Red prior coupe. Three-door Lada Priora Coupe

Red prior coupe. The three-door Lada Priora Coupe is no different from a hatchback. But it only seems, in fact, everything is not so. It is worth noting right away that the Priora coupe is assembled completely

Red prior coupe. Three-door Lada Priora Coupe

Nothing different from a hatchback. But it only seems, in fact, everything is not so. It is worth noting right away that the Priora coupe is assembled completely by hand. In addition, this assembly does not take place on a general assembly line, but in a specialized workshop of an automobile plant.

If you look at the car from the front, then apart from the bumper, you won’t be able to notice anything outstanding – the usual Priora in the “luxury” configuration. The bumper, although at first glance it is not such a significant detail, makes the front of the Priora sports coupe completely different from other models of this brand. If you look from the side, it immediately becomes clear why this car is a coupe. This vehicle has only one door on each side. But their length was increased.

On the fender you can see the nameplate SE instead of the turn signal, that is, the sports version. The turn signal itself can be found on the side mirror. It is worth noting that the sports model of the Priora coupe is supplied only in a luxury configuration. In other words, the owner of this vehicle will be able to have parking sensors, seat heating, fog lights, air conditioning, an alarm, two airbags, power windows, etc. in this model.

In appearance, the car seems a little shorter than a hatchback. But it only seems. Specialists immediately install a spoiler on the sold car, on its back door.

Due to the lack of two doors, sitting in the driver's seat has become more comfortable. But passengers seated in the back will feel less comfortable. But still, there is comfort there, there is where to put your feet. The interior for the Priora coupe car was developed by an Italian company, and the effect of this is immediately noticeable, one has only to pay attention to the solid leather upholstery of the seats. The sensors on which were painted in a different color have also changed. In addition, immediately and four columns.

The trunk of the sports version also pleases with its volume – it reaches about three hundred liters. You can, of course, increase it by removing the shelf and folding the seats, but this will be difficult to do due to the design characteristics of the transport. Well, this is a sports version, not a cargo model.

Engine with sixteen-valve head. Its power reaches 98 hp. The electronics have changed, due to which the speed and dynamic performance were immediately increased. The engine of the Priora coupe calmly maintains a speed of about 140 km / h. Noise isolation is also at a high level. After about 85 km / h, it completely turns off which is a pleasant surprise. The suspension on the car is a little stiffer than in other models, but this is correct, since the sports version should stay on the road confidently.

We can say that for a person who wants to purchase an inexpensive and reliable car, a worthy option is Priora Coupe. There is always an opportunity to do tuning. So you should not refuse such a vehicle.

In our hands – Lada Kalina Sport! Not in the yellow color of the prime minister, but still. And in the couple we took a three-door Lada Prioro compartment with the same 98-horsepower engine. These are the most expensive original Russian cars – 385 thousand rubles per viburnum and 408 thousand for Priora!

But instead of the racing highway, we, as real owners of the tuned Vasikov, had to go to the service.

Both Kalina Sports and Prior for the Coupe are produced in small batches in the OPP – the experimental industrial production of AvtoVAZ. Kalina has 15 -inch wheels of Kick, large cells of honeycomb radiator, a wide pharynx of the front bumper, imitation of a diffuser in the rear bumper and a neat spoiler on the fifth door. Sports. The three -door Priora looks worse – the sidewall, separated by the only persistent, is heavy. Thanks to the long door, it’s easier to get behind the wheel, but the first thing Oleg Rastugaev did, pushing the chair back to the stop, turned the right turn signal turned on his knee. Alas, even though the seat drives away 35 millimeters further than on a regular prior, and is located 32 mm lower, but this did not solve the problem.

Lada Kalina Sport

Lada Priora Coupe

White kokoshniki only ruined the viburnum laconic panel, and orange lighting is not as pleasant as green on the informative shield of priors

And the chair itself … Twenty years ago, on the eight back of the backlash in the same way! It’s good that the stuffing here is denser than usual: you don’t drown the pillows in the foam. But the steering wheel is shifted to the left, the gearbox lever must be drawn, and the inclusion of the fifth gear is not complete without a traditional bow to the Vazovtsy: thanks, they say, birthmarks. The same ritual is repeated when landing back, and in addition it is necessary to ensure that the leg does not fall into the loop of the hanging belt.

Another thing is viburnum – the front seats produced the company AvtoVAZGAGAGE with the name embroidery hard and comfortable, the back is pleasantly hugging by the waist. It is a pity that the seats are highly installed. But the range of longitudinal movement will arrange anyone. The ball of the gearbox lever itself is in the palm of your hand, and the legs stand on the pedals with pretty metal overlays. Go!

On Kalina, sport is pleasant to attack turns! The rolls are much smaller than that of ordinary “berries”, and the steering wheel is more informative and sharper. You can’t say this about Priora of the coupe …

The motors of the athletes are the same – sixteen -plapants 1.6 with a capacity of 98 hp, but subjectively viburnum is more powerful than twenty forces! In Priora, one can hear the gear in the gearbox, gurgling antifreeze in an expansion tank, and with the air conditioning on the hood, a loud whistle of slipping a drive belt is heard from under the hood.With such a “service” accompaniment, twist the motor is scary, but it is necessary. Firstly, the cars have already passed the run, and secondly, the Prioor engine, although it drags well with idle, but lives up just at the “top”, after 3500 rpm. The cut -off roughly breaks off acceleration of 6100 rpm, but already by 4,000 UM/min the combined ensemble of gears, pulleys and shafts begins to take such cacophonic chords that you involuntarily think about the imminent death of the motor.

Lada Priora Coupe, 2010

I bought this car in 2011 at a special offer with a discount for the year of release. The new car at that time cost 408 thousand rubles. The discount for the year of release amounted to 50 thousand rubles. The configuration for the “coupe” is one and maximum: parking sensors, 5 cast discs, “foggy”, light and rain sensor, heating seats/mirrors, air conditioning, electric package, ABS, 2 airbags. 98 horses for this relatively light car is quite enough. Sharp accelerations, overtaking on narrow roads, turns in the city – everything can be done with confidence in the engine and chassis. Management is quite light (steering wheel power power) and informative. The steering wheel is not acute as on the Focus and not in the “Volvo”. Something average. The main thing is that the machine allows sharp rebuilding from the strip to the strip during overtaking. Often I travel at speeds of 120-150, it can be 160-180 (on very good roads). Once they chased with Passat B5 – dispersed to 200, then the shooter rested on the limit, and Lada Priora Coupe could no longer go faster. In such modes, fuel consumption did not exceed 9 liters. Usually it holds it at the level of 8-8.5 (I go sharply). I fill out everything: 92, 95, branded fuels. He eats everything, does not make any complaints. Of the inconvenience – the blinking of the rear shelf (replaced it with acoustic – it became quiet) and uncomfortable chairs (there is not enough lumbar stop and lateral support). At the back of Lada Priora, the coupe is very crowded (therefore, such cars do not work in a taxi), but I don’t drive anyone there. This is a compartment and it is for me. Of the amenities – wide doors, a pleasant torpedo design, an inaudible salon fan, all in places (handles, switches), armrest. The body is quite hard, because 3 doors. But very weak LKP – the hood is all in spots. A weak front bumper – pricks for one or two, the thin iron of the front wings. The color quartz is very successful, beautiful and not flashing. Unceptible flow of thresholds – when setting a jack, you can split. News are very difficult to find, and they cost cosmic 3.5 thousand rubles. Reliability for 5 points. For a mileage of 102 thousand km for 22 months, I went from Kostroma to: Arkhangelsk, Sochi, Anapa, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Murmansk and other cities (and not one address). For all the time, 2 malfunctions happened on the road from Lada Priora Coupe: the motor “touched” the engine for 96 thousand km – the ignition coil burned (reached the store, a new coil of 1150, replaced it in 10 minutes) and several times burned out a nearby lamp. And that's it. There were petty malfunctions when I bought Lada Priora Coupe.It's no secret that we need to bring our cars to perfection ourselves, and not rely on the factory.

Advantages : reliability. Unpretentiousness. Lots of options. Moderately stiff suspension – good handling.

disadvantages : comfort compared to foreign cars. Weak paintwork, thin metal.

Lada Priora Coupe, 2011

I will list all the pros and cons of the Lada Priora Coupe. What I liked: it warms up quickly. 5 minutes and 90 degrees. Autostart – you sit down already in a warm salon. Good light (shines approximately like on 2109). The same dynamics on the 92nd and 95th gasoline. Or the 95th gasoline slipped poor quality. Heated seats and a warm stove. When he slept, he literally fried in the car because of the included stove. An interesting feature is that the Lada Priora Coupe also warms up well at idle. It blows like a good propeller with a powerful stream. Rigid suspension. A little softer. A frisky engine – 170 km per hour travels. Loved the large mirrors with turn signal repeaters. You can see everything and everyone behind the car. The electric headlight corrector is definitely ahead of the hydrocorrector. The appearance of the Lada Priora Coupe is quite personal. Although for an amateur. What I didn't like: low, well, very straight. Flimsy front bumper, unlike 2109. Plastic does not wrinkle, but simply bursts. Although it may have been a hard blow, I did not see it, but there was not a trace left on the car of the offender of my Priora. Something creaked in the left side from birth. As if a piece of foil from a chocolate bar was specially placed somewhere. There is no position of the stove on the sides and in the center. It is very annoying (when driving at -30), either the side or front windows fog up. Somehow not well thought out. Although the stove pleases with its warmth. Noise isolation is bad. Comfortable driving speed up to 140. At -30 it starts longer and worse than an 8-valve engine. There doesn't seem to be anything more to add.

Advantages : frisky engine. Warm oven. visibility.

disadvantages : clearance. Plastic bumpers. Noise isolation.

Lada Priora Coupe, 2010

So, it was and is my first car. Bought Lada Priora Coupe in June 2010 in Kurgan. For those who are not in the know, this is the city in which BMP 1, 2, and 3 are produced. In general, for a little more than a year and a half of operation, Lada Priora Coupe did not provide any special surprises, the mileage was mainly wound on country roads in the Kurgan and Tyumen regions. The car never provided special surprises in the form of unexpectedly failed mechanisms, units and others like them – and this is a big plus. On the downside: The black plastic sill between the front and rear wheel arches fades quite well in the sun and becomes mottled white, had to be removed and painted in matte black. The LED backlight, installed at the factory, died to death due to poor contacts within a week after use. From the factory, my Lada Priora Coupe received a “mowing” power package. His problem was expressed in a faulty electric adjustment of the right outside rear-view mirror, a faulty power window on the front right and the only one on the right side of the door.Well, I won’t even talk about the joints between the elements of the body, all the owners of the vases have encountered this (a trifle, although unpleasant). Positive sides: amazing views of passers -by literally in all cities and weights of our country. Whoever has been an opinion, but the SS-20 suspension from the company creates with the chassis and the behavior of the car is simply miracles. I was surprised by one fuel to one of the areas of the Tyumen region when I asked how much time I spent so that such a body was cut out of the 5-door Priora. The “consumables” changed on time to official STO, the truth in different regions, I love the car, in my free time I bring the “gloss” in it, so it does not reciprocate me and “gifts” does not give me. The battery of the Saratov production serves as faith and truth, for the entire life of the operation twice recharge and once topped up. In general, the car, if you apply hands and head to it, will not particularly delight, but also upset.

Advantages : appearance. Unpretentiousness.

disadvantages : assembly. VAZ quality.

Lada Priora Coupe, 2011

I myself go to Mercedes in the 211st body, the car is worthy, but sometimes it’s really a pity to drive it. The idea of ​​acquiring something that would be a strong and reliable car for inexpensive money, i.e. The choice fell, of course, on the VAZ 2114, because 14 is the same 9 which is a very workhorse. While I was waiting and choosing the Fourteenth, I got the option with the acquisition of Lada Priora Coupe at that moment by the most maximum factory equipment (leather salon, climate control, tape recorder with all possible functions, gur, ABS, body kit, spoiler). The choice was obvious, Lada Priora Coupe exceeded the “14th” in everything and it was decided to take it. Now I'll tell you about the car itself. After the acquisition of this car, the following was immediately made: the complete noise insulation of the cabin in 3 layers, the engineering space was insulated, everything that is possible was glued, the xenon is installed everywhere, the locks are changed, the alarm, well, is in principle everything. Now the mileage is already 44 thousand and during this time she has never failed me, the only thing I can’t win is the creak of the rear shelf, but this is not only priorities, but all hatchbacks and station wagons. Even on the GX470 Lexus, our seats creak the rear when they are folded. Of course, I try to ride a Mercedes on the highway, but I often drive around the city in Lada Priora very often, I don’t even conquer Mercedes. Then I do not do the dealer on this car, because AvtoVAZ does not give any guarantee on its cars, and in fact what service? They can change oil and candles anywhere.

Advantages : I have never failed.

disadvantages : small.

Lada Priora Coupe, 2010

The first impressions of Lada Priora Coupe: convenient seats (exclusively after Kalinovsky, who are absolutely not suitable for me) and a good light of headlights. And so, the car is like a car. We were immediately told when buying that the car needs a change in consumables. Therefore, all filters, butter, candles were replaced. He did everything himself.This is why I like our cars, you can do almost everything yourself, and inexpensively. And if malfunctions appear, then they are easily identified and corrected (by the way, no one at Ford could find out why the central lock refuses to work). Oh yes, almost immediately the pump rustled and was immediately replaced, the rollers with the belt were fresh. The car is economical, both in terms of maintenance and gasoline. Now the onboard consumption is 6.5 l / 100 km. Lada Priora Coupe is operated in everyday mode, in winter there were problems with the battery, it was replaced and now there are no problems. Starts in any weather and goes where necessary. In winter it was up to -35, it was always possible to start. In my Lada Priora Coupe, the stove heats up well, my friend’s interior does not warm up at all. Why so – I do not know. Complete set maximum, there is autotemperature. I was surprised when I saw that it really works. Now I almost always go with auto temperature. I can't remember anything else. And now about the main disadvantages: for sure it is written in all the reviews, I haven’t read it, I don’t know, but the weakest point of the priors is the timing. There are already a lot of cases of breakage, and this is immediately a head repair. But on the other hand, for the same 20 thousand, you can repair the entire internal combustion engine here, and on Ford I only changed the liners. Very noisy. Well, it's just in general, everything that can rattle / creak – rattles and creaks. Again, 20 thousand and you drive in silence. Summary. I sincerely do not understand why everyone is throwing mud at AvtoVAZ. Yes, I will never buy a new VAZ. But slightly used. buy with joy, because cars work out their price.

Advantages : economical in terms of maintenance. Runs in any weather. Comfortable seats.

disadvantages : soundproofing. Timing belt.

The small-scale Priora coupe first appeared in 2010 and has been gaining popularity among fans of AvtoVAZ products every year. At the end of last year, the coupe was restyled, which gave the car more sportiness, and already at the beginning of this year, the list of available trim levels for the three-door Lada Priora was expanded, making the new product much more attractive in terms of price.

The Lada Priora coupe was built on the basis of the hatchback of the same name, from which the sports car inherited not only the chassis, but also most of the body panels. A more sporty look is given to the novelty by new bumpers, a spoiler and aerodynamic alloy wheels available in the Sport package. As for the dimensions, the length of the coupe is 4210 mm in the base and 4243 mm in the top version, the width of the body in all cases is 1680 mm, and the height is 1435 mm. The wheelbase of the coupe is 2492 mm. The curb weight does not exceed 1185 kg.

The interior of the Lada Priora Coupe is also based on the hatchback interior, so we won’t dwell on it much, but we’ll just note that in the top version of the Lada Priora coupe, the Lada Priora gets a different instrument panel, seat upholstery and steering wheel made of artificial leather, as well as chrome inserts and gloss in the design of the front panel.

The boot space of the coupe is similar to that of the hatchback and in standard condition holds 360 liters of cargo, but if you fold the rear row of seats, the usable space will expand to 705 liters.

Specifications. If before restyling the Lada Priora coupe was offered with only one available engine, now the engine lineup has been replenished with a flagship power unit, previously announced on Priora sedans and hatchbacks. The base engine remained the same 1.6-liter in-line four-cylinder engine capable of developing no more than 98 hp. power at 5600 rpm. The engine torque at its peak is 145 Nm at 4000 rpm, which allows the coupe to accelerate to a top speed of 180 km/h, while spending about 6.9 liters of gasoline for every 100 km of travel in the combined cycle.

In the top modification Lada Priora Coupe also receives a 1.6-liter four-cylinder petrol unit, but with a new system of electronically controlled distributed fuel injection and dynamic boost, due to which the maximum engine power is increased to 106 hp. at 5800 rpm. At the same time, it was not possible to achieve a significant increase in torque, its peak in the flagship engine is 148 Nm, developed at 4000 rpm, which is enough to make a starting acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in an average of 11.5 seconds. Note that with an increase in engine power, it has become a little more economical than the younger model and consumes an average of about 6.8 liters per 100 km. Both motors are aggregated only with a 5-speed “mechanics”, which in the future is planned to be replaced with a similar one in terms of steps, but already with a cable drive.

As mentioned above, the Lada Priora Coupe chassis is borrowed from the updated Priora hatchback. This means that the coupe received an independent front suspension on MacPherson struts and a dependent design at the rear. At the same time, the suspension settings have not changed much and have undergone only minor adjustments, which should contribute to a more dynamic driving style.

Options and prices. The Lada Priora coupe is offered in three trim levels: Standard, Norma and Sport, while the coupe remains the only car in the Lada Priora line that has the basic Standard package, in which the manufacturer included only 14-inch stamped wheels, frontal airbags, power windows, audio preparation, trip computer, central locking, cabin filter, tilt steering column and alarm.
The price of Lada Priora Coupe for 2015 in the basic version starts at 446,000 rubles. For the top-end Sport version, which includes alloy wheels, an aerodynamic body kit, ABS + BAS, a leather interior, a 106-horsepower engine, a rain sensor, fog lights, electric/heated side mirrors, a multimedia system, electric power steering and climate control, you will have to pay more less than 488,900 rubles.

There is also a version called Coupe, which is collected in small batches in the experimental industrial production (OOP) of the Volga Automobile Plant since January 2010.

In fact, Lada Priora Coupe is a three -door modification of a five -door hatchback, but for the sake of maintaining the image of the model oriented on the sport, she was invented by her own name. And for the three -door, more than 150 new details had to be developed.

Lada Priora Coupe configuration and prices

In front and behind, the car practical completely repeats Priora hatchback, but on the side of Coupe are installed wider front doors, new rear wings and other form side window. True, in this form of feed, the model looks rather heavy.

In the Lada Priora Coupe salon, reinforced front chairs are installed, which were equipped with special mechanisms to throw their backs forward to ensure the opening / exit of the rear passengers.

According to the dimensions of the Trequences, it turned out to be a little longer than the five -door, but shorter than the sedan. The length of the priors of the compartment is 4 243 mm (the size of the wheelbase is 2,492 mm), the width is 1 680 mm, the height is 1,435 mm. The trunk volume varies from 360 to 705 liters, depending on the position of the back of the rear seat.

The car is driven into a 98-horsepower sixteen-valve engine with a 1.6-liter working volume that transfers the thrust to the front axis wheels through a five-speed mechanical transmission. From 0 to 100 km/h Lada Priora Coupe accelerates in 11.5 seconds, and its maximum speed reaches 183 km/h.

The car is offered in the only configuration of sport, the equipment of which includes two airbags, ABS, climate control, heating the front seats, a standard radio, outstanding of artificial leather and more.

At the time of sales, the price of Lada Priora Coupe was 488,900 rubles, but at the beginning of 2015, AvtoVAZ decided to stop the release of this modification due to the demand that had fallen on it.