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Ball dancing Pro -am is one of the most chic types of adult leisure. In this article we will talk about the Pro-am format

Ball dancing Pro-am: what is it, what is the cost of participation and 5 reasons why it is worth deciding on it

Ball dancing Pro-am is one of the most chic types of adult leisure. In this article, we will talk about the Pro-am-am-amer dance format from A to Y. in the most detailed way.

Pro-A ball dancing officially began their history with the first open Pro-Am, which was held by TSK “Nika” September 9, 2007

What is the Pro ball dancing system and the history of the occurrence of Pro-am

Pro-AM is a reduction from two words Professional-Amateur (professional-amateur). Before this system came to ballroom dancing, it has already managed to make a sport in such sports as golf, hockey and even chess

The first Pro-am golf tournament was held in 1937 by National Pro-Am Golf Championship

The essence of such sports tournaments is that lovers get a unique opportunity to compete with professionals. In the ballroom dancing, Pro-am implies that the dance couple consists of a professional and amateur (student), and judges evaluate the skill of the student. For example, such a participation format is used in the television project “Dancing with the Stars”, and the competition in Pro-E format fell into the plot of the famous film “Let's dance” (2004) with Richard Gir

The first ballroom dancing schools, where Pro-am ballroom dancing were: Arthur Murray (left) and Fred Aster (right) school.


Today, Pro-AM tournaments are very serious about all global dance associations: World Dance Council (World Dance Council), World Dancesport Federal (World Dance Sports Federation) and International Dance Sport Association (International Association of Dance Sports).

And in 2014, the oldest dance contest BlackPool Dance Festival first held an event for Pro –M ballroom dancing as part of his dance festival. And in October 2019 on the most beautiful dance floor of our country Pro-am Kremlin Pro-am.

How the Pro ball dancing tournament system works and how to take part in the tournament

The most pleasant thing is that in the ballroom dancing Pro-am there are no age restrictions. Most often, adults come to Pro AM with a lack of dance experience in the past. According to international rules, Pro AM is possible to participate in the ballroom dance tournament only if at least 3 years have passed since the last sports tournament and the dancer does not have an athlete’s current book. And since in tournaments for competitors there is a division both by age and in the level of dance, you can be sure that you will compete with your equal to yourself.

At the international level, the rules are enshrined the same for all Ball dancing tournaments Pro-am. And in order to equalize the chances of participants and evaluate couples as fairly as possible, it is taken into account, as we have already mentioned the age of the dancer and the level of his skill.

The tournament is evaluated by professional judges, the same as they evaluate professional tournaments. And their main task is to evaluate precisely the skills of students.

Division of students in ballroom dancing Pro-am by age and levels in tournaments

What will be needed for a performance at the Pro-Am Ball Dance Tournament

The appearance of the dancer, although it does not directly affect the assessment of judges, is one important element that cannot be neglected, since there is such a thing as a “pair style”. What will be required to create your image if the student is a woman:

  1. Ball dress
  2. Ball shoes
  3. Special makeup
  4. Tournament hairstyle
  5. Manicure
  6. Pedicure
  7. Auto -sized (optional)

Ball dancing dress

Of course, a bright special dress suitable for a dance program. The ability to dress such a dress is often what many women go to Pro-am in general. There are several programs and for each program the dress will have its own characteristics.

  1. The dress can be sewn to order – the most expensive option
  2. The dress can be bought already ready, there are studies that sell special finished dresses – it will be a little cheaper
  3. You can buy a used dress, they are often sold in very good condition, as professional dancers go to the parquet in their dresses 1-3 times. There are even special groups on VKontakte, here is one of them – Second Dance
  4. You can buy a finished dress on AliExpress – albeit a budget, but the most dangerous option. There is no guarantee that the dress will look live the same way as in the picture and is suitable in size
  5. You can rent. This is also a budget option, the rental cost is usually about 5000r per day.


  1. Cha-cha-cha
  2. Samba
  3. Rumba
  4. Jive
  5. Pasodol
  1. Salsa
  2. Bachata
  3. Merengge

The dress can be bright or vice versa black, long or short, decorated with rhinestones or without jewelry. The main thing is that it goes to you and you feel that it is that very your dress

Plate Dlya Pro Latina

Plate Dlya Pro Latina 2

  1. Slow waltz
  2. Quickstepstand
  3. Foxtrot
  4. Tango
  5. Vienna waltz

For dance, this program will require a completely different dress – long and quite closed. Colors, textures and jewelry can be completely different.


The Argentinean tango is not, of course, the Pro-Am ballroom dancing program, but it has already happened that competitions in this direction are always complemented by Pro-Am Ball Dance Tournaments. Since Argentine tango is a social dance, dresses for this program are more like dresses from real life. Although for tournaments they are decorated more seriously. The partner’s emphasis is on his back, because tango dance in a closed arms and the front of the dress is not particularly visible.

Plate Dlya Argentinskogo Tango

Dancing shoes

Here we highlight three varieties of shoes. Again for Latina (Latin American program and Caribbean), for the standard (European program) and for tango.


For the standard – classic boats

For Latina – sandals with a well -bearing sole

For tango – graceful heel sandals

The height of the heel can be from 3 cm and above.

Makeup and hairstyle and car gut

Makeup and hairstyle make special stylists for tournaments. They always work right on tournaments and before their entry to the dance floor you can sign up for them and make yourself makeup and hairstyle right in the tournament. But you need to sign up in advance in order to accurately get to a convenient time for you.


The main requirements for sports makeup and hairstyle: resistance. It is important that the hair does not interfere with either you or the partner. Hair is literally varnished and glued in a hairstyle. The person should be as open as possible. You can weave flowers, stones, ribbons into your hair.

Makeup is made bright, but if you are not a supporter of bright makeup, then it is not necessary. But remember that on the dance floor you can clearly see what is bright.

For Latina, a car zagar is often used on the entire body, which is also not an obligatory element. But also we must remember that the skin under the rays of sofis looks too pale.

Bronzants, autobonzants and special coloring milk are used. The most popular foods are Starbody Auto Tills and about Tan (Pro Tan). They lie evenly, give a beautiful shade of the skin and do not flow during performances, extremely rarely provoke an allergic reaction to the skin. The cost of a jar of about 1,500 r, it will be enough by about 5-6 times and you will also need a special mittens for application, about 500 rubles-700 rub.

You can use the service of special salons, where there is a procedure for applying a car zagar, but it will be much more expensive.

So, we summarize the technical stage of access to the tournament:

Total on average: 25,000r. This amount can be of course and much more and much less.

How to register for the Pro-Am Ball Dance Tournament and how much does it cost to participate

Your coach will help you register for the tournament. Most tournaments have three waves of registration, which differ in the size of the discount provided by the organizers. The difference in price is usually 200, 400 rubles from the finish price. Prices for a registration fee that a participant pays for the right to go out in every dance for a dance floor can be different and depend on the status of the tournament and of course the place of its holding.

We will give an example the cost of outputs for the Newcomer category for the gorgeous tournament Red White Cup (venue Ritz Carlton Moscow)


A student in Pro-AM pays all expenses related to the tournament including an entrance ticket or a place at a table for a teacher.

In order to dance at the 3 dance tournament, for example Cha-cha-cha, Rumba and Jayv, plus one multidens (this is when three dancing dance in a row without stopping) will need to pay the organizers of the tournament, taking into account simple input tickets 10,470 rubles

And the main expense is the payment of the coach. As a rule, the cost of one exit will be approximately 70% of the cost of one lesson with your teacher for Singl Dance. If, for example, the cost of 1 lesson is 2000r, then the cost of one exit will be about 1400 rubles, if the cost of the lesson is 5000r, then the cost of one exit will also most likely 3500 rubles

If you are a newcomer in Pro-am ballroom dancing and are going to dance for example only 2 dancing, then most likely the cost of participation in the tournament will be fixed and not lower than 10,000 rubles. The cost of the trainer's fee depends on a number of factors:

  • Professional status
  • Presence/absence of judicial category
  • The presence/absence of their dance school
  • Experience in participating in Pro-am tournaments

We can responsibly say that not everyone, even a very good professional dancer, is a good teacher and vice versa, not every good Pro-am teacher is a valid star dancer. Often dancers, having reached certain heights, leave professional sport moving to a coaching career, where they continue to improve as dance teachers.

Please note that there are coaches who set a fixed cost of traveling day regardless of the number of exits. For experienced Pro-am students who dance a lot, the cost of such a day can reach up to 200,000r

There are also travel and accommodation costs (if we are talking about a tournament in another city), as well as a rider. Ryder is such an expense that compensates the coach to the coach additional expenses arising in preparation for the tournament (image, costume). If desired, the Pro-C student can pay for a cost for a coach, who will be in harmony with the dress. All such nuances are certainly voiced in a good school in advance and you can always focus on a fixed amount in advance.