In general, not in need of representations, one of the most titled, a game stretched to quotes and video expansion, which set the entire game industry, the scenario bar of the level of Aaron Sormin and David Chase; Perhaps the best project about the pandemic, which came out - so that no one would lose heart - during the time of the pandemic real (we, of course, are a little easier - there is no mushroom zombies, already not bad).

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Sirius is an audible altitude alarm. This instrument is designed as an audio height alarm for 3 signals in free fall and 3 signals in a dome.

In general, not in need of representations, one of the most titled, a game stretched to quotes and video expansion, which set the entire game industry, the scenario bar of the level of Aaron Sormin and David Chase; Perhaps the best project about the pandemic, which came out - so that no one would lose heart - during the time of the pandemic real (we, of course, are a little easier - there is no mushroom zombies, already not bad).

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Altimaster Galaxy is an analog altimeter from Alti-2. Accurate and reliable – that's how to describe the Galaxy in a nutshell. It has a large bright dial and a durable metal case. The backlight feature allows the Altimaster Galaxy to jump into the night.

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5 best games of 2020

We summarize the results in the gam industry.Results in the Game industry: main trends and 5 best games of 2020

And yet, this became clear for a long time almost throughout the world and, it seems, becomes clear to everyone else: the games have ceased to be purely Gikovsky entertainment or – worse – the prerogative of the so -called lower layer of the Internet. When you talk about video games, you do not know what tone to take. 1) Capitalist: after all, you can go with completely immodest trump cards – a multi -billion dollar industry, as the new Hollywood, UFC and Messi football player, but only profitable (annual income from the video game exceeds the box office of all cinema and sports combined). 2) or cultural ager: games are the same “realness”, in fact, also a infant genre that was called the youngest twin of large literature, comics and smart cinema, and ultimately out of all three to the head.

Change of hierarchies and social taste is evident: the western profile press three or four years ago formulated a new fashionable discourse: Games are a new movie. The game in an expensive gam-project became the synonym for a movie trip or, rather, portioned watching the series: the most common example is ten hours of kat-scenes in Death Stranding Hideo Kojima Kodzima are comparable to a mini-series or a multi-hour film, say, white Tarra. And let's not forget that another 40-50 hours will go to the gameplay itself.

Fact: The game process is also reading the novel (gameplay also positively affects cognitive and mnemonic abilities as reading), in which you can wander, which can be felt. The very first, with an abundance of texts and dialogues, plot (in English is a wonderful word Story-Driven) Fantasy-games 1980-1990s were compared with grand projects such as “Lord of the Rings”. Now the games in which the text exceeds the gameplay are rather rare, almost extinct animals. The games have become more complicated plot, perhaps more compact in terms of dialogue diverts on the player. And yet, when they talk about them as a quilt-gang, it is worth remembering that scenarios are swelled to 700–1000, or even more pages (for example, Detroit: Become Human or Disco Elysium).Games are a new, slightly more frivolous, but Roman, although, I think, Julian Barnes is unlikely to agree with this.

The appearance of the new always excites a somewhat exaggerated, almost apocalyptic conversation about the death of the old. But there are things that bury, bury, but they are reluctant to climb into the coffin: in the 1960s, each philosopher-structured person foreshadowed the death of the novel, but he still feels great, although with the advent of video games they started talking about this again. So it is from the cinema that the game industry pushed. In this sense, video games are not just arranging a mourning procession in the cinema, rather neatly come out of the once impressive shadow of a once big brother-and even help him recover. The appearance of modern video games omened the death of a green screen: locations, surroundings and their backgrounds with special effects can be made on the game engines Unreal Engine 4 and Unity – it is cheaper, better and, most importantly, many times faster than even such a high -speed machinery as a film industry . With the help of engines and borrowing gaming, the mechanic collects their films by John Favro and Disney, and soon all the rest are large and not very authors – it is democratic, cheaper and accessible to everyone who has powerful iron.Finally, the materiel. A separate text is needed to list the abundance of modern game mechanics and their improvements. Two more paragraphs are needed to mention new genres and sucks that appeared in recent years – although it seemed that there was nothing new to come up with. Scary to imagine. To what extent hyperrealism can reach modern graphics. Every seven years, new generations of consoles promise more and more resolution, the transition from 4k to 8k-the games become more real than reality, and the effect made today is probably reminiscent of the transition from VHS to Blu-Ray. Well, or the train of the Lumier brothers rushing from the screens to the viewer – but it is better not to exaggerate.

This year, many remarkable games have been released- you won’t cover everything, so we have chosen five AAA and AA projects (the most expensive and average games of games, respectively) with mandatory nods towards popular franchises like Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs and loud releases.

So, the five best video games of 2020.



One More Level, 3D Realms, Slipgate Ironworks When the Cyberpunk 2077 was once again transferred for several months, many probably had a need to fill out this gap-and there is either a mystical or marketing coincidence that another Ghostrunner cyberpunk game came out during this period.

So, the bad technocrats rule the giant city-commander, everyone else from this is quite lousy, but everyone is used to it. Destroying the regime is caused by cyberningia with Marxist ideas, katana, the habit of violating the laws of gravity and the limits of the vestibular apparatus. In nine cases out of ten, you need to run along the walls, cut people in half, beat bullets, slow down time – and all this in the first person (if this is not a hybrid of the Mirrors Edge and Doom games, then what?). Ghostrunner, as they say, the “corridor” game: you need to do about the same thing for seven hours, you can only run straight, but for all new ones – more and more complex – levels with stronger enemies. If you read Cyberpank-Romanias Bruce Sterling and William Gibson, then the developers are likely not. The plot here is very conditional, but Ghostrunner in a sense honest, realizing its boundaries, a game, which, for example, in the case of the mentioned doom-play only for the sake of gameplay and, excuse me, Mochilova. The process is most reminiscent of not the simplest score in the performance: you need to press very quickly on many keys, have enviable timing (that is, calculate the fight strategy and for what time you will manage) – all this is the places of Sisyphus, but creates indescribable Floo.

Watch Dogs: Legion

Further - the main spoiler of this summer, which you probably already got acquainted - the hero of the first part of Joel dies at the very beginning. He is clogged with a junction of a woman-mountain Abby. Why, why, for whom does she take revenge? - Those questions that not only the adopted daughter of Joel Ellie, but the player himself ask. The Last of US 2 is arranged according to the principle of races - one event is shown from the point of view of two in all senses of different heroines united by a thirst for revenge. The first half must be played for Ellie, the second for Abby, the third again for Ellie - and here is the most interesting. Due to the attachment to Ellie since 2013, it is easier to empathize with her loss due to how we all loved Joel, when to hate Abby for his murder was simple and organic.After going through the campaign for a new heroine (here you have to shut up so as not to reveal the main twist), you begin to hate Joel for his past mistakes.


Ubisoft Toronto

The series Mr. Robot, as not one other modern work, showed that the main superhero of the late -capitalist era is a hacker. The Watch Dogs trilogy did the same, only for a little big money. Recall the map of the terrain: in the first two parts we had to go through a plot campaign for agents of a hacker underground called DedSec organizing cyber attacks on world conglomerates.

In Legion, the third part of the franchise, the Dalton Agent arrives in London to prevent the undermining of the British parliament, but something goes wrong. Explosions are rattling, a government hacker, nicknamed zero day, is to blame, but the media and the state blame DedSec. Actually, here the game goes into your hands: if you were attached to certain characters in Watch Dogs 1 and 2, then here you can play for anyone. Since the ranks of good hackers thinned, you have to use the neural network Flying, which will select suitable candidates – their naturally hundreds. Each with a unique appearance, ability and skills (even grandmothers will be recruited). You can pass the game from beginning to end, say, for the spy; You can put together a whole gang and alternate a pensioner, a punk and a superhaker. Gadgets, as in the past parts, are the same: drones of varying degrees, laptop, hacking mobile, databases and all mechanical in the city plus a new cybernetic spider. This is the only way – through the terabytes of hacks – to the bright future.The Last of US Part 2


Naughty Dog