MONTY® 3300-24 SmartSpeed ​​GP PLUS A bus machine for passenger cars with a counter, deflected pneumatically and SmartSpeed ​​technology | Hofmann

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MONTY® 3300-24 SmartSpeed ​​GP Plus

A tire machine for passenger cars with a stand deflected by pneumatically and SmartSpeed ​​technology


MONTY® 3300-24 SmartSpeed ​​GP Plus

A tire machine for passenger cars with a stand deflected by pneumatically and SmartSpeed ​​technology

Product description

A bus and dealership tire shops with a high volume of service – with a pneumatically deflected mounting counter, a clamping range from the outside 24 and SmartSpeed ​​technology.

Certified WDK for careful and convenient for the user of installation and dismantling of low-profile (UHP) and safe (Run-Flat) tires in accordance with OEM requirements.

With auxiliary pneumatic device, Easymont® and a Plus KIT set (included) for working with low-profile (UHP) and safe (Run-Flat) tires (additional adapters (option) are required for tires of PAX and CSR systems).

SmartSpeed ​​- a new exclusive system with self -regulation of speed using inverter technology
Automatic speed control inverter depending on the required torque
The first (low) speed 7 rpm for critical cases
· The second speed is automatically regulated in the range from 7 to 18 rpm, depending on the resulting torque

Double -acting cylinder

The position of the mounting head is regulated relative to the rim

Sliding clamping fists with a rounded profile and internal plastic protection provide a clamp from the outside in the range from 12 to 24; The clamp force is increased, and the clip time is reduced due to the shorter course of the cylinders.

A conventional installation and dimensional tool (working range 8 – 24) with a steel head and plastic protection is used for neat and careless work with wheels.

Installation table with radially moved fists. Two clamping cylinders provide a clamp force of 30 % – 40 % higher than machines with one cylinder.

The deviation of the mounting rack is pneumatically pedal.

The stand is pneumatically fixed in the working position.

The position of the lever of the squeezer is regulated in three positions, the angle of the shovel is adjustable in accordance with various wheels, ensuring the flexibility of use and high performance.

Tool cabinets with a built -in manometer and comfortable shelves for valves, tools and accessories are installed on a separate rack.

Pumping device controlled by the pedal

Fast pumping valve

A set of explosive pumping

Provides installation/dismantling of most wheels present today on the market.