Men's white T-shirt I will spend all 9 lives on it

T-shirt men's white I will spend all 9 lives on it buy in Moscow

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Men's white T-shirt I will spend all 9 lives on it

Men's white T-shirt I will spend all 9 lives on it

Comfort and durability – that's how you can characterize the fabric from which this T-shirt is sewn. It is not afraid of hooks, is not afraid of washing, does not stretch and does not shrink. Perfectly sits on the body, the cut is slightly fitted.

The sizes correspond to the standards, do not run small and are not sewn with bags.

Production: Russia

Density: 160 gr/m2

Compound:100% cotton inside

100% polyester outer

Care rules

The image is applied by sublimation printing, this indicates that the pattern has firmly transferred to the fabric and in order to wash it off, you need to try very hard.

However, there are recommendations. We recommend washing with any fabric detergent at temperatures up to 40 degrees. Turn product inside out before washing.

Important: in no case do not iron on the image, but iron only on the reverse side.

And no bleach!

In our work, we use sublimation printing, because. this is one of the most efficient ways to transfer an image.

Under the influence of temperature, the ink passes from a solid to a gaseous state, bypassing the liquid phase, while coloring the fabric.

The drawing is not noticeable on the T-shirt, because This is not a sticker, it cannot crack or fade in the sun. Not afraid of washing, stretching and other external influences.

For printing, a printer with refilled sublimation ink is used. Then the printed sheet, together with the T-shirt, is baked in a heat press at a temperature of 190 degrees.

After transferring the image, there are small marks from the edges of the sheet, which disappear after the first wash.

The image is very juicy and does not lose brightness after repeated washes.

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