Large gain in BC Olympus

The largest winnings and losses in bookmakers

Large gain in BC Olympus

People who are following the Premier League have already guessed what we were talking about now. In the year, John Prika, the ardent fan of Lester, for the sake of a joke, put 20 pounds on the victory of his team in the English prime minister. Bookmakers gave the coefficient for this event. Well, what happened next, everyone probably knows – Fooler became the champion of England.

But by the way, John did not fully receive his winning, as he went to an agreement with the bookmaker. He was calculated in advance a bet with a coefficient of B. Anyway, is the biggest winning the orderly.

To date, the express coefficient is the largest reliably confirmed. In the first year, Mick Gibbs of Fun for the sake of compiled an express of 13 football events, 2 screaming and one rugby, putting on this matter only half a pound. All his football bets were aimed at determining the league champion, mostly it was English, from the North Phanguli to the lower.

The last bet was Bavaria’s victory in the Champions League. How all this ended we know, and Mick became the owner of pounds. None of the above matches was contractual. In general, in Europe this is very rare, but this happens. Its competitors – Sportingbet, Bwin, Pinnacle – are able to pay the amount of up to thousands of pounds per day. The leader among Russian bookmakers-Pari-Match BC paying up to 29 million rubles for one won rate. Big limits also have BC Marathon and Leon.

Those who wish to hook a big win should carefully choose a sport for the bet. Bookmakers almost do not limit payments on football or the largest tennis tournaments, however, they set low limits for less popular sports like handball and water polo.

The guys Otto Rehagel were considered outsiders of the tournament, the coefficient of their success was even more lucky by the Englishman Mika Gibbs. In the year, he compiled an express of 15 football matches with an prohibitive coefficient of Gibbs made a bet for a amount of 30 pence, but thanks to the luck and correct calculation, he received pounds. A resident of Belarus, who also set 50 cents a year, was similarly enriched.

The player dared to play on the express from 14 meetings of the CM qualification, a curious story occurred with the Liverpool fan Haivord Adrian at the beginning of the year.

The fan put it on a coefficient of 1,666,000 and won – the largest winnings in sports rates

The fan of the Mersisiders saw a dream in which the midfielder of the club Habi Alonso scored a goal from his part of the field. Impressed by the dream, the man put pounds with the coefficient on this event is amazing, but in the nearest match this bet was held – the Spanish midfielder in a meeting with Luton got into the goal from a distance of 50 meters and brought Adrian 25 pounds.

An elderly resident of Wales tore off Kush thanks to faith in his own grandson.Grandfather put 50 pounds in the local office that his relative would once play for Wales. Despite the coefficient, the shake was right. In the year, a summer grandson named Harry Wilson debuted as part of the Welsh, having replaced the game with the Belgians. The bet was equal to 50 pounds, and the Lester coefficient reached a mark in the player would win pounds if he waited for the end of the season, but did not risk and took in March an early prize – “total” 72 pounds.

The legalization of the bookmaker market in Russia has occurred relatively recently, but only over the past few years a couple of winnings with the prefix “Super” have been recorded. In the spring to beat the bookmaker easily made an incredible resident of Moscow – he guessed the outcomes of all 15 events proposed in the circulation in the Totalizer of the Fonbet bookmaker.

Thanks to this, the lucky one from a rate of 50 rubles tore off the jackpot, a 3 -year -old jackpot, earned a million rubles. In the year, the client of the Fonbet BC, who put thousands of rubles for four matches of the championships of England, Germany, Spain and Russia, was lucky. Yuri Stadnik.

Winnings 1.5 million in BC Olympus

The profit at the Hockey World Cups increased by representatives of the Olympus bookmaker also said that the largest surge in stow activity was observed at the stage of semi -finals and finals. Evaluate the article We download grades all the bets of bets. Add betonmobile. Tell us add a comment to the text of the error and click the Send button.

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