Voice. Children Season 9 (2022)

Voice. Children Season 9 (2022): the final of the show, participants, mentors, leading

The final of the show is a voice. Children season 9 (2022) took place on April 29, 2022. Find out who won the final: a complete list of winners

Voice. Children Season 9 (2022)

Voice. Children Season 9 (2022)

Voice. Children (2022). Photo: project social networks

The final of the 9th season of the show “Voice. Children ”Channel One presented on April 29, 2022. Three vocalists went from the team of each mentor: Ksenia Cannes, Elisha Kasich, Sofia Olaresko (Basta team), Malika Taigibova, Sagyn Omirbayuly, Anastasia Chumakova (the Polina Gagarina team), Shamil Ibadov, Adelia Zagrebin and Fedor Sorokin (team of Yegor Creed). The winner was the youngest participant in the season – Adelia Zagrebin.

release date

The ninth season Voice. Children ”started on Channel One on February 18, 2022. The final of the project will be held live on April 29. Start at 21.45 Moscow time.

Casting on Voice. Children

In the show Voice. Children ”participate performers aged 7 to 14 years (inclusive). Channel One announced the beginning of applications for the 9th season in the summer of 2021. He ended in it. This was followed by full -time castings. After that, a list of participants who received invitations to the stage of “blind auditions” was compiled. At the same time, those who passed the casting for the eighth season “Voice. Children ”, but did not have time to perform on stage, as the mentors have already formed their teams.

Stages of the project

Voice. Children ”lasts less than an adult“ voice ”. The musical battle consists of blind auditions, fights, songs for the flight and the final. Moreover, in the fights are not two, but three contestants. According to the organizers, the two, it is not as offensive to fly out as one.

Mentors Voice. Children Season 9

Unlike an adult “voice”, there are three mentors in the children's analogue, and not four. Each of them gains a team consisting of 15 people. The names of the mentors of the 9th season were voiced on January 30, 2022. They were Basta, Polina Gagarina and Yegor Creed. For Basta, it was already the fourth season, for Polina and Yegor – the second. As a result, three participants from each team went to the final.