Schedule of matches of the World Cup in Russia

World Cup 2018 in Yekaterinburg – Uralved

Without Kevordo, know the Urals with us! In our heading The Calendar of the Events of the Urals, announcements of the most interesting holidays, festivals and other worthy events are presented. AT

Without Kevordo

Know the Urals with us!

In our heading The Calendar of the Events of the Urals, announcements of the most interesting holidays, festivals and other worthy events are presented.

In 2018, the first football championship of the planet will be held in Russia. The World Cup is the largest football tournament among national teams. It first took place in 1930 in Uruguay and has since been played once every four years.

The World Cup (World Cup) will be held from June 14 to July 15, 2018 in 11 Russian cities. It will last 31 days.

The championship will be 32 national teams. In total, 64 matches will take place – 48 at the group stage and 16 at the playoff stage.

Among the Russian cities taking matches, the city of Yekaterinburg was also. We will tell you the details of this slutty event.

Collectors of which countries and when will they play in Yekaterinburg?

June 15 (Friday), 17:00 Egypt – Uruguay
June 21 (Thursday), 17:00 France is Peru
June 24 (Sunday), 20:00 Japan is Senegal
June 27 (Wednesday), 19:00 Mexico – Sweden

Full schedule of matches of the World Cup – 2018

Schedule of matches of the World Cup in Russia

The schedule increases by click. Source: Regional newspaper.

How to get to the match?

Tickets for matches are sold in three stages. You can buy tickets at certain time intervals on the FIFA website. For those who could not buy tickets during the first and second stage, from April 18 to the start of the final match on July 15, 2018, fans will be able to buy tickets in special centers that will be located in every city taking matches. In Yekaterinburg, the ticket sales center will appear in the Passage shopping and entertainment center.

However, even with a ticket, getting to the stadium will be impossible without a fan passport. In cities-organizers near the stadiums, special centers for the design and issuance of such passports will be opened. You can arrange them through the site The fan passport also gives the right to free travel.

What awaits fans during the World Cup in Yekaterinburg?

Matches of the World Cup in Yekaterinburg will be held at the Central Stadium (5 Street St., 5), which during the World Cup was renamed the Yekaterinburg Arena. This is the largest stadium of the Urals, ready to place up to 35 thousand fans. Especially for the sake of four games of the championship in Yekaterinburg, a brand new, just restored stadium was demolished, and then built again. Naturally, at the expense of the budget, that is, at the expense of every Russian.

The original solution with the stands of the stadium in the Tribune at the Yekaterinburg stadium seems to have thundered throughout the world.Thanks to this, our stadium was known not only in Russia, but also abroad. It is for these places that they are sold to Russians at a reduced price – for 1280 rubles. British journalists from The Telegraph called Yekaterinburg's stadium the strangest in the world. By the way, after the end of four matches, the stadium will again (for the third time) be closed for reconstruction – now it will be necessary to dismantle the outrigger stands, which again will cost the city a tidy sum.

Central Stadium (Yekaterinburg Arena)

Football players will train and warm up before the matches at two other stadiums: at the SKB-Bank Arena (Uralmash) and the Kalininets stadium (Elmash).

For the duration of the championship, bus and tram shuttles will be organized for fans between the Koltsovo airport, the stadium, the central part of the city and the fan zone. To get acquainted with the city, audio guides in three languages ​​will be provided, 25 mobile information and tourist services will operate, as well as fan activity zones – Music zone, Food zone, Ural Biennale. Every day throughout the tournament, fans will be offered an entertainment program as part of the traditional FIFA Fan Fest.

A fan zone will operate in Mayakovsky Park, where you can watch broadcasts of matches on the screen. There will also be performances by musicians. 27th of June from 21:45 to 22:45 will perform here group Disco Crash, a July 15 from 21:45 to 22:45 – IOWA group.

What will happen in Yekaterinburg in connection with the World Cup?

Due to the World Cup, Yekaterinburg residents will face numerous restrictions, many of which will be in effect for two months – from May 25 to July 25, 2018. Here are just the main ones.