fleas on chickens in a chicken coop

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How to get rid of chicken lice, fleas

Often, chicken contained in the household become victims of not only dangerous ailments, but also banal parasites, like lice and fleas.

Despite the apparent non -critical damage to birds with these pests, they are able to inflict no less damage to them than illness. Therefore, farmers need to know how to remove fleas from chickens right. Causes and treatment of fleas in chickens Consider further

Signs of the presence of skin parasites

Most often, parasites enter the body of birds either from relatives, or from a nest or litter. But, since the most often birds are contained in one space, they can become infected in both ways. It is important for a person to detect pests in time Chickens in the chicken coop And know how to get rid of fleas in chickens.

fleas on chickens in a chicken coop

So, how to understand that Chickens Fleas or ticks? It is quite difficult to do independently, without certain knowledge, since not every farmer will waste time in order to visually inspect parasites, and physically this is not always possible. However, in the appearance of fleas, of course, differ from ticks – the former has antennae and a flattened body. Most often they live where it is warm – under the wings and under the feathers of the birds, because only there is the warmest and most pleasant habitat for them. The ticks, in turn, are larger and less mobile – they simply choose a part of the body to which they suck, and begin to drink blood.

Parasites can be hidden deep in feathers, but even in this situation, their presence can still be determined. Just look at the behavior of the birds – if they have become restless, often itch and began to rush less, then most likely the cause of this behavior was the propagation of parasites.

Can hens die from fleas? With the inattention of the farmer, parasites can multiply so much that the birds will stop fighting them, and they can even die. By the way, these pests often provoke diseases, which also cause the death of birds. That's why Fleet struggle with chickens It should begin immediately after the detection of pests.


How to get rid of fleas in chickens in a chicken coop? It all depends on what stage of the lesion there are birds. In an easier situation, when the presence of pests was detected before they critically multiply, funds, how to treat fleas chickens, can be folk. If the parasites multiply intensively and have already struck the birds quite strongly, then Flea remedy for chickens should be already chemical, since it is more effective.

Folk remedies

What to do if chickens have fleas? The first thing that comes to mind is to use folk pest control methods. One of the rules for keeping these birds on the farm is the presence of special baths in which the birds can bathe in order to remove parasites.

What to bathe chickens from fleas? Ash baths are considered the most effective – just leave a large amount of ash in the house or outside it, in which the birds can periodically bathe. Ordinary sand can also help.

 how to get rid of fleas in chickens

Besides, fleas in chickens and lice folk remedies derived from fragrant plants. Tie brooms from sagebrush or tansy in the house, or you can add sagebrush to nest litter.

Chemical control methods

To remove parasites, first of all, you need to process all surfaces in the house. All litter is thrown away and burned, and the place for laying eggs is burned with a blowtorch. After that, disinfection is carried out in the poultry house – one of the means how to get fleas out of chickens – This is slaked lime. She needs to treat all surfaces, and wash the floors with bleach. After that, during the day, the room is ventilated. Birds for this period, of course, should be transferred to another place.

Chickens from fleas and lice at home folk methods rarely help. More effective will be chemicals based on pyrethroids. These insecticides paralyze parasites and contribute to their rapid destruction. Chickens from fleas and lice are helped by drugs like Nestomazan or Butox – they must be diluted in a liquid and applied to the feathers of birds.

Another means of treating chickens for fleas and lice is Deltamethrin. This is a powder that is convenient to apply to feathers, but you need to work with such a tool in a respirator.

Prevention methods

As with diseases, pests are easier to prevent than to control. To avoid having to rescue the birds from parasites, keep the room where the birds are kept clean, change the bedding in a timely manner and add a sufficient amount of ash and sand. Also make sure that your birds do not come into contact with others, such as neighbors. This is enough to ensure that parasites do not appear in birds.