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Hybrid pitch technology chosen for the 2018 World Cup stadiums. The advanced reinforced turf system with laser guidance can transform a pitch in 5 days!

Premium lawn backfill SISGrade

SIS Pitches granular infill made of premium ethylene propylene synthetic rubber is highly resilient and durable, providing end users with a high quality alternative to existing granular (styrene butadiene rubber) rubber infills on the market.


Tested to the highest standards, SISGrade meets the most stringent requirements of the EU Chemicals Regulation (REACH), in accordance with the REACH article, Regulation 1907/2006, Annex XVII, Clause 50, and EN 71-3:2013+A1:2014 Toy safety – Part 3: Migration of certain elements – which gives confidence in the chemical composition and sources of other backfill materials.



There are many different infill options for sports surface surfaces. Main types:

  • Rubber crumb Also known as styrene butadiene rubber, this is the most common infill for sports turf. The material is usually made by grinding and granulating recycled materials such as car and truck tires. SBR is not only very cost-effective, but also extremely durable and resilient – ​​ensuring that the infill will perform well year after year.
  • Coated crumb rubber is an improved version of standard crumb rubber, in which recycled styrene-butadiene rubber granules are usually coated with a colored polymer. This makes the crumb more dense and durable.
  • Natural infills – typically made from natural/organic materials such as cork, wood or coconut fiber husk. While natural infill can be recycled after use, it generally has a shorter expected life and can break down much faster than man-made materials. These types of backfill can also be very expensive and are only available from specialized suppliers.
  • EPDM backfill SISGrade – Ethylene propylene synthetic rubber (EPDM) is a synthetic terpolymer elastomer. Thanks to its rich substrate, EPDM is highly resistant to wear, weather, UV and ozone. The material is resistant to many acids and alkalis, but not to mineral oils. EPDM provides excellent resistance to weathering, wear, ozone, chemicals, hot water, steam and polar solvents such as acetone, methanol and esters, as well as outstanding electrical and thermal insulation properties.
  • Other – Alternative artificial rubbers such as TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) are also available.

At SIS Pitches, we will offer infill types based on your customer requirements. Each field is unique and while it is important to be aware of the various options on the market, each has its own benefits. Please contact us if you would like more information on the right backfill for you.