Artem Bykov. Interview with the newspaper Pressball

Artem Bykov. An interview with the newspaper Pressball was previous time Artyom Bykov was called to the national team three years ago. During this time, the midfielder of the Minsk Dynamo suffered double

Artem Bykov. Interview with the newspaper Pressball

The previous time Artyom Bykov was called to the national team three years ago. During this time, the midfielder of the Dynamo Minsk suffered a double fracture of the leg, recovered, was leased in Minsk, swept up, changed his position … And also-to some extent turned into the keeper of the white and blue traditions. Among all the players of the current Dynamo, Artem has the greatest play, which means that he clearly has something to tell.

– All this time I was looking forward to a new call?
– You always wait for a call to the national team. Last year there were rumors that they could invite. But they called now. This is a chance. We must show yourself. Moreover, there are many new people in the team. I really want to help the national team. It's a shame when she loses, and everyone around her is watered. You are worried. You can play with everyone.

– How did the previous challenge be remembered?
– It was very pleasant to get it. We met with the Iranian team, which was preparing for the World Cup. It seemed: why can't we play there?

– Sergey Gurenko changed your position. How do you feel on the flank?
– I feel best in the center. It doesn’t matter: below, higher … In general, it was already possible to play everywhere. For the first time, Ovchinnikov put me on this position. He acted on the right in defense even with four defenders. With a crane, too, had to be. I consider myself a universal football player. I don’t feel much discomfort.

– In winter, there was news that you are thinking, whether to agree to a decrease in salaries. Did you solve for a long time?
– There were ordinary negotiations. I think this is normal when a dialogue occurs between the leadership and the football player. It was not even about a decrease in it, but about a possible increase. There was such a item in the contract. But they said that they could not increase. It was possible to leave the club with a free agent. It was necessary to weigh everything. I am not 18 years old. When at this age he passed from Star to Dynamo, to be honest, he did not even look into the contract. I was very happy to get into such a club. As a result, he now agreed to the proposed conditions. I do not need sky -high amounts. If there is a good option, I think Dynamo will let go.

-Do you feel like a club veteran to some extent?
– Not. I just feel responsibility to the fans. They are cool with us. I have been in the team for the seventh year. Plus, when a new player comes, I tell you what Dynamo is. They just instilled me the spirit of the club. In Duble Pavlyukovich and Yaskovich did this. Then the book was also published – 85 years Dynamo. They told everyone to read it. Now, it seems to me that all this is less happening.

– You are a pupil of the star, but at the same time Dynamo to the brain of the bones. Is this the merit of Pavlyukovych and Yaskovich?
– Yes, I'm a pupil of the star.This is a cool team. But to the same extent, maybe even more, I am a pupil and Dynamo. There they gave me a ticket to big football. It all started precisely with the coaches of the double, for which thanks to them. A simple example: they taught that you can’t throw a T -shirt on the floor. The emblem should not touch him. It is necessary to put the shape on the seat. We have carpets with Dynamo emblem. It needs to be bypassed. Later, the crane was engaged in such.

– How many trainers have changed in Dynamo in six years, what are you in the club?
– This must be counted … Look: I came when Vasilenko worked. Ovchinnikov took me from a double. Further Sednev, Protasov, Mauscant, Zhuravel, Czech Ugrin, Rashovich, Borovsky and now Gurenko. It turns out that Sergey Vitalievich is tenth.

– Is it difficult to get used to the new coach every time?
– When he comes, you are in the team as new. A foreigner may not know how anyone played before. For the team, this is both good and bad. Everyone begins to work even more, prove, compete. But in fact it is hard. Everyone has their own requirements, their own tactics. The momentary result will not work. Yes, initially it is a surge in emotions. But the championship does not win on emotions. The cup is another matter.

– Korzun left Dynamo at 21, Kislyak and Putilo at 23. You are soon 25, and you are still in the club …
– Ha, not needed, then nowhere. But the same Putilo and Kislyak left with some scandal. I don't want this. And I want the club to receive compensation. Even if this money will be minimal. There were proposals. From different championships. Where, I will not speak. But all the options passed through agents. And they are different. The agent should be like a friend. And now there are many who do nothing.

– Have you come across this?
– It was business. Under Protasov, I was advanced by one agent from Russia. They signed a contract for one and a half or two years. But after that I could not even get through to him. The man is gone. And at this time I had no right to work with anyone else.

– Not tired of the Belarusian Championship?
– There's no such thing. Because I really want to win it. The second, third places were. Everything is nearby. But there is no gold. You already know all the players. I would like to try something new. But it is important not just to leave for the box, but to develop as a football player. I think anyone wants to get to the Russian Premier League. But there is no desire to go to the FNL. Everyone says in different ways: he is stronger than the Belarusian championship or not. But, when you play Dynamo, why do you need FNL, even if you pay more? Here is the Europa League, more likely for development.

-Is it true that a couple of years ago, Igor Kriyushenko wanted to see you in the Torpedo-Belaaz?
– Yes. He came up, suggested … But so many suggested. Thinking, but did not cross. Then went on rent to Minsk. I think that the invitation and call to the national team are in no way connected. Rather, on the contrary: theoretically, Kriushenko could have been offended that Minsk chose. But resentment is not about him and not about me.

– Did you leave for Minsk without much desire?
– Just the club put before the fact. For me, as for many, it was amazing. Half a season before that I played. But, as I think now, it only benefited me. Many people say that you need to get out of your comfort zone. Xabi Alonso once remarked that in order for a football player to develop, he cannot be in one club for more than five years.

– You are already the seventh in Dynamo …
“Well, look, I have had breaks. When he was young, he left for six months on rent to Bereza. I spent another six months in Minsk. I was not exiled, not expelled. He played all the matches, returned – and all over again. If it was not needed, they would simply terminate the contract.

– Four months, that you were recovering from a double fracture, is the most difficult time in your career?
– Probably not. Although it was indeed hard times. Psychologically. But at the age of 14, when teenage knee problems arose, it was more difficult. And that injury looked severe. But it really wasn't all that bad. Moreover, I was given good support – and management, and parents, and friends, and coaches. The boys came to the Europa League match in T-shirts in honor of me. Now all operations are done in Germany, in Italy. I had three surgeries in Minsk. This is what I mean by the fact that we have good doctors. And it was also difficult because some wrote: now, the leg is broken, probably the end of a career. Everyone reacts differently.

– But I agree that that injury greatly slowed down your progress?
– Well, of course. But it happens to everyone. Look, in Europe, a player has an injury, and they sign a long-term contract with him. At the time, he must have been something. Everyone understood that this was a new beginning. But still, after three and a half months, I already entered the field. The first year was the fear to go to the butt. You tune in that you are not afraid of anything, you think that you are going – and then you watch the video. It took time.

– Yuri Chizh said: Artem's problems are more of a psychological nature. From time to time Bykova jumps. What did he mean?
– Probably, it is necessary to ask Yuri Sanych. But that's what he said before, right? I was very worried about any defeat and, first of all, my unsuccessful actions. We lose – I'm hysterical. Didn't talk to anyone. And now after the games it is better to be alone. But the coaches taught that it is necessary to take into account the mistakes and forget the failures. I think the psychology has changed a little. I was most worried, probably, after the Cup final, lost to Minsk. We lost, and I still haven't scored the post-match penalty.

– You have not won either the championship gold or the Cup yet. Is it angry?
– Very sporty. Every time there are hopes, a new coach… I always repeat: well, we are not weaker than BATE. Let people say that we have players of a different level. But not a fig we are not weaker. Even now. We lose to them, we fly out in the Cup … You ask yourself: why? Don't know. If someone knew, Dynamo would become the champion.

– The most unusual legionnaire you saw in Dynamo?
– Udoji was very cheerful, positive. He played football and enjoyed. I received a bargura for a hundred car fines. I don’t know how to ride this. It was interesting to listen to the tap. He said: here is the phone number of the muntari, my best friend, and then took and called. Dima Sychev is a simple person. Maybe he did not succeed in Minsk, but he worked a lot in training. He brought me a shirt of Lokomotiv.

Ah, there was still a funny incident. A man in shorts, a T -shirt and slippers arrived in Turkey for a viewing. And all. Himself from Argentina. Small stature, a little chubby. First thought: somehow it is incomprehensible … But then, they thought: maybe such a good football player? They gave him uniform, boots. The man went out, began to play square. Polar hung on him, and there is already a pulse of two hundred at the warm -up. They asked to honor it – I could not fill it ten times. How did he get?

– How do you play the legionnaires?
– Now Sanya Nooyok was jusk. In his interviews, he constantly tells how he likes in Minsk. And somehow he said that he wanted to get a residence permit, in the future-citizenship. I took it, drew up and printed a document on the non -delivery of citizenship. They wrote all his nicknames, collected signatures of the players, as if assured from a notary, took a doctoral seal, put it. They wanted to be even tougher – to send home by mail. But they did not. Put on the table. Sanya saw, laughed, perceived well.
And now they came up with the idea of ​​renting numbers on cars and rearranging places. Usually a person does not look at the rooms. But if then in the city they stop … hard, but funny. In the meantime, they only removed the room from one car and glued to the wall at the base.

– How are you playing?
– They don’t play particularly. In the first two years, Dynamo was divided into young and older players, those who play in the start and go to replacements. Now we are all equal. There is not even a difference, legionnaire or Belarusian. But earlier, the legionnaires were often separate, Belarusians separately.

– Do you have a distant kinship with Vasil Bykov?
– Not. Probably. But used to joke sometimes: this is my grandfather, great -grandfather. All: Come on, such a famous person!

– Do you like his work?
– I generally treat the Belarusian language. I wear things with Belarusian prints. Quotes, excerpts from poems … I remember a lot from Belarusian poetry. But, by the way, he handed over Russian to the CT. It was very easy to give. I don't like it when someone speaks wrong. Especially if the Russians themselves. This is weird. If I say some words in Belarusian, it will be strange too. Perhaps that is why we are not particularly talking on it.

– You are not talking at Belarusian at all?
– I can talk with my grandmother mixed with my grandmother. And so it can be heard in specialized stores. If they start talking to me in Belarusian, I can support.But at the same time I apologize if I do not know any word. A little ashamed. It would be cool if everyone spoke in the Belarusian.

– How much did you pass the CT in the Russian language?
– Almost ninety. I just studied well at school. Parents watched. When you start playing football, it is difficult to combine. In the last classes, I had a free visit. But at the same time, the average score is good-about 8.5. I passed mathematics for thirty with what. The school went normally, but this was not enough for the CT. English-somewhere around 45. If you need to explain, they will understand me. In this regard, it would be interesting to go to another championship.

– Did you go to the correspondence?
– Yes. He studied in economic. But he did not finish. I didn’t go, at first they gave delay, but then, probably, the limit of patience came. Now it has recovered. By the way, not here, but in BNTU. I don't go either. I think we must do something with one thing.

– Why then restored?
– All the same, you need to finish. I just don't want sports education yet. Now it will be for a box. And the economic is interesting.

– What do you like to read?
– There is such a genre – modern prose. And there is a writer – Zakhar Prilepin. I read all his books. Svetlana Aleksievich is a mainstream. The war was not a female face was hard to read, if you plunge. Most often I take the book at the training camp, at the races. I love biographies.

– Did Cristiano Ronaldo read the biography?
– Yes. And the film watched.

– They say you imitate Cristiano.
– Absolutely not. The following commandments – Do not make yourself an idol. Yes, last year he celebrated a goal like him. But it happened. Just with Vuka before each game, we all came up with celebrations together. It was cool. Why not? Let people discuss. It was interesting to look at the analysis, laugh. Then everything became stricter. Recently, by the way, Saroka ran to the stands to celebrate – and there is not a single person. If we are not entertaining ourselves, it is psychologically difficult. Especially at the training camp. In the offseason in Turkey, they went from training past a pool with cold water. Vova Koryatko is like this: who will jump into the pool for a hundred dollars … He did not even have time to finish, and we laugh, because one football player is already swimming in clothes. Even on the dispute, it was necessary to eat something, for example, ten bananas at once.

– Why do you like the Brutto group so much?
– The position of Sergey Mikhalk is interesting. It all started with the Lyapis Trubetskoy group. Cool songs, Belarusian language … plus changes in Michalka in the physical plan. Look how he was in the nineties, and which now. But in general, I am the largest fan of another group – 25/17. You know? Now there will be celebrations of the ninety of Dynamo. And they will also come to perform.

– Have you invited?
– I myself was surprised when I found out. Somehow before a concert in Minsk I was held in their dressing room. Introduced. Interesting people – for example, negatively treat alcohol. Photographed. I stayed in their society, looked at how they are preparing for the concert.There was still such a story: I received a red card in one of the matches and only because of this I got to the concert. They might have thought that it was on purpose. Although in fact, of course, not.