Artem Abramov: Always dreamed of playing at home

Artem Abramov: Always dreamed of playing at home

Artem Abramov: Artem Abramov, a pupil of Sormovsky football, always dreamed of playing at home. Unable to break through to the Nizhny Novgorod Volga at one time, he went to conquer

Artem Abramov: Always dreamed of playing at home

Artem Abramov: Always dreamed of playing at home

Artem Abramov is a pupil of Sormovsky football. Unable to break through to the Nizhny Novgorod Volga at one time, he went to conquer the expanses of the second division and settled for several years in Ulyanovsk. However, at the first opportunity, he returned home to play with his fans and solve high tasks with a team from his hometown.

No. 4. Artem Abramov. Born March 16, 1991. Pupil of Sormovsky football and the school of the capital Spartak.
He played for Siberia-D (Novosibirsk), Volga-D (Nizhny Novgorod) and the youth composition of the Volga (Nizhny Novgorod), Star (Ryazan), Shakhtar (Peshelan), Volga (Ulyanovsk ). In Olympic – since June 2015.
Height – 182 cm, weight – 75 kg.

From Sormov – to Spartak

– Artem, let's start an interview with a pleasant event for you. As a result of a survey of fans, you were recognized as the best player of October as part of the Olympic …

– When you are noted, this is always nice. Our city should have their own heroes (smiles). But seriously, in October I managed to abstract from everything outsider. I spent a few good matches. In Novotroitsk, after my fire, the opponent cut the ball into his goal. And in Syzran, having replaced, I scored a goal. It is a pity that the victorious series of the Olympic was interrupted in Chelyabinsk. But there was simply not our day. This also happens in football.

– How did the path to big football began for you?

– I was born in Nizhny Novgorod and began to play in my native Sormovich, in the same team with Misha Kostyukov. Our first mentor Alexander Sergeyevich Shamanin was us and a coach, and, one might say, the second father. Alexander Markovich Vingart was always nearby.

Soon Vasily Afanasevich Ryntov and Georgy Nikolaevich Knyazev began to attract Misha and I to train with the team of 1990. Knyazev at one time played for the metropolitan “Spartak”, and he preserved good relations with Muscovites coaches. As a result, Georgy Nikolaevich sent me to watch the red-white school, where I had been engaged in football for two years.

– How did the time spent in the Spartak school remember?

– Firstly, a very good selection of players who are taken to the Spartak school from all over the country. Anatoly Fedoseyevich Korolev trained us, who raised, for example, Yegor Titov and the Brothers Kombarov.

We had a lot of trips abroad, international tournaments. For example, in Spain we played with the youthful team of Brazil. The meeting ended in a draw, and in the series of Penalty the Brazilians … forgot to break through the last 11-meter and left. But the judge figured out that he was “messing up”, and they had to return. So as a result, we then lost the penalty.Such a funny case was remembered (smiles).

– How did your career develop in the future?

– Konstantin Sergeyevich Sarsania organized a team called Academician in Moscow. The coach of the Spartak school Viktor Sergeyevich Samokhin moved there. Well, I soon ended up in the Academician. And our team trained Gennady Vladimirovich Morozov, who once worked with the Nizhny Novgorod Spartak.

Soon in my fate there was another unexpected turn. I bought the team of our age … Siberia, and we in full force went to Novosibirsk. They played there for the double of Siberia on the KFK. I remember we arrived in Biysk, and literally the whole team was poisoned in a local cafe. The doctor with the coach barely eleven people gathered for the game, but I was so twisted that I had to stay in the hotel. These are the features of national football (smiles).

A step away from the Premier League

– Why didn't you stay in Novosibirsk?

– I did not have a relationship with the coach, and I decided to return home. At first he trained at the North Stadium with FC Nizhny Novgorod. But the Volga was always somehow dearer, because I am a Sormovsky guy. And soon they took me into the double of the Volga, which was then coached by Vladimir Anatolyevich Zinoviev. And after me, Kostyukov and Kostyukov went there.

At Zinoviev, I learned a lot for myself in tactically, and in other components of the game, of course, added. It is no accident that when the Volga went to the Premier League, Magomed Musaevich Adiev took me to the youth composition of the club.

– Was it unrealistic to break into the first team?

– How to say. At first, Omari Mikhailovich Tetradze allocated me. I even got into the application for the first match with Tomu. But then in the game with Spartak for Youth received a stupid red card in Moscow, after which he fell out of sight of the mentor of the Volga. And in the summer of 2011, the youth composition began to rejuvenate, and I had to look for happiness in adult football.

– Well, what were the first impressions of male football?

– First, I went to view the Penza Zenit, which was trained by the well -known specialist Vladimir Leonidovich Dergach. But he did not stay there for a long time. I went to the Ryazan Star. And after the Spartak school and the youth of the Volga, I must admit, it was a little wild in what conditions the players play in the second league. But, as you know, a person gets used to everything.

– And then you played for three seasons in the Ulyanovsk Volga …

– In Ulyanovsk there was always a good, competitive team. Yes, and I liked the city. For three years, everything there became familiar. First, the Volga was coached by Armen Armmevich Adamyan, and soon the team was headed by Sergey Viktorovich Sedyshev.

I remember that in the first season I managed to win competition for a place in the main composition of the experienced defender Alexei Zhuravlev. I played, I think, at a good level.We then took third place, letting forward only Ufa and Neftekhimik. And in the 2013/2014 season, they took another step forward, becoming the second. Just one point, then Tyumen was ahead of us.

Visiting Kostyukov

– When was your second return to your native Penates?

– In the summer of 2015. To play at home is, I think, a dream for any football player. Alexander Valerievich Lipko called me, and without long thoughts I came to the collection of the Volga-Olympic. We tried to solve the problem on the move, but in a year you can’t build a team …

– What match last season was remembered most?

– Before the game of the Europa League “Rubin” – “Liverpool”, UEFA asked to hold a test match at Kazan Arena. The choice eventually fell on the fight of the Volga-Olympic with the Nizhnekamsk Neftekhimik.

When we arrived at the stadium by bus, the local security service did not even believe that our team would play here (smiles). Kazan-Arena, of course, impressed. I have never played at such stadiums and with so many fans (the match was attended by 15470 spectators – Auth.).

– You said you always dreamed of playing in his hometown. Do you have personal fans in the lower?

– First of all, this is my grandfather – Yuri Nikolaevich. He comes to every home match of the Olympic. It is always nice to see friends and acquaintances on the stands. With the support of loved ones, you simply do not have the right to play poorly.

– How did you spend your vacation, which recently ended?

– First of all, I went to visit Misha Kostyukov, who plays in Perm. Everything is fine with him, he began to score in the Premier League. By the way, in Perm I watched two matches of Amkara – with the Tula Arsenal and Orenburg, in which the Red -Blacks won.

Returning to Nizhny, he took part in the New Year's match at the Trud stadium along with Dmitry Polyanin, Anton Khazov, Andrei Prishin, Ilya Petrov, Mikhail Kostyukov and Andrei Buvolov. It was nice to meet friends before the holidays, play football with them.

The New Year, by the way, we also met with Misha Kostyukov. In February, I took part with Anton Khazov and Egor Evteev in the Greek quest game, which took place on the central street of our city and was dedicated to the 2018 World Cup. Despite the frosty weather, we spent a Sunday day very interesting and fun.

During the vacation, he maintained physical shape: he played football in the hall and in the fresh air, went to the pool. To be honest, I missed work. So with great desire, he plunged into her at the pre -season fees. We must approach the decisive matches of the PFL championship fully armed!

– Do you understand that in the spring the Olympic can not lose points?

– I do not like and do not know how to lose. Yes, and all the guys in our team have exactly the same psychology. Therefore, we will go to every match and win. And we count the glasses at the end of the season. Nothing is lost yet!