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Izh Planet Sport 350: Technical characteristics of the motorcycle Izh PS

The Planeta family from the Izhevsk plant was famous not only in the USSR, but also abroad. Izh Planet Sport 350 was successfully sold in different countries and was in stable demand.

The legendary Izh Planet Sport: its history, specifications

Yellow motorcycle izh planet sport motorcycle izh planet sport Motorcycle Izh sport Motorcycle Izh planet photo video izh planet sport Izh sport planet

Designed in 1974 the bike was distinguished by its original appearance, and was very reminiscent of Japanese motorcycles of that era. A single-level seat, a massive headlight with a speedometer integrated into it, an elongated gas tank with plastic lining to protect the paintwork from contact with the knees, an impressive chrome exhaust – a classic! But in the case of Izh Planet Sport, technical specifications were still the main reason for the popularity of the model. Stylish design – this is good, but the design will not take you through the vast expanses of the USSR without any problems.

Engine Izh Planet Sport

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The design of the power unit was very progressive for its time and made it possible to obtain high power (32 hp) from a working volume of 340 cubic meters. see. Its main features include:

  • Cylinder with special cast iron sleeve and aluminum alloy jacket. It was attached to the crankcase with four studs.
  • Cylinder head with hemispherical combustion chamber. A candle and a decompressor were screwed into the HC, which simplifies the launch process.
  • A three-channel purge system that improved the filling of the cylinder with the working mixture.
  • Non-separable crankshaft supported by two roller (No. 2505) and one ball (No. 304) bearings.
  • Needle bearings in the upper head of the connecting rod.
  • Separate supply of engine oil, which entered the intake tract from a separate tank. A pump driven by the crankshaft is responsible for the pressure in the lubrication system.

Obviously, the developers of Izh Planet Sport paid special attention to the engine design and its maintainability, realizing how important the technical characteristics of the power unit are for a car of this class. However, more than thirty years after the end of production, the owners of motorcycles of this model have certain problems.


Most of the Izh Sport components were produced in the USSR, although some parts were imported: Japanese Mikuni carburetor, Hungarian optics from Pannonia, Italian Veglia Borletti speedometer and a few other little things. At Izh Planet Sport 350, the technical characteristics were at their best, the power-to-weight ratio of the motorcycle was almost twice that of the super-popular Jawa 350, providing acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 11 seconds! The motorcycle was so reliable that there were rumors among Soviet bikers that it was originally developed exclusively as an export model. The CPG resource, according to reviews, reached 50-60 thousand kilometers, which is a record for a 2-stroke engine. Max Speed Izh Planet Sport – 140 km/h.


On Izh Sport of the first years of production, the power reached 32 horsepower, but later it was reduced up to 28 hp for the sake of efficiency and engine resource (volume – 340 cm³). The separate lubrication system and engine mounting on rubber cushions implemented in this model were original innovations, thanks to which the bike successfully competed with Japanese and European models in the markets of Great Britain, Finland and other countries. Excellent engine performance combined with high build quality has made this bike incredibly sought after.

Izh PS 350 engine


The bike is equipped with a classic 4 speed gearbox, simple and reliable. Gears shift in the usual way, 1-N-2-3-4. The gear ratio of the top, fourth gear is 1.0, and you can safely switch to it already at 70 km / h – it will provide smooth acceleration.

Chassis and brakes

Despite some innovative solutions, Izh Planet Sport's characteristics corresponded to their time. That's why frame the motorcycle got the usual, welded, and the fork is a simple rodless telescope with 150mm free travel. A swingarm with 95 mm of travel is installed at the back, so the suspension cannot be called soft. Drum brakes, not very effective, and the declared braking distance at a speed of 60 km / h is at least 16 meters.


The electronic filling of this model was partially imported. So, sound signal produced in a Japanese companyNikko, the ignition lock was borrowed from Jawa, the original Magneti Marelli candles came to the Soviet Union from sunny Italy, and no less original batteries from the Land of the Rising Sun. But in general, the electrical circuit of the motorcycle is simple, and it is not difficult to understand it.

Weight and dimensions

Dry weight Izh PS – only 135 kg. Thanks to this, the bike has good dynamics and does not forbid some recklessness, for which, in fact, Soviet motorcyclists fell in love with it. Its dimensions are appropriate, this model is more compact than Izh Jupiter 5 or Planet 3.

Yellow Izh planet sport 500


For bikers accustomed to modern motor vehicles, riding Izh PS may seem unusual. The bike handles well, but the steering angles are large and it's easy to drop the bike, especially when cornering at low speeds. This feature is worth bearing in mind.

Fuel consumption

Although the declared fuel consumption does not exceed 3.5 liters at a speed of 50 km / h, with control measurements in normal mode, it is about 6 liters. When driving off-road, it can be even higher, but 14 liter gas tank Enough even for long trips. The Izh Planet Sport engine prefers gasoline with an octane rating of at least 93, but in fact you can safely fill in the AI-92, bought at a proven gas station.

Design and production features

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Domestic industry was not capable of providing the manufacturer with components of the necessary quality, and their supplies from abroad went with a great creak. For several batches of cars of the early years, it was possible to break through the purchase of foreign -made components. The lucky ones who acquired IZh Planet Sport in 1974 – 1976 received a car equipped at their disposal:

  • Japanese electronic and electrical components.
  • The optics of the headlight of the headlight of Pannonia or Hella, and for countries with left -handed traffic – Lucas.
  • PAL or MAGNETI-MARELI spark plugs.
  • Foreign production batteries.

All this made it possible not only to improve the parameters of the machine, but also to ensure a high culture of weight. As already noted, in the early modifications of IZH Planet Sports weight was only 135 kg, and energy supply – 237 liters. with. per 1 ton. For comparison, a similar indicator JAWA 350/634 reached only 141 liters. with.

As a result, the model of the Izhevsk plant accelerated to a hundred less than 11 seconds, and the real maximum speed of Izh Planet Sport was significantly higher than the 140 km/h passport. Despite the impressive dynamic qualities and the prefix “Sport” in the name, Izh Planet of the new generation was a road motorcycle.

His landing allowed to travel at considerable distances, withstanding the hardships of Russian off -road. True, there was an unpleasant flaw. When the motorcyclist was too light, when acceleration at high speeds, the flutter of the front fork began. With a sufficient mass of the rider or if a passenger was behind him, such an effect was not observed.

Repair and tuning

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Thanks to a simple design, all service operations with a planet of sport can be done independently. But some original nodes are now almost impossible to find, and those rare specimens that can be bought from hands are often very expensive. But this is the only option – who will purchase a rare motorcycle and put Chinese spare parts on it?


Repairing the planet Sport is easy. If you have already seen at least one Soviet bike, then you have seen them all. Despite some differences from brothers in the model range, it will not be difficult to understand the design. The motorcycle IZH Planet Sports and other characteristics correspond to the spirit of its time, and there is nothing superfilly in it.

Spare parts

It is difficult to get spare parts on the planet. The Izhmash plant stopped their production ten years ago, and some components were imported from other countries, so now it makes sense to look for them on sites like “Avito” or on the forums of owners of motorcycles of the Izh brand. But get ready to fork out – rare original nodes are usually expensive, and they still have to look. In some cases, replacement for non -original, but rarely. In the planet, sport almost everything was developed from scratch in the USSR, so there were simply no analogues, although some spare parts are suitable from the Japanese motorcycle equipment of that era.


Tuning izh ps 350

In Soviet times, it was relatively popular to increase the working volume of an engine cylinder by boring it, and the Czechoslovak CZ 514 was usually the donor of the piston group. They resorted to such an operation infrequently – the Izh Planet Sport 350 has technical characteristics that are not bad, and such tuning sharply reduced engine life. Now there is no point in tuning at all, since motorcycles restored to their original state are valued, and not specimens tortured by “collective farm tuning”.

Differences by year

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Changes were constantly made to the design of the motorcycle. Some were associated with the desire to improve technology. Others were caused by the requirements of the industry management to reduce the cost of production. Raising the price of Izh Planet Sport 350 above 1000 rubles was not allowed by the prices set for competitors' products.

For example, JAWA 350/634 cost 1080 rubles, and CZ-350 – 980 rubles. For the sake of clarity, we will indicate the main changes, dividing them by year:

  • 1975 The front fork was lengthened by 2.5 mm, changing the size of the corrugations installed on it by the upper crosshead. Instead of a cylinder head with fan-shaped fins, the Izh Planet Sport engine gets a GC with more familiar, linearly arranged cooling fins. Switches and a number of electrical components, although they remained imported, were from a different manufacturer. The Mikuni AEX carburetor was gradually replaced by the Mikuni VM32-89 carburetor. Increased the thickness of the spokes (from 3.5 to 4 mm) and the thickness of the walls of the front brake drum.
  • 1976 Instead of foreign-made headlights, they use domestic, FG137. The situation is similar with the speedometer. If earlier the motorcycle was equipped with a part from Pannonia T5, now it is being replaced by the domestic modification SP-102. Upper covers are no longer installed on shock absorbers. The end of the muffler pipe is bent up. Several change the design and finning of the cylinder.
  • 1977 The motorcycle is fully equipped with domestic outdoor lighting devices. The shape of the rear wing is changing. The design of the engine crankcase is being changed. Specifically, the attachment points, since the power unit begins to be rigidly attached to the frame, abandoning the shock-absorbing rubber bushings. The new air filter now occupies the entire seatpost space, which is why the voltage regulator relay is moved under the fuel tank. The main characteristics of Izh Sport remain at the same level.
  • 1978 The Mikuni carburetor gives way to the domestic model K62M. Of the imported electrics, only Japanese turn signals remain. An anti-theft lock appears.
  • 1979 Replacement of the SP102 speedometer with SP102A and Japanese turn signals with domestic ones (only for the domestic market). The pendulum is extended by 480 mm. Accordingly, the base of the motorcycle (up to 1440 mm) and its overall length (up to 2150 mm) increase. Izh Sport also increases in weight, reaching 155 kg in this modification.
  • 1980The cable and the speedometer gearbox are not made under the shoulder blade, as before, but under the square. Several change the design of the intake. The lids of the tool boxes no longer have stickers, but aluminum nameplates.

During the production process, the Izh Planet Sport motorcycle has undergone such a significant number of changes that this could not but affect its characteristics. The installation of a domestic-made carburetor led to a noticeable deterioration in the technical characteristics of the engine. Power decreased from 32 to 28 hp. with.

With the adjustments made to the design, there are also discrepancies in the sources answering the question of how much Izh Planet Sport weighs. Dry weight indicators range from 135 to 155 kg. There is nothing surprising in the fact that fans of two-wheeled vehicles especially appreciate the cars of the first years of production.

They are better made and equipped, have higher dynamic characteristics. Towards the end of production, in the passport of Izh Planet Sport, the speed was indicated not 140, but only 135 km / h. Increased fuel consumption.

Motorcycle modifications

Izh PS Cross

There was only one main factory modification of Izh Sport, on the basis of which several specific subspecies of the motorcycle were made – for cross-country races, for long trips over rough terrain and for racing on ice. The first is popularly called Izh PS Cross, although the correct name is Izh K-15. Enduro version is called Izh M-15. And that, and that is now very difficult to find for sale in decent condition.

But the existence of Izh Planet Sport 500 cubes is just a common myth. There are often stories among the people that a 500-cc limited version was produced at the IzhMash plant, but this is not true. Garage craftsmen sometimes bored the engine to increase the volume by installing pistons from CZ, but in this case the volume did not reach 500 cm³, since too thin cylinder walls did not allow such boring. The existence of the “reborn” Izh Planet Sport 2 with a 650 cm³ Rotax engine from BMW also belongs to the area of ​​\u200b\u200bmyths. This duck with fake photos at one time alarmed the Internet, but as it turned out, it was just someone's joke.

Repair dimensions of the piston Izh Planet Sport

moto sport

If today the legendary motorcycle gets to a new owner in poor condition, it will not be easy to repair it. The greatest number of questions is caused by Izh Planet Sport engine repair. Initially, the resource of the power unit was small and amounted to about 30 thousand km. run.

True, the manufacturer provided for the possibility of boring the cylinder. Initially, the motor was equipped with pistons with three marking options and some difference in size.

Factory marking Cylinder diameter, in mm. Piston diameter, in mm.
A0 76,02 (+0,01) 75,99 (+0,01)
A1 76,01 (+0,01) 75,98 (+0,01)
A2 76,00 (+0,01) 75,97 (+0,01)

Taking into account the boring of cylinders for the repair size, repair pistons were produced:

Factory marking The diameter of the cylinder, in mm. Diameter of the piston, in mm.
R 76,5 (+0,06 -0,06) 76,5 (-0,03)
P2 77,0 (+0,06 -0,06) 77,0 (-0,03)

Today it is extremely difficult to purchase a piston of repair dimensions. Even new piston rings are deficiency. The installation of the compression rings of the VAZ-2101 motor’s rings is a possible way out of the situation. You have to adjust them to the size of the piston and cut them at the junction of the castle semicircular recesses to fixing the pin.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of innovative technology are always bright. This fate and model of PS, which has always been expensive and expensive in content, did not pass.


  • Excellent Accelerated dynamics.
  • Solid power reserve, up to 300-350 km with a quiet ride along the highway.
  • High for a 2-stroke engine resource.
  • Excellent reliability – Rare quality for Soviet motor vehicles.

dashboard izh sport


  • Weak Drum brakes.
  • The difficulty with the search for spare parts and consumables in our time, as well as their high cost.
  • It is difficult to find a copy in good condition and without “collective farm” tuning.

The history of the features of the configuration

  • The first option for mounting the engine is soft, on rubber dampers
  • Special fan cylinder head
  • Carburetor Mikuni Aeh (Japan)
  • The initially established domestic turns indicators (from the base motorcycles of Planet-3 and IZh Jupiter-3, characterized by chrome)
  • The muffler is straight
  • Air filter FILTRAK A 105/153- 1500 TGLN 39-474 (GDR)
  • For part of motorcycles (mainly for export) – stood tires of foreign production “Barum” (Czechoslovakia) and “IRC” (Japan)
  • The rear-view mirror with the end mount on the steering wheel (from the basic Izhevsk car Muscovite-408) by the end of the 70s moves to the clamping of the clutch lever
  • Self -adhesive inscriptions on the tank and instrumental boxes
  • A speedometer from the pannonia motorcycle – T4 or T5 (Hungary), Veglia Borletti (Italy)
  • The first domestic motorcycle generator with voltage in the network 12 volts (GP-1)
  • Foreign electrical equipment and lighting equipment: combined switches on the steering wheel from the Japanese motorcycle Honda CB350 and the corresponding clutch leverage and manual front brake
  • Sound signal Nikko YPL 1400 (Japan)
  • The rear lamp Stanley (Japan)
  • The optical element of the headlight from the Pannonia motorcycle – T5 (Hungary), later the West German Hella 1A7 001.140.01. For countries with left -handed movement –
  • PAL ignition lock (Czechoslovakia) from the Jawa motorcycle
  • Spark plug Magneti Marelli CW8N (Italy)
  • Reflectors on the front fork Stanley RR 30 SAE B67 (Japan)
  • Foreign batteries (Japan)
  • Mikuni carburetor VM32-89
  • Combined switches on the steering wheel and ignition lock (360-82508-42) from the Japanese motorcycle Yamaha RD350 and their corresponding linen leverage and manual front brake
  • The new version of the side reflectors and the rear lamp Stanley (040-5469)
  • The fastening of the guide ears (for the pen of the fork) of the front brake drum from the slope to the whole -linite was changed
  • The cylinder head is changing to the usual direct
  • At the end of the year, domestic turns of turns are replaced by Japanese Stanley 23040-037
  • Domestic gasoline crane KR -11 with explanatory inscriptions in English
  • The domestic speedometer SP102 is installed. The export set Borletti
  • The new domestic optical element of the headlights FG137 (new Light Light Light Luch)
  • There was a muffler with the bend of the end part (in order to increase patency)
  • Due to the increase in the air filter housing, they move: a manual pump to the front pipe of the frame near the engine cylinder (previously under the tank)
  • Voltage relay under the fuel tank
  • The soft mounting of the engine is abolished
  • A new domestic carburetor K62M has been installed. To install a manetthek of the fuel corrector in it, a threaded hole was introduced in the steering tube on the right
  • Instead of self -adhesive inscriptions on the tank, plastic logos with screws on screws are introduced
  • A gradual transition to domestic components of electrical equipment (with the aim of unification with other basic models of the plant):
  • The start of the installation of the anti -theft lock of the ignition lock VK105
  • Combined switches on the steering wheel
  • back light
  • Changing the design of the rear suspension:
  • The new speedometer SP102A (in particular, the thickness of the indicator arrow is changed)


  • The release of original GP-1 generators, the installation of a new one, unified with other models of the plant, generator (12 volts) was stopped
  • A new domestic sound signal S-205B (12 volts) and the optical element of the headlight FG140 (1982) has been installed

Reviews of the owners

As a child, he rode a dog around the village, then he did not know what it was at all. The boys were envious, everyone had Minsk with sunrises)) only then I realized what kind of apparatus it was, but it was too late, Dad sold someone for nothing … But it’s a pity, the most warm memories remained. Dmitry, Bratsk.

He owned a collection copy, he himself restored from the trash in the late 90s, laid his labor uneven, it took three times. I sold it, because the money desperately was needed, although my heart was doused with blood. Maybe it was for the better, even then it was necessary to look for spare parts during the day with fire, and now, go, there is nothing at all. Anatoly, Krasnodar.

In the 80s he participated in amateur competitions, then, when everything was bent, and he rode, the mot was PS Cross, along the old Dosaaf highway, like a tank! It is from him that I have love for crosses on enduro, I’ve been traveling for 40 years, I have been working in a children's motorcycle club myself. The motorcycle for centuries, IZH Planet Sport 350 Technical characteristics were such that all kinds of java with mosetes did not dream. Anton, Minsk.

Orange izh planet sport 350

Planet 3 Tuning

Of course, many owners of IZH Planet 3 tunen a motorcycle. But not everything is useful that I want. So, for example, crossing the engine leads the unit to rapid wear and inevitable repair, since it is simply not designed for such capacities.But the alteration of the power supply system from contact to non-contact, the strengthening of the frame, the installation of a sliding contact with the corresponding board are quite portable with this technique. Although modern owners do not think long, since IZH Planet 3 is sometimes available for free today. They boldly experiment. But a rare and reliable motorcycle still lives a full life. And it is highly demanded by fans of metal motor vehicles.

Frequently asked Questions

  • How many cubes does he really have? 350? No, 340. Anything more is either the result of cylinder bore or just a lie.
  • Does it fit parts from other Izhakovs? With rare exceptions, no. On the specialized forums of owners of motorcycles from the IzhMash plant, you can find more details.
  • Does it make sense to buy a dead copy and restore it to the original? If you have time and money, why not? But the task is not easy.


Restoration in the modern world retro motorcycles remains the lot of enthusiasts who are ready to spend not only a lot of time, but also a lot of money on their favorite business. If you are one of them, then Izh PS can take its place in your garage. But it makes no sense to buy it specifically for riding, unless you are a fan of retro technology.


Maximum engine power: 32 l. with. at 6700 rpm min HP
Working volume: 340 cm3
Motor type (cylinder arrangement, number of strokes): single-cylinder, two-stroke, with three channels and five purge windows
Number of cylinders: 1
Number of valves:
Intake Type (Injector / Carburetor):
Bore and stroke:
Starting system (Electric starter, kick starter):
Maximum speed in km/h: 140 km/h
Cooling system: Air
Transmission (gearbox): Mechanical 4-speed
Clutch (Dry / Oil bath):
Drive unit: Chain
Frame: Steel
Suspension (Travel front/rear):
Brakes (Front/Rear):
Wheels / Tires / Rubber:
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions (Length / Width):
Seat height:
Ground clearance:
Curb weight:
Wheelbase: 1390 mm
The weight: 135 kg
Fuel tank capacity: 14 l.
Battery capacity:
Year of release:
Country of Origin:

Made in USSR + Japan

It is interesting that all the main components and assemblies were domestic (except perhaps for the Japanese carburetor), that is, their own technologies made it possible to implement any modern designs – and to do this in mass production and based on long-term operation. Which, in fact, is not surprising, because IzhMash at that time was an enterprise of the defense complex. Only minor components of IZH PS were purchased abroad – lighting equipment and electrical appliances.

The advertising poster of Autoexport depicts an experienced motorcycle, it was distinguished by the engine and lining details.

Imported parts provided the novelty with a presentation: style, design, neatness of finish – something with which we really had problems.According to the memoirs of IzhMash veterans, in the first year of production (1973 – 1974), 30 thousand sets of 12 components each were purchased in Japan.

In the second year, by the way, the Japanese raised the price by 2.5 times, bought the spare parts again, but in the end this played a role and the later PeEs lost imported parts, losing not only the “non-local” finish, but also 4 liters. with. power.