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Air fairy tale for the Moscow Gate of 0.33 km reviews about the air fairy tale Nikolai my friend was written out of the hospital and I wanted to make this day unforgettable. Thanks

Air fairy tale on Zamavskaya

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Nikolai FullFullFullFull Full

My girlfriend was discharged from the hospital and I wanted to make this day unforgettable. Thanks for your jewelry for the car! All strangers admired and took pictures against the background of my decorated car! A beautiful and memorable sight turned out! A friend was delighted. And the quality is super! All fastenings to the car are thought out, nothing was broken down and was not lost. The agency has an air fairy tale an individual approach to each client, it pleased me very much! And I especially want to say thanks for the urgency! I made an order 2 hours before the discharge, everything was ready after 20 minutes. In general, I recommend!

Maxim FullFullFullFull Full

Yes, I also ordered balls to meet my wife from the hospital, she was very happy. Thank you for delivering so fast.

Ivan FullFullFullFull Full

Thanks for the meeting from the maternity hospital. My whole family really liked it. There were balls, music, photographer. Not very expensive, in short, everything is as it should.

Valentina Igorevna FullFullFullFull Full

Thanks for the decoration of the daughter of the daughter of the daughter! My daughter woke up, and the whole room is in balls. She was sick, there was a temperature all night. She fell asleep in the morning. And, what happiness was in my child's eyes when she woke up, and then balls! Thank you, an air fairy tale, for good and joy! For children's happiness! I write and cry recalling the joy of my sick daughter!

Tatyana FullFullFullFull Full

? Thank you so much for organizing a surprise for my loved one! Despite the fact that it was very difficult to do, you did it somehow miraculously;)

Novel FullFullFullFull Full

He celebrated his birthday recently, celebrated 29 years. Finances sang romances, but I wanted a holiday. He turned to the company Air Tale explained the situation that money was not enough, and I did not want to deprive the festival of the company with understanding of my problem and offered the budget option the most affordable – to decorate the apartment with balloons agreed to me a real air fairy tale from air balls of favorite flowers, experts learned the date when I am going to celebrate my modest celebration and the time of gathering guests and now: at the moment when the guests arrived at the door, I will notice clearly, as we agreed with the company, an air fairy tale took off for the ceiling 29 the number of celebrated years of bright, beautiful and brilliant 29 pink and red balls; There were rang out the enthusiastic “wow” pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere of the guests, my modest birthday turned out to be not as modest as I was counting, and thanks to the company, the air fairy tale was a success for fame, I was very pleased and the good thing will not leave us anymore.I am very grateful to the air fairy tale company and the specialists working there thanks to them the holiday was!

Olga FullFullFullFull Full

I ordered a basket of pink roses and pink peonies for a friend in the maternity hospital, and on top the tied balls are also pink with papillae and the inscriptions I'm a girl, happy birthday. Brought on time. And it turned out so beautiful. I did not even expect that it would be so magnificent, bright and beautiful. Thank you! I had the most beautiful gift for a friend!

Kira FullFullFullFull Full

Thanks to the designers of Air Fairy Tale for decorating our anniversary with the young man, as we meet. For many years together, you no longer know how to create something extraordinary. But Air Tale did. I think it was our most romantic date ever!

Marina FullFullFullFull Full

I organized my mother's anniversary as a surprise, but with work there was absolutely no time left for decoration. I had to order. Friends advised Air Tale. It turned out that not in vain. It was very nice that the designer's visit to the place, the sketch and even the decoration itself was free of charge! I paid only for balls, figures and fabric. And they did everything so beautifully! Even I didn't expect this to happen. And what can we say about my mother! She was surprised by the party I organized, but how she praised the decoration! You should only hear! Thanks a lot!

Ludmila FullFullFullFull Full

Balloons are just a miracle invention! I really like to order them as a gift, for a surprise or just to cheer up. I have been using the services of the Air Fairy Tale for many years and now I decided to write) I ordered fruit bouquets and streamers Congratulations from them. Everything is always on time, beautiful, always create a holiday and good mood. Always a large number of offers of goods and services.
Thank you!

Igor FullFullFullFull Full

I met a girl from a business trip and just decided to make a surprise. I ordered a jar with notes 101 reasons why I love you and a bouquet of her favorite flowers – white tulips from the Air Fairy company! Thank you for delivering on time, right in time for the arrival of the plane and the idea was a success! The girl was pleasantly surprised and delighted with my surprise! Now for pleasant gifts only to you! And I recommend to all my friends!

Evgeniya FullFullFullFull Full

I recently ordered balloons from the Air Fairy company for my daughter's birthday. The team worked very quickly, they brought it on time, the balls lasted a very long time! Thanks for the holiday!

Marina Lukina FullFullFullFull Full

A week ago We ordered 100 balloons for a children's party, we created a festive atmosphere, the children are happy! We will only contact you from now on!

Marina FullFullFullFull Full

There was a wedding on 02/12/2016. We ordered decorations of the hall with balloons from the company Vozdushnaya Skazka! They also ordered flowers for the table of the newlyweds! Everything was just great! Both the prices and the quality, we and our guests liked everything very much. Thank you very much, we will order from you again and recommend your company to others.

Alya Ponomarenko FullFullFullFull Full

My future husband and I have been choosing a company for our wedding decoration for a long time.They blocked the entire Internet, read many different reviews and decided to make their choice on the company Air Tale. We went to their office. The girl manager told us everything sensibly and thoroughly, showed examples of design, helped to choose. As a result, they issued everything on time. We were very pleased with the company and the quality of their work.

Anna FullEmptyEmptyEmpty Empty

They terribly designed a garland

They ordered a garland from the balls to open the office, brought at the same time (a delay of 40 minutes), then when fastening the garlands decided to be attached directly to the sign on their own without notifying us. Naturally, after the work was accepted, no one even knew about this, because the balls were not visible how they are attached. And the WTO the next day (see photo), when the balls were blown away, they immediately saw it! I had to remove the remains of 2-sided tape from a 2-meter height in domestic conditions. Everything would be fine, but when the sign turned on in the evening – the traces of 2 -land tape did not disappear, and it looked disgusting.

Not only terrible installation, but also the attitude of employees, companies who did not take responsibility, but everyone dumped us, customers, they say did not bring during installation.

I do not recommend contacting, unless of course you want to correct other people's jambs.

Annushka FullFullFullEmpty Empty

We ordered balls at the company Air Tale for the children's holiday. The manager made a mistake with the ball and sent a smaller size than he was in the order. For a request to exchange the ball, a refusal was made. The exchange occurs only after writing a claim that is considered. Days. But the ball was needed for the holiday, not later. The husband came to the office, but even there they refused to change it right away. At the moment, they wrote a statement at the Air Tale for a refund, we are waiting for a call to the director and the solution of our issue. And, yes, most importantly, the mood before the holiday was spoiled. Air Tale did not give us a holiday, but spoiled.

Elena FullFullFullFull Full

A month ago, they ordered balls for the ceiling and lanterns of desires in the “Air Tale”. The flashlights launched and forgot, but the balls are still hanging under the ceiling, why I decided to write a review. Thank you, they were very pleased and surprised. We will advise your company to friends 🙂

Natalia FullFullFullFull Full

I want to thank the company Air Tale. I don’t understand anything in balloons, so I asked a lot of questions when ordering. Consultant Julia answered all my questions, a very friendly girl. Also, they asked me a few questions before offering something – for whom balls are needed, for what holiday, whether they need to stay longer or not. In general, I am pleasant surprised by such attention and attitude. Since in the two previous companies I was offered to study the assortment on the site on my own. They brought the balls on time, even earlier for a few minutes. Thanks for the attentive attitude to customers, quick delivery and beautiful balls!

Lidia Petrovna FullFullFullFull Full

They ordered the balls for September 1 from the company Air Tale. We want to thank all employees – from a manager who helped us make a choice among the huge variety of balloons that the company offers to the courier, who delivered us these wonderful balls in time. Thank you very much!

Bella FullFullFullFull Full

Good afternoon) I ordered a bouquet of balloons to my sister for discharge from the hospital. Everything came on time and really liked it) Thank you for your work and a good mood!)

Marina FullFullFullFull Full

I ordered my mother for my birthday a large bouquet of fifty pink balls. They took the order themselves. The manager of the Air Tale helped us cope with the hard task – to put the balls into our car without loss. It looked very impressive, festive! The balls were hanging for about a week. Nice bonus – 10% discount on the following purchases. Recommend!

Marina FullFullFullFull Full

I have been working in an air fairy tale for the second year, and I want to say that I am happy to go to my work. Everything is fine here. Yes, there is a certain frame of personnel, but this is definitely not because of the working conditions or because it becomes uninteresting. It’s just that people begin to understand that such work is not suitable for everyone, a person should be very fun, should be madly loved by life, be very cheerful, and there should be a great desire to give people a holiday! And here are those who are now in our team, they are all just like that)

Salary on time and various interesting projects. There is the possibility of career growth. Close to the metro, which is important for me. They make out according to the TC, so I recommend our company to everyone!

Sergey FullFullFullFull Full

We called on the eve of the graduation and ordered a garland. They quickly formulated the order, arrived in the morning and installed everything. Only positive emotions remained.

Anna Letuk FullFullFullFull Full

We turned to an air fairy tale on the advice of friends. Balls were needed to decorate the wedding. They took carefully, oriented the assortment, offered their ideas by color and decoration of the hall. On the appointed day, they brought on time, helped to decorate everything. I want to thank for an attentive and unobtrusive attitude towards the buyer, as well as for high -quality goods. The balls confidently held out the entire event, and then cheerfully flew into the sky. Now we also advise everyone an air fairy tale!

Ekaterina FullFullFullFull Full

Excellent shop. It was necessary to order helium balls with delivery to school in a couple of hours. All additional leading questions were asked. They delivered to the address during, were not lost. The courier additionally specified where exactly what to say and to whom to convey. Payment was made on the card. Everything is clear. In general, we recommend. Thank you!