Krasnodar - Rostov April 30, 2022: live online broadcast of the match of the 27th round of the RPL. Photo: FC Rostov.

Krasnodar ”-“ Rostov ”April 30, 2022: direct online broadcast of the match of the 27th round of the RPL.

Krasnodar accepts Rostov on April 30, 2022 in the match of the 27th round of the RPL

Krasnodar-Rostov April 30, 2022: direct online broadcast of the match of the 27th round of the RPL

Krasnodar - Rostov April 30, 2022: live online broadcast of the match of the 27th round of the RPL. Photo: FC Rostov.

18:25 The referee gives the final whistle. The game ends with a score of 2: 1 in favor of the home team.

18:20 The judge adds another three minutes to the main time of the match.

18:17 The left flank is now developing an attack by Rostov, where Salyanov’s hand is enough for the elbow. The judge immediately took out a yellow card.

18:13 He acquires Yakimov in the center of the field behind Golenkov’s waist and receives a “mustard” from the judge.

18:09 Another castling follows the Krasnodar: Alexey Ionov with Vladislav Samko is changing slowly.

18:06 Now there was a turn of double replacement among the Rostovites. Tugarev goes to rest. Instead, Stepan Melnikov comes out. Nikolai Komlichenko will not continue this game, instead of which Yegor Golenkov appears on the field.

18:00 A new double replacement among the Krasnodar. Instead of Irakli Manelov, Leon Sabois enters the field, and Olakunle Olusegun is changed by Ruslan Alekov.

17:55 The Krasnodar residents are just miraculously saved now! Tugararev fired from a slaughter position twice in a row in Chernikov, after which there was a chance to distinguish between the runner. Moreover, he already directed the shell past Safonov, under the right rack from himself, but near it stood in the way of Sorokin!

17:49 Again, Komlichenko is trying to break his head, but falls under a hard joint with Litvinov.

17:48 The head coach of Krasnodar makes a double replacement. Nikita Krivtsova is changed by Vyacheslav Yakimov, and Eduard Spertzian – Yuri Gazinsky.

17:47 Dangerous moment! The ball miraculously did not fall into the gate of Rostovites after the strike of Manelov.

17:40 Wraps maneles in the center of the field of Selyava, who then frankly blows his opponent and receives a yellow card

17:31 Valery Karpin during the break made a replacement. Instead of Igor Kalinin, Denis Tereniev entered the field.

17:30 The second half has begun!

17:18 The first half is over! A whistle for a break sounds.

17:17 Tugarev receives a yellow card for anger he knocked out the ball behind the edge.

17:15 The judge adds two more minutes to the main time of the Time.

17:05 The Bezborodov with a VAR brigade is checked for a possible “hand” with Melhenokhin, after which he orders to continue the match.

17:03 Natural panic at the goalkeeper Pesyakov! The owners made a casting on a stalk, which was struck from close range in Mereyokhin. Then Isenko also struck, from about 22 meters and this time the ball hit Pesyakov directly into his hands.

16:58 Cyril Shchetinin cannot continue the game. It is replaced by Alexander Selyava on the field.

16:56 After the folus produced, Shchetinin falls from pain. The doctors of Rostov immediately rush to him.

16:48 Well, now at the gate of Krasnodar is hot! I went to the center of the penalty area of ​​the Krasnodar, after which it turned out to be in complete loneliness in front of Safonov. Dmitry tried to beat Matvey with a blow of a touched meters from 10 meters, but the ball hit the goalkeeper right.

16:46 An unfortunate mistake by Igor Kalinin! He sends the ball into his own goal and allows Krasnodar to take the lead

16:44 The home team managed to level the score. Nikita Krivtsov scores a goal against Rostovites.

16:34 Komlichenko opens an account! After a discount from Tugarev, he shot at an empty goal.

16:30 Teams enter the field and the referee blows his whistle to start the game!

Lineups for the match:

FC Rostov: Sergey Pesyakov, Maxim Osipenko, Igor Kalinin, Alexander Silyanov, Viktor Melekhin, Danil Glebov, Roman Tugarev, Khoren Bayramyan, Kirill Shchetinin, Dmitry Poloz, Nikolai Komlichenko. Substitutes: Egor Baburin, Denis Terentiev, Andrey Langovich, Alexander Mukhin, Kirill Volmer, Stepan Melnikov, Danila Sukhomlinov, Alexander Selyava, Egor Golenkov, Maxim Turishchev. Head coach: Valery Karpin.

FC Krasnodar: Matvey Safonov, Sergey Petrov, Yegor Sorokin, Oleg Isaenko, Vyacheslav Litvinov, Alexander Chernikov, Nikita Krivtsov, Eduard Spertsyan, Alexei Ionov, Irakli Manelov, Olakunle Olusegun. Substitutes: Evgeny Gorodov, Stanislav Agkatsev, Evgeny Chernov, Alexander Martynovich, Sergey Borodin, Yuri Gazinsky, Vyacheslav Yakimov, Alex Matsukatov, Vladislav Samko, Leon Sabua, Vladimir Ilyin, Ruslan Apekov. Head coach: Alexander Storozhuk

Today, April 30, the players of FC Rostov will play away with the Krasnodar team. The meeting starts at 16:30. This will be the 27th round of the Russian Premier League.

The sports match will be held at the Kranodar stadium. Vladislav Bezborodov was appointed judge, his assistants – Adlan Khatuev, Alexei Vorontsov.

This is one of the most anticipated matches for the southerners, it is usually called the southern derby. In total, the teams played 31 games between each other. The Yellow-Blues won three, there were 13 defeats. Rostov scored 27 goals, Krasnodar scored 44.

We add that according to the results of the matches of the 2021/22 RPL season, the Rostovites are now in the eighth line of the standings. The club has nine wins, seven draws and ten losses. At the same time, the Krasnodar bulls are now in sixth place. They have 39 points, eleven wins, six draws and eight losses.


Rostov – Lokomotiv April 10, 2022: live online broadcast of the match of the 24th round of the RPL.

Rostov hosts Lokomotiv Moscow on April 10, 2022 in the match of the 24th round of the RPL.

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