Membership benefits – Reval-Sport

Membership Benefits Members of the Reval-Sport Club and their companions receive a 10% discount on accommodation at the Braavo Hotel. Butterfly Lounge Bar is open: Mon, Tue 12:00-00:00 Wed, Thu

Membership benefits

For members of the Reval-Sport club and their companions discount for accommodation at the Braavo Hotel in the amount 10% prices.

Butterfly Lounge Bar is open:
Mon, Tue 12:00-00:00
Wed, Thu 12:00-02:00
Fri 12:00-03:00
Sat 15:00-03:00
Sun 15:00-00:00

Address: Vana-Viru 13/Aia 4, Tallinn

  • There is a 10% discount upon presentation of a Reval-Sport club card.

The Trefoil sports club started training on September 3, 2012. All classes are held at the Reval-Sport sports complex.

Address: Aia tn 20, Taliin.

Information: (+372) 56469095

The salon is located at the address of our sports club.

  • For members of the sports club Reval-Sport 10% discount.


Make a first step!

“About 25 years ago, due to the fact that the gym where I trained was closed, I faced a choice: join Reval-Sport or a competing sports club. I chose Reval-Sport for its great training options and have never regretted it. For me, Reval-Sport stands out from the competition with an abundance of weight machines, as well as a spacious gym, and if it were possible, the gym could be opened as early as 5 am. ”

“I have been with Reval-Sport since 2001. At one time, I was looking for a water aerobics workout in the Old Town and, on the advice of a friend, I went to Reval-Sport. From the very first time, the coaches left a very good impression, and your location is super! I like that I can choose among such a large number of workouts, and after the renovation, all the baths and pools have become completely wonderful! Continue in the same spirit!

“I ended up in Reval quite by accident, just passing by the Kalev pool. I took a trial day and immediately liked it 🙂 If I started listing everything that I like here, it would be a very long list. Probably the most important argument is the size of the club and free parking, here I can always find a locker in the locker room, and in the power room I never have to wait for my favorite simulator to be free. After a workout, I can enjoy sipping smoothies in the jacuzzi. Recomend for everybody!