ITSM 365 – Itil Service Desk (Help Desk). Russian SaAS solution

ITSM 365 is a Russian Serviedesk/Helpdesk solution for automation of IT services and business support services any level available in the cloud (SAAS).

We automate your support. Any.

The ITSM 365 system is available with the finished setting of the main ITIL processes and removes the task of long configuration at the start from us. Thanks to the SaAS distribution model, we get a solution available to all our office.

We needed to quickly automate the work of the support service with the availability of 24×7 in all 17 regions of our company. To do this, we have chosen the ITSM 365 cloud system-the optimal cost of the SAAS solution on the basis of industry.

We have been working with ITSM 365 since January 2017. I like the system, use it to receive applications from our customers. The first 2-3 months there were many improvements, since both employees and customers had wishes for improvement with.

When choosing an ITSM solution to automate the work of the IT department and the support of our users, we, first of all, focused on the functionality and flexibility of the configuration. Requirements and wishes change during operation.

We have a large number of internal IT services, including support for cash equipment and trading programs. When choosing a decision, we were guided by 3 key criteria: industrial level solution, low capital.

We are actively developing. In our network there are hundreds of coffee houses throughout Russia and the CIS countries. It is important for us that each point is 100% ready to receive and maintain visitors. This is the work of the cash desk and access to Wi-Fi, was functioned.