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Cup rehearsal revealed problems (Sports review) | Official website of FC LADA-TOGLIATTI

Without a keyword Views: 921 Cup rehearsal revealed problems (Sports Review)

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Cup rehearsal revealed problems (Sports Review)

The duel against the contender for entry into the FNL showed that the Lada Togliatti headquarters will have to work, rolling up their sleeves. Vladimir Kukhlevsky released the day before yesterday a quartet of 20-year-old football players in the starting lineup. After the break, instead of the experienced Sergey Vakhteev, Daniil Khutorskov came out, who celebrated his 17th birthday a couple of weeks ago.

Yes, the car manufacturers have already lost twice at the start of the season. But in both cases – to rivals who won three victories in three matches. The opponent surpassed the Togliatti team in teamwork, balanced composition.

You can't say the same about the nearest rivals. Of course, the Friday match for the Russian Cup against Nosta is worth a special mention. Fans do not hide that they have been waiting for cup success from the team. At one time, the VAZ team was known as a cup thunderstorm of authorities, with enviable regularity beating clubs from the Premier League in the tournament. This time the winner of the pair Lada-Tolyatti – Nosta will get the right to play with the FNL club. For Avtograd this kind of match could be a holiday.

However, the recent rivalry between Tolyatti and Novotroitsk ended in a draw – 1:1. Here, only in cup tournaments there are no draws. And already on August 10, Kukhlevsky and Co. will host Dynamo Kirov at their home stadium. Three matches in eight days is a serious burden for a team with a short, by and large, bench. The day before yesterday, the headquarters of Togliatti made only two substitutions, while the guests from Udmurtia made all five.

In the prevailing circumstances, success can be achieved largely due to emotions. The Volzhans cannot boast of experience or skill. But they have growth potential. And the team will definitely improve as the season progresses.