Artem Delkin: "There is no panic in the team yet, the result will come soon" – FOOTBALL NATIONAL LEAGUE

Forward Akron gave an interview to SportClub.

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Levreya: Alania VladikavkazAlania Vladikavkaz 0 (0)
Levrei: BalticBaltika 3 (2)
Levreya: KamazKAMAZ 0 (0)
Levrei: RotorRotor 2 (1)
Levreya: TextbookTextile worker 1 (1)
Metallurg 2 (0)
Levreya: VelesVeles 1 (0)
SKA-Khabarovsk 2 (1)
Levreya: Torpedo MoscowTorpedo Moscow 0 (0)
Levreya: AcronAkron 0 (0)
Levreya: KubanKuban 2 (0)
Levreya: TomTom 2 (0)
Levreya: TomTom 1 (0)
Levrei: Spartak-2Spartak-2 0 (0)
Levreya: YeniseiEnisey 3 (1)
Levreya: AcronAkron 2 (0)
Orenburg 1 (1)
Levreya: KubanKuban 3 (0)
Metallurgist 0 (0)
Levrei: Olympus-long-breedOlimp-Dolgoprudny 0 (0)
Levreya: KamazKAMAZ 1 (0)
Levreya: VelesVeles 3 (0)
Levrey: NeftekhimikNeftekhimik 0 (0)
Levreya: Torpedo MoscowTorpedo Moscow 1 (1)
Levrei: RotorRotor 1 (1)
Levreya: Krasnodar-2Krasnodar-2 2 (1)
Levrey: torchTorch 2 (1)
Levreya: Alania VladikavkazAlania Vladikavkaz 1 (0)
Levrei: VolgarVolgar 1 (1)
SKA-Khabarovsk 1 (1)
Levrei: BalticBaltika 3 (1)
Levreya: TextbookTextile worker 0 (0)
Levrei: Olympus-long-breedOlimp-Dolgoprudny 0 (0)
Levrei: BalticBaltika 2 (2)
SKA-Khabarovsk 1 (1)
Metallurgist 0 (0)
Levreya: YeniseiEnisey 2 (1)
Levrey: NeftekhimikNeftekhimik 0 (0)
Levreya: VelesVeles 0 (0)
Levrei: VolgarVolgar 2 (2)
Levreya: Torpedo MoscowTorpedo Moscow 1 (1)
Levrei: RotorRotor 0 (0)
Levreya: TextbookTextile worker 0 (0)
Levrey: torchTorch 5 (3)
Levreya: Krasnodar-2Krasnodar-2 4 (1)
Levreya: KamazKAMAZ 1 (1)
Levreya: Alania VladikavkazAlania Vladikavkaz 3 (0)
Levreya: TomTom 0 (0)
Levreya: KubanKuban 2 (0)
Levreya: AcronAkron 0 (0)
Levrei: Spartak-2Spartak-2 2 (1)
Orenburg 3 (1)
Levrei: BalticBaltika 1
Levreya: Dynamo-MoscowDynamo Moscow 1 p.
Levreya: YeniseiEnisey 3
Rubin 1
Levreya: Alania VladikavkazAlania Vladikavkaz 2 p.
Levreya: ZenithZenith 2
Levreya: TomVolume 1 (1)
Levreya: TextbookTextile worker 0 (0)
Levrey: NeftekhimikNeftekhimik 0 (0)
Levreya: KubanKuban 3 (1)
Levreya: KamazKAMAZ 0 (0)
Levreya: Torpedo MoscowTorpedo Moscow 0 (0)
Levreya: AcronAkron 0 (0)
Levrei: Spartak-2Spartak-2 1 (0)
Levrey: torchTorch 1 (0)
Levrei: Olympus-long-breedOlimp-Dolgoprudny 0 (0)
Metallurgist 1 (0)
Levrei: VolgarVolgar 0 (0)
Levrei: BalticBaltika 2 (0)
SKA-Khabarovsk 0 (0)
Levreya: Krasnodar-2Krasnodar-2 0 (0)
Levreya: VelesVeles 0 (0)
Orenburg 0 (0)
Levreya: Alania VladikavkazAlania Vladikavkaz 0 (0)
Levrei: RotorRotor 2 (1)
Levreya: YeniseiEnisey 3 (0)
SKA-Khabarovsk 2 (0)
Levrey: torchTorch 1 (1)
Levreya: YeniseiEnisey 0 (0)
Levreya: KamazKAMAZ 0 (0)
Levreya: VelesVeles 1 (1)
Metallurg 2 (1)
Levreya: Torpedo MoscowTorpedo Moscow 2 (1)
Levreya: Krasnodar-2Krasnodar-2 0 (0)
Levreya: TextbookTextile worker 2 (2)
Orenburg 5 (1)
Levrei: VolgarVolgar 2 (2)
Levrei: BalticBaltika 2 (1)
Levreya: Alania VladikavkazAlania Vladikavkaz 2 (1)
Levreya: AcronAkron 2 (0)
Levrei: Spartak-2Spartak-2 0 (0)
Levrey: NeftekhimikNeftekhimik 4 (3)
Levrei: Olympus-long-breedOlimp-Dolgoprudny 1 (0)
Levreya: TomTom 0 (0)
Levreya: KubanKuban 2 (2)
Levrei: RotorRotor 1 (0)
Levrey: Neftekhimikpetrochemist
Levreya: Alania VladikavkazAlania Vladikavkaz

A photo: FC Akron

Attack Akron Artem Delkin in an interview with SportClub spoke about Samara, Orenburg, Dzagoev, social networks and the atmosphere in Akron.

– You are a pupil of the famous Konoplev Academy. How was the training? What did the coaches focus on?

– Everything is at the highest level – excellent fields, cool arena. We studied, lived, trained together. The organization of the training process was excellent. The trainers relied on all aspects – we worked according to various methods, and at one time Dutch specialists were attracted to the Academy. There was an emphasis on tactics and technique. But everything depended on age – the older guys received exercises in physics and tactics. The younger group was more often involved with the ball.

– The Academy is known even outside of Russia. Being there – motivation or responsibility?

– Both. Everyone aspired to get into such conditions, so the motivation went off scale, and responsibility had to be present, since educators and coaches invested a lot in each of us.

– Tolyatti is not a foreign city for you. You played for Tolyatti, you scored a lot. How did you achieve such performance?

– We had a played team, which consisted of pupils of the Academy. We knew each other well and understood what football we play in, what exactly we are doing on the field. The coaches also understood each other at a glance, they put us a cool team game, and this resulted in good performance.

– At one time, you took a double at the goal of the youth team of England. How did the British not work?

– The English team then appeared before us in the strongest composition – the British coaching staff brought to that match of rather unknown players. The game was held in a light manner, and in terms of the level of football players it was clear that our team was stronger. The British brought players from the youth team who did not go to the composition.

– In that composition was played by Andre Gray – a promwards prominent by the standards of the Premier League. Did he show something?

– This match performed the function of preparing for the qualifying game, and we flew after Portugal, where we lost 0: 1. We needed to feel confidence in our abilities, and we received an offer to play with the British. Our coaching staff agreed, and in this game we worked out our communications and connections on the field before the qualifying cycle. I don’t remember specific names, since the account 4: 0 speaks for itself.

– In the final of the Commonwealth Cup, you scored twice. What is this tournament?

– There were the national teams of the CIS republics. Nikolai Pisarev made us a certain viewing, many guys at that time performed in the FNL and considered everyone in the potential as an increase in the Russian youth team. The tournament was viewed in nature, we played well, and many guys from that team subsequently got into the main composition of the Russian team.

– In 2016, the Commonwealth Cup disappeared. Do you think it is necessary to resurrect him so that foreigners continue to perform in this format?

– I liked the tournament. A good field, a cool arena in St. Petersburg. Why not organize it again in this format? Young teams came to the Cup and competed with each other.

– The only goal in the 2016/17 season in the RPL you scored the Wings. Blowing a former club is pleasant or nostalgia interferes with full joy?

– It is always nice to score, but it turned out that he scored the Wings of the Soviets. Joy was still present. The game against former clubs is a feature of the work of all players. Samara is a native city for me, and the “wings” is a native club. Maybe the joy was not frantic, but I received satisfaction from the goal.

– Samara is your hometown. Does the game in front of its fans help or vice versa exerting psychological pressure due to fear of making a mistake?

– Both that and that. Samara is known for a large number of fans, many people come to the stadium, and the “wings” is a club with traditions that achieved success and gained bronze of the Russian championship. Plus, Wings did not fly out of the Russian Premier League for a long time.I experienced both support and pressure, as my game was watched by relatives, relatives, friends and acquaintances.

– You have changed many clubs in Russia. Did you have a desire to work abroad? Did clubs from neighboring countries come to you?

– The desire was present, but you need to understand which foreign club is interested in you. If there is an offer from a good team playing in not the worst league, that's one thing. And if the clubs are from the conditional championships of Kazakhstan and Belarus, then there was no desire. Once I was invited to Kazakhstan, an official offer came.

– Blagoy Georgiev, well-known in Russia, played with you in Orenburg. Was it comfortable to play with him? What are the strengths of a Bulgarian?

– He is a professional in his field, played in many clubs at a good level. He has a great set shot, there are aimed passes, and Blagoy sees the field perfectly.

– The ex-captain of Orenburg Dmitry Andreev is a colorful football player. What are his human and athletic qualities you saw?

– Dima is fair on the field, he was the leader of the team, the captain. Everyone in the club respected and listened to him very much. He never looked down on anyone. Andreev is a responsible person who fought for the team to the last.

– You played in the RPL in 2012 and 2016. How has the league changed? What can you say about the selection of teams – are they weaker or stronger?

– As many people say, a recession has been recorded in Russian football, and this also applies to the Premier League. When I played in the RPL against the conditional Zenith, legionnaires of the level of Danny, Witsel and Hulk came. It is a pleasure to play against such players, but at the same time it is hard. In other clubs there were many stars who moved to Russia. At the moment, legionnaires of this level can be counted on the fingers in our football. The teams have become weaker, they used to show more significant results – the same Zenit won the UEFA Cup, constantly played in the Champions League, gaining points.

– You managed to work with Kornilenko. He is an experienced striker. Any advice you remember? How do you rate his return for 1 match last season?

– Of course, Kornila prompted and talked in training. He also focused on certain moments in his own game. Sergey is a very sociable person and a good guy. The return had the best effect, and such an end to a career is a fairy tale.

I think many players would like to leave football like this. He did not play for about a year or a year and a half, but he kept in shape in the right conditions. This speaks volumes about his goal-scoring talent and scoring flair. He was very pleased with this end of his career, and the fans rejoiced, as football fans in Samara adore Kornilenko.

– Did you watch Euro 2020? How do you like the final? Which teams, in your opinion, were the favorites before the start of the tournament?

– Of course, I looked. All the games of the European Championship seemed interesting to me, and we were at the training camp, so I managed to watch a lot of Euro matches.Everything went at a high level. In the course of the tournament, it was felt that the Italians had a spirit, the team looked very united, everyone was together and fought for each other. Italians connected the general goal, and it was thanks to this team spirit that they became champions. I will not say that they had the best composition in the selection of performers, and my personal expectations did not live up to the French.

– “Yenisei” constantly flew to the central part of Russia and other regions. What is the most difficult in this format? Have you adapted quickly?

– Recovery after flights was not always easy. For about a month I got used to it, as there is a time difference, but then it became easier.

– What championship do you closely follow? Which of the foreign colleagues are you equal to?

– Most often I watch England, but I also watch Spanish football. In England, I support Manchester United. Spain is simply interesting to the struggle of Real Madrid and Barcelona in El-Classico. There are no equations for certain attackers, but I follow the forwards who score a lot – Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Lukaku. I like their game, I watch how they open and choose positions. From this triple style, Robert Lewandowski is closest to me.

– You stopped leading the Instagram page in 2016, but use it to view accounts?

– Yes, sometimes I go. I check personal messages when friends will write something. I will not say that I often use this application, but I look at the content.

– Social networks combine or disconnect people more?

– I do not think that they are united- it is convenient in terms of what you can write, lay out a post or show the world something interesting and interesting. Now everyone began to sit on social networks, but this is not live communication, purely correspondence. Previously, people more often went to visit each other, but now this is not.

– Children are on the Internet more often than adults. Is it destructive for generation?

– My opinion is this – live communication is better, children should play with peers and walk, and on social networks they will still have time to grow rag with age.

– You said in a long -standing interview that in Orenburg there is a system of fines. And why did you charge the money?

– As in any team there were fines – for being late for training or for a common lunch, for excess weight and the yellow cards received not in the heat of the struggle, but due to the unsportsmanlike principle – conversations with the arbitrator and other elements of unsportsmanlike behavior.

Fully interviews Artem Delkin Available on the website of the publication Sportclub.