What does sport teach?

Many parents will agree that sport is one of the most important components in the development of a child. Whatever type of sports activities you choose for your child – acrobatics, swimming, martial arts – you can be sure that each of them will help to develop important character traits in him. Yana Moskvina, psychologist-consultant of the Magis Children club, tells what life lessons sport can teach.

What does sport teach?

So, what are the main qualities and character traits that sport develops in a child's personality? We will analyze the main seven: purposefulness, perseverance, responsibility, initiative and independence, teamwork, leadership, the ability to feel and understand your body.


Playing sports teaches a child to set goals for himself: master a new exercise, learn how to do a block, jump higher, swim faster, get a coveted medal in competitions, become stronger, surprise and please mom! Moving towards your goals is very motivating and disciplines the child. In the process of achieving them, he understands that it is easier to divide each goal into several small ones, because it is much easier to move towards big goals.


A quality that is absolutely indispensable in every area of ​​our lives. Without perseverance in sports, one cannot succeed. If a child is seriously interested in his sports activities, know that he will definitely learn patience, perseverance and the ability not to give up! Indeed, in sports, almost nothing happens the first time, and in order to learn something new, you need to try again and again.


In sports, especially in team sports, each athlete is an important link in the chain. If a child attends his section with interest, he will be ashamed and embarrassed to skip classes, refuse to participate in competitions, be lazy and not finish something during training. After all, he realizes that by doing so he is letting the coach and his team down. Thus, sport teaches responsibility for one's affairs, duties and life events.

Initiative and independence

Sports prove that you can achieve almost anything in life! The main thing is to make a sufficient amount of effort, be patient and not give up, despite the possible difficulties. Awareness of these things helps children to be bolder, teaches independence in making decisions, helps them better understand what they want in life.


If the overall result of the team depends on the personal result of the athlete, their needs fade into the background. This quality develops even in non-team sports: after all, a student and a coach are also, albeit small, but a team. The desire to show a good result, not to let them down and to please their mentor teaches the child to work in a team. This skill will definitely come in handy for him in life!


The ability to inspire people, to lead and organize the coordinated work of the team does not come after reading books, but requires practice. Sport is a great way to develop the quality of the leader in yourself! In team sports, the child will learn to find an approach to each player, and in the personal championship he will be able to develop the qualities of a leader, taking part in competitions.

Ability to feel and understand your body

A child who regularly plays sports is in the balance of the body and reason. This allows him to quickly concentrate, understand and direct internal resources to restore and maintain his body with malaise or poor well -being. This interesting quality is called the ability to negotiate with your body.

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