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Atlanta ”signed the unspoxted free agent Tyler Light. This is the son of the Thatens coach – first; Goal

Father considered that he was not suitable for Tennessee.

Atlanta signed the unspoxted free agent Tyler Light. This is the son of the Thatens coach

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With the completion of the draft, the teams began to sign unspoxted free agents. One of them was the former Tekl of the Boston College attack Tyler Vretel, the son of Mike Vretel, the head coach of Tennessee Thatenes.

The ranger is well acquainted with the coach of Atlanta Arthur Smith-he worked for a long time in Tennessee coach of the tita ends, and then the coordinator of the attack. But if you think that Smith took his son from the ranging, then you are mistaken.

The head coach of Taits before the draft told reporters that the only player whom the team would definitely not draft is his son.

“We didn’t even discuss this,” the ranger said then. – There are 31 teams that will appreciate Tyler. I do not think that he is suitable for Taiten. I am very glad that he will have a new opportunity, I will try to support him by all means. ”

After school, Tyler was considered a three -star avenue and received six scholarship proposals from the programs of the I NSAA division. He chose Boston College, where he played with his left -wing tackle. For three seasons in the program, Tyler chose three times in the symbolic team of the conference.

Fans could see Tyler during the draft 2020, which took place in a virtual format. Then he, along with other family members, stood behind his father – this was one of the most memorable draft scenes.