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Tunoshna Airport (IAR) Yaroslavl – online score, schedule

Airport Tunoshna (Yaroslavl) Official website of passengers: flight schedule, online scoreboard, cheap flights to Yaroslavl. How to get. Airport Tunoshna on the map. Contact information and help telephones of the airport.

Tunoshna Airport (IAR)

Online arrival and departure scoreboard for today

Airport Tunoshna Yaroslavl – (IATA: IAR, ICAO: UUDR) Federal Airport. The airport is located in the Tunoshensky rural settlement of the Yaroslavl municipal district of the Yaroslavl region, 2 km north-east of the village of Tunoshna and 17 km from Yaroslavl. The federal highway M8 Holmogory connects the airport with the city center. Currently, the airport serves internal flights to St. Petersburg, Kazan, Simferopol, Anapa, etc.

Hotels near the airport

How to get from the airport – to the airport

Tunoshna airport can be reached by car, public transport or by taxi.

Transfer and taxi

The most comfortable option to get from the airport or to the airport is an individual transfer. Punctual drivers will safely deliver you to the airport or at the necessary time will meet you at the airport and take you to the desired address – to arrange the transfer of the transfer.

By public transport

The Tunoshna Airport terminal can be reached by bus No. 183a (“Yaroslavl – Tunoshna Airport”). The bus departs from the stop of Volgogradskaya St. (Bragino), makes a stop at the bus station and then follows the tunoshna. Travel time

  • Tunoshna Airport (departure): 7.45, 8.55, 9.45, 11.00, 11.45, 12.50, 14.40, 15.40, 16.35, 17.30, 18.50, 20.05, 20.05
  • Bus Station Yaroslavl (departure): 6.55, 8.00, 8.45, 10.05, 10.55, 11.55, 13.45, 14.45, 15.35, 16.35, 17.55, 19.10

Mother and child's room

In the airport terminal for passengers with preschool children and children with disabilities under 14 years of age, the room of the mother and child works. Admission is carried out only after inspection by the duty officer of the medical center. Services are provided free of charge.

Address, reference and contacts

Address: 150502, Russia, Yaroslavl region, Yaroslavl district, Tunoshna Gorodok-26, Tunoshna Airport. Official website:

ICAO Code (ICAO): Uudr

Phone: +7 (4852) 43-18-67
Mother and child room: +7 (4852) 43-18-67
VIP-room: +7 (4852) 43-18-65
Medication: +7 (4852) 43-18-03
Baggage packaging: +7 (4852) 43-18-67
Luggage search: +7 (4852) 43-18-09
Storage room: +7 (4852) 43-18-67