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The governor congratulated the inhabitants of Engels on the birthday of the city

Valery Radaev congratulated the inhabitants of Engels on the birthday of the city. Today, celebrations are held on traditional and newly opened sites in Engels. Valery Radaev called the city one of the best in the Saratov region.

As the head of the region emphasized, Engels flourishes through the efforts of residents who love their city and do everything possible for its development, including actively support landscaping projects.

“Exactly a year ago here, in the updated city park, we celebrated the anniversary of Engels. And today two more parks opened. And this is only part of a large landscaping project. As part of the presidential program, the municipality received a billion rubles and uses them effectively. Only this year will be repaired twenty -five yards. And how many new monuments appeared, ”said Valery Radaev.

It was noted that the project “Safe and high -quality roads” is successfully implemented in Engels, schools and kindergartens are built, and buildings of existing educational institutions are being reconstructed.

As part of the celebrations, the head of the region visited the thematic sites on Volzhsky Prospekt, talked with local products, got acquainted with how mass events were organized for children and adults.

Celebrations on the occasion of the City Day are held within a week. An exciting program is organized for citizens and guests of Engels – with concerts, contests and fireworks.