Free programs for concluding sports

Best programs for sports betting

Betting programs are created mainly by users who have vast experience in the field of bets, as well as with programming skills. It is unlikely that these programs can be considered professional.

They will definitely provide invaluable assistance in the process of concluding bets. Therefore, we want to present to your attention the best utilities from existing at the moment.

TOP-12 free programs

Free programs on the Internet are not always pleased with high quality. Therefore, we decided to take the best of them for you so that you do not stumble upon poor quality software.


This program is designed to implement a variety of strategies for playing Betfire betting. It is presented in the form of a wide base of statistical information on tennis, and also has a scanning mode of the mentioned exchange, simultaneously identifying changes in the coefficients for a specific match. With its help, you can find fights where there is a probability of an agreement, as well as find out about the loads.


This program is used to predict the outcomes (basic and double) for football, basketball and hockey. To form a forecast, these statistics of full -time and previously played during the season of matches are used.

However, now the value of this program is gradually reduced due to the fact that the last update was released by the developer back in 2015.

Project Rejting

This utility will help to determine the ramers. The calculation of those is carried out according to the results of previous matches with an emphasis on statistical information. For example, an attack rating, defense. In addition, the program is able to issue a forecast for a vehicle or a total of a fight.

And it also determines the probability of a triumph of one of the commands using the base method, and calculates the size of the bet according to the Kelly method. However, to work with Project Rejting, you will need to know many formulas, in view of which it is more intended for experienced betters than for beginners.


This program for football bets, or rather for compiling a forecast in automatic mode after entering the statistics of previous meetings and other parameters. However, alas, alas, you can find a lot of analogues on the Internet.


This product is great for users who prefer to play on the Totalizer Accurate Account on the website of the Marathon bookmaker.

The thing is that Totoscore allows you to quickly calculate the number of options for creating the so-called brief system. Of course, this is not a 100% guarantee of winning, but it will definitely increase the chances of final success.


There is a program for a long time, and it can be downloaded from the official website of the well -known in Better among the user Pronosa, but.

Currently, this program is not particularly interesting, because You can use it exclusively to search for a match where you can put on TB or TM 2.5 with a high probability of winning.


A fairly interesting program that is designed to analyze football fights on the basis of previous matches. As a result, Better is given a few tips: 2-3 confident rates on coefficients from 1.40 to 1.60 and a couple of risky bets, the quotes for which are hesitated in the region from 2 to 5.

However, it is best to put on the recommendations of this utility for internal championship , because For European cub and international matches, sometimes she gives out quite strange forecasts.


This utility is used to work with package rates when playing Toto. Conducting programs to support popular totalizers provided by such bookmakers as:

  • Marathon;
  • Fonbet;
  • Betsity;
  • Zenith;
  • 1x bet.

In the course of work, the user receives the amount of potential winning when using different options for outcomes for Toto bets. In addition, the program allows you to maintain results for further work with them.

GolplyUstotal Pro

One of the best programs that has modern tools for calculating the effectiveness of fights. It analyzes statistical data, after which it issues to users recommendations on the rates on total for specific matches.

Golplyus Basketball

This program is focused exclusively on basketball forecasting. After the user prescribes statistical data in special fields, the utility calculates all kinds of totals of a particular match and will issue a recommendation on rates for the optimal outcome, namely: TB or TM.

Bochkov table

This is a development for Microsoft Excel, which works based on statistics. You can insert it into the appropriate fields from the website of the flashscore. To understand the process of working with the utility, you can watch the corresponding video in YouTube, which the developer carefully uploaded to his own channel.

After you indicate in the table the necessary information about full -time matches and the results of the championship, the program will give out some tips on bets on basic and double outcomes, as well as total.

Search Forks

This program is a quality scanner of forks. She will help to find arbitration rates. It is available to download in open sources, and any fan of sports betting can use it without much difficulty.


This is the only paid program that interested us as high -quality software. It is presented in the form of a whole package of products, which can be purchased for 1,500 rubles.

The instructions for using the utility, and the program, as well as the SmartParlay program itself, are available here.As a nice addition, users will also be waiting for the author’s betting strategy for express bets from the developer.

The utility works like most of its analogues: the data of previous matches will need to be entered manually, after which a calculation will be made and a recommendation on bets on the best outcomes for a particular match will be given!