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Baltbet is one of the few bookmakers. According to the technical part and design, the office is unlikely to be able to surprise. The coefficients also cannot be called strong. You can advise in it to play for a variety. As the main BC, Baltbet is unlikely to even be considered.

Baltbet  – Sports bets in Baltbet

One of the easiest design and technical part is the Baltbet COM bookmaker. It can hook someone, because the gameplay here is always in the spotlight.

And someone especially appreciates the wrapper, because taking into account todayэs competition in the game market, the offices should surprise.

But the official website of www Baltbet COM is not surprising. What scares away a good part of potential players.

But at the same time it is impossible to say that it makes sense to run away from the main page. If you look closely, play Baltbet Com is quite possible.

For comfort, the main things are done: there is a mobile version, liva mode, online broadcasting and video broadcasts. Surely a thorough section with statistics will be pleased.

Of course, for those who come to this site only behind the game, and to be more precise – exclusively behind the game on bets, then the functionality is enough.

Basically, Baltbet COM is the bookmaker, which is a middle peasant in many respects. It practically does not stand out, but the backyard does not propagate. Therefore, you can get to know her better with a great degree of confidence. What we offer to do further.

Official site

The main page of Baltbet Com sport is surprised that the developers seem to have tried to do something of their own. And if in the structure and location of the main sections everything is far from new, but understandable and familiar, then there is a claim in the style.

For example, I want to know why the site is not reminiscent of, in fact, the site in the most familiar sense of the word, but the Google search page, for example?

Everything is so trivial and simply that most of the sections are not an abstract and not drawn, but simply represents the emphasized text.

Obviously, not the celebration of the designer is a selected color scheme. Swamp green with dark blue look at least not very harmonious.

Although it is very difficult to find fault with fonts. They are chosen, possibly the best among all bookmakers. Indeed, the coefficients and names of the commands in the lines are selected optimal and in the thickness of the letters, numbers, and stand out well with white on a green background. With an eye, such a combination is perceived easily and does not strain after a couple of minutes of playing on the site.

But the overall picture even with good fonts is not characteristic of the whole page as a whole. The section with the news is very poorly made, navigation along the line.At first glance, everything turns into a motley pile of information.

Frankly well, the Baltbet COM tried (or he tried everywhere, but it did not always work out well) with separate parts of the site. For example, pleasant words can be said about the lower part of the page, where they traditionally have less popular information: rules, partners, history, statistics, results.

It is available after a complete winding of the line down, and pleasant because it is decorated with gray and discreet font. If this part is not needed, then it will not be particularly in the eye.

A hat is well made. Few people resort to the location exactly in the center, and the bookmaker Baltbet Com went to this. And the risk was justified. It contains a little data, but everything is useful: lives and a regular line, results, statistics, superexpress, section using the access for unlocking.

Under the hat is another good move. Namely: banners with announcements of future games. And this choice is made in an original way, more like a business card maker with cards, where the roots of each existing plastic stick out.

On the right is a very simple input and registration menu. After entering the login and password, there will be a personal account and coupons. On the left – navigation in matches and leagues. In the center is a line.

As a result, the principles of the game on the PDA Baltbet COM website become clear even to a beginner almost immediately. Needless to say about experienced players. You can find fault with the design. To the structure – hardly. But all these conclusions are purely individual. To someone they will not seem so critical.

Therefore, it is time to start the technical part of the game on bets.

Registration for bets

The bookmaker offers Simple and quick registration for all new players.

The registration section is located on the right side. After the click, the menu opens, where you need to specify:

  • login;
  • telephone;
  • The date of birth.

Registration window on the site

The password comes to SMS. At the moment, the bookmaker will not require anything else.

Payments and payments to Baltbet Com

Methods of making money are completely standard and familiar. For example, you can replenish a balance for sports betting at Baltbet COM through VISA or MasterCard bank cards – The most common option. Establishment is instant.

There are less popular, but also working methods: through widely known electronic wallets or from the account of mobile operators. The conditions in each of the methods are dictated by payment systems themselves.

But, in general, we can say that most of the methods are limited by maxima up to 15,000 rubles. Only mobile operators have commissions. But this situation is characteristic of all bookmakers.