharlanov: You need to strive for children and youth tournaments without contributions

Director of ANO RS Step Sport and the ABC of Sports ABC Viktor Kharlanov: Choose a tournament where there is more cashback – immoral


– In Sochi, I fly constantly, my daughter lives there. She passed the graduation, grade 9 completed. It was impossible for me to miss this event, although the graduation turned out to be short, due to the situation with coronavirus. He also resolved business issues in Sochi, looked and agreed on the site for the Victory football festival, and he warmed the bones (smiles) at the same time.

If you agree on the site, whether the topic with crowdfunding will ride or not, but the festival will be held anyway?

– Now speak with 100%confidence what will happen is a little too early. First you need to sign the contracts. As for the Planeta crowdfunding platform, even if we do not collect the means, of course, there is a spare option to conduct. The Victory festival is planned. Idea: five tournaments in one, I really like it, especially since creating a new, large -scale and spectacular to us not in the first (smiles). We work on this, ahead of us for a whole year. In the meantime, we are preparing in the fall of this year the traditional festival Funny guys in St. Petersburg. The main thing is that the ban is removed, and the situation with coronavirus does not happen again.

About the football and youth festival Victory

When I announced on the page that you have a tournament for 6 million rubles, and you are collecting them through crowdfunding, many were sent to a crazy house, overheated in the summer cotton (laugh), especially now in the pandemic. I myself thought how to give it correctly, but you won’t throw out the numbers from the announcement. Why such an amount? Where did she come from? Not from the ceiling fell.

– If I had not done large -scale tournaments, I also thought so (laughs). Of course, everything is calculated and taken into account: rental of stadiums, transfer, entertainment for everyone, gifts to children, management expenses, salaries and much more. The main thing, of course, is that the teams themselves participate without contribution. Usually it is contributions that are the consumable component of all tournaments. Simple mathematics – 250 teams, a contribution of 25 thousand rubles – here you have 6 million.

You have no debts to the employees for previous festivals (put your hand on your heart)? “Good people” explain this amount to this. Someone frankly says that Kharlanov is in debt, as in silk.

– As for tournaments, all obligations are fulfilled, as always. And about the good people who carry the nonsense, I do not pay attention … as they say: The dog barks, the caravan is coming. In the ABC of Sports there are still unfulfilled obligations for school, but they are being decided and decided, it is not easy for everyone now. But I would not want this question to understand this interview in detail. Better if I tell about it separately.

Is it true that you have reduced the staff? Any large-scale event requires professional assistants. It is unrealistic to carry everything alone, if you work in good conscience. What about Victory?

– It is difficult for one person to organize such a process. There is a team! But with the pandemic, of course, we had to cut back.

Who got under the knife? You will laugh, but our cooperation in the past and now in the present, makes people think that I worked or work in “AZBUKA SPORT”. I don't know who spread these rumors.

– There are such words from the song of Vladimir Vysotsky: And, like flies, here and there, rumors go from house to house, and toothless old women carry them around! (Laughs). Nobody got under the knife, but administrators and managers were laid off .

Why now do you want to come to tournaments without fees? Let's go back to the old conversation about cashbacks (smiles).

– This is an old idea to remove the financial burden from moms and dads, it's no secret that such tournaments are mainly on the shoulders of parents. It is clear that at once all our tournaments will not be without a fee, but it is NECESSARY to strive for this, and to start at least with one.

There should be a separate discussion about cashback for the tournament. Too big and sharp topic for discussion.

At one time, we differed in our views precisely because of the cashback system. I declined my name to speak about this issue. My point of view is this: I don’t think that cashback is not very good, rather bad, but taking into account Russian realities, sometimes it’s a way out for a team to get to a good tournament. Now you want to get away from the fee in order to reduce such wishes or is there any other reason? At the same time, I want coaches to feel responsible when they take a team to a tournament of a weak level in all respects. Children definitely should not suffer from unpleasant factors. They only have the best.

– Not quite good – MILDLY SAID! A good coach chooses a tournament for his boys based on the level of preparedness of the guys and the tasks he wants to solve, and in my opinion, choosing a tournament with more cashback is immoral, especially since parents pay for the tournament!

When I worked as a coach, a parent committee was created in each team, they always helped the coach (smiles). The no-fee tournaments are designed to take the financial burden off the parents and not for anything else.

Do you think that parents never know tricky math?

– Ask your parents.

What percentage of teams come through sponsorship? Even if this sponsor is one of the parents.

– Minimum … Usually NO MORE THAN 10%, and even then this is at best.

Mikhail Degtyarev, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Physical Culture, Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs, once said that the development of youth football would become the state's primary task. Development is an investment. At one time, ANO “STEP IN SPORT” received the PRESIDENTIAL GRAND. Where did the money go?

– To comment on the statement of the Chairman, you need to see the program itself. This task is not easy, and it must be solved systematically, but the very fact of such a statement only pleases. Yes, in 2018 we became the owners of the Presidential Grand Prize. Accounting and spending budget money is a whole system, reporting there is STRICT. What was indicated in the estimate when applying was spent on this: stadium rent, salaries, equipment rent and much more. Corrections in the application are almost unacceptable. You spend on goals, you submit a report after each stage, they check you, and only then they give you another part of the money, and so everything goes around again. Regulatory checks are underway. If someone thinks that they can spend this money on their own needs, let them try (smiles).

Have your tournaments received real sponsorship at least once? “PITER-LADA” I remember, but I didn’t go into details then.

– As for sponsorship, we managed to attract partners to the tournaments. Each of them contributed to our work. It was both money and gifts for children, and help in inviting famous people, football players, and commentators.

Tournament JUNIOR FOOTBALLER CUP-PETER LADA 2017 is a different story. For the first time in Russia, a car was raffled off at a children's tournament. It was very cool! In my time, I only received tracksuits as prizes (laughs).

We are still young by the standards of the organizers of sporting events – only 5 YEARS, and, of course, all the best is yet to come.

Looking back, I will say to everyone who worked for us, took part and assisted in the organization: Thank you very much. Each of you has contributed to our process. Of course, not everything goes smoothly, not everyone is happy: someone leaves, someone is fired, with someone we continue to work and create something new – but to all of YOU, once again, many thanks.

But Dmitry Morozov does not use the donated car now. Why?

– Everything is very simple. He chose an alternative option – cash.

And the main prize is a Car! Prize or money? I choose money. Field of Miracles from STEP IN SPORT

– No, not from STEP TO SPORT. This is not our priority, but a partner and Dmitry personally.

You spoke about spending budget funds and strict accountability. It's no secret that cuts happen. 3 million rubles is the Presidential grant. It is unrealistic to master it, even if you really want to? Which body controls the process of spending money?

– These are the questions (surprised). It's good that I don't have a saw (laughs).

Control all the organs that are supposed to control. Reporting on all transactions in the ANO archive.

Football Federation disowns the Victory. Is it just because the tournament is planned in Sochi?

– I have a very good relationship with the Football Federation. They know me there, and they have always supported my projects, many thanks to them for this. This project is currently non-standard using a crowdfunding platform. We are doing this for the first time.

Moreover, funds will be transferred to the company's account only when a specific goal is reached (50% of the declared amount – approx. Auth.). Otherwise, the funds will be returned after the expiration of the term back to the people who supported the project.

As for the venue, at the moment I can’t say for sure, but it can be St. Petersburg and Sochi. Preliminary negotiations are underway on the venue.

ANO Step Sport with the support of the Football Federation of St. Petersburg and the Committee of Physical Culture and Sports of St. Petersburg annually spends from three to five large children's football festivals -the famous phrase. So what is the support? If you disassemble the points. Not The judges are only?

– One of the types of support is information support. The judicial corps for all tournaments has always been provided by the football federation. We always worked on self -sufficiency, due to voluntary donations, sponsors and simply interested people.

Your opinion on the work of the Football Federation over the past 5 years? Objectivity is very welcome. We take both the youth sector and male football.

– In order to objectively talk about it, you need to work in the federation, or at least be with them on the wave. They have their own tasks, which they successfully fulfill, probably, just as we also have organizational issues that are not quickly and do not immediately decide. Criticizing is always easier than creating. The director of sports schools or senior coaching staff will better answer this question, because they know the situation better.

The story of the last months. The training center for FC Ray Vladivostok is going through difficult times. Now this topic is heard, thanks to active parents and famous blogger Evgeny Savin. Vladivostok was a guest at your festival and even gave heat in terms of result. And you were very proud of their arrival. Why is such arbitrariness going on? And how can it be that children and youth sports are not needed in a huge region? And there are more and more such regions.

– We support Vladivostok with all our hearts. Of course, this should not happen … It is necessary to understand both at the local level and on the federal in this situation. At the beginning of the interview, we said that the chairman of the State Duma committee said about the priority task, about the development of children and youth football. I hope that he knows about this situation and will understand it. I perfectly remember those moments at our JFCUP 2017 festival, I watched the semifinal game Luch and the match for 3rd place – the football fortune then turned away from the young guys from Vladivostok (however, in Minsk 2020 – I experienced such feelings with AC, losing to Penalty in the semifinals).

How it was possible to call the commentator of all Russia Dmitry Guberniev to JFC 2019? What was Ryder? And most importantly, who closed his modest fee?

– The theory of six handshakes (smiles).Dmitry was interested in our sports and entertainment project FOOTBALL BIATHLON. He found the time, came, and I think he did not regret it. Guberniev enjoyed it, and this is the most important thing. Agreeing to visit us, he perfectly understood that this was a children's event after all.

Children are the most important priority of Russia's state policy. The amendment will guarantee that more playgrounds will be built in the country, they will continue to instill in children a love for physical labor, and open new sections, Stanislav Cherchesov, head coach of the Russian national team, said, calling for voting for the amendments. After the story with Vladivostok, the words about new sections look especially touching. Why should amendments be a guarantee of anything? Have you studied all the points on which you had to vote?

– I support many amendments to the constitution. For example, about the ban on the alienation of Russian land. Some are surprising, I don't like one amendment. I went to vote, it's my right, it's not indifferent to me.

I can not help but ask, as I am engaged in information support ALEX ARENA for more than a year, just since last summer, and not only c collaborated with her in St. Petersburg. I personally know the owners of almost all arenas in St. Petersburg. AZBUK SPORT has many branches in different parts of St. Petersburg. Have the owners of the Arena made any concessions, discounts during the period of self-isolation?

– Here we can say a huge thank you to all the landlords. Almost everyone accepted the current situation and went to meet us halfway. This once again shows that, being in a difficult, unforeseen situation, our people do not nibble each other, but help. I'm sure everything will work out and be fine.

Will you reduce the cost of subscriptions as soon as they give the green light to children's schools? (The ban on training and competitions in St. Petersburg has been extended until July 12 – ed.)

– It depends on many factors, the primary one is rent. The fact that we will have two types of subscription to choose from is for sure. I can say one thing: we will not increase the cost of one lesson, on average, a subscription is 400-600 rubles.