In Omsk, all minibuses will be transferred to the regulated tariffs – Omskpress

In Omsk, all minibuses will be put on the company for regulated tariffs with a preferential passage, passengers will be able to use travel in the near future in 60 city routes.

In Omsk, in stages, all minibuses will be transferred to adjustable tariffs


Passengers will be able to use passengers in the near future in 60 more city routes.

To date, 162 municipal routes of regular transportation are operating in Omsk, 75 – according to adjustable tariffs, and 87 – according to unregulated. Another 60 city routes of Omsk will begin to work at adjustable tariffs in the near future, reports Omsk here.

It is noted that from November 2018, two routes will work at regulated tariffs – No. 3 and No. 62, another – No. 275, from January 2019. From March, routes No. 4, 6n, 8n, 30, 503, 703, 203, 225, 272, 276, 303, 304, 305, 307, 312, 323, 200, 335, 343, 345, 346, will be transferred to the new system. 350, 359, 385, 386, 393, 394, 409, 418, 421, 424, 425, 430, 445, 470, 500, 511, 514, 550, 568, 31n. In the summer-routes No. 201, 302, 309, 319, 353, 410, 415, 434, since December 2019-routes No. 19, 99, 212, 222, 413, 414, 219n, 331.

Routes with adjustable tariffs are transported by passengers at a tariff set by the racom, they are allowed to use travel and preferential cards. Carriers on unregulated routes take only money and set the price themselves.

The city administration is aimed at transferring all public transport to a regulated tariff.

The legislation allows us to put things in order by introducing a single system of work of all carriers. If one of them refuses to serve the route, others will come to this place. And today there are carriers who want to work under the conditions that the city administration offers. We plan that most of the routes next year will work at a regulated tariff,

– said Deputy Director of the Department of Transport Igor Kozhukhov.

Private carriers are most concerned about the issue of compensation for the inter -tariff difference, as is the case in municipal transport. To date, for the transportation of beneficiaries, the regional budget compensates to private owners only 18 rubles.