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Event Learning – Organization and holding of corporate holidays – Author's school of Sergei Knyazev

Without Kevordo, a list of literature S. Lemer. Art of organizing events Halzbaur Ulrich. Event Management Bernd Schmitt, David Rogers, Karen Vrozos. Business in

Without Kevordo

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  1. S. Lemer. The art of organizing events
  2. Halzbaur Ulrich. Event Management
  3. Bernd Schmitt, David Rogers, Karen Vrozos. Business in the style of show. Marketing in the culture of impressions
  4. Kuli K., McAwan K. Corporate events that became a legend
  5. El Rice, Jack Traut. Marketing Wars
  6. Judy Allen. Night golf on Barbados
  7. Andrea Campbell. Party in a large company.
  8. Alexander Shumovich. Great events.
  9. Alexander Shumovich, Alexey Berlov. Mix, but do not shake: recipes for organizing events.
  10. Alexey Nazimko. Event marketing: Guide for customers and performers
  11. Alexander Pasmurov. How to effectively prepare and hold a conference, seminar, exhibition
  12. Oleg Nazarov. How to promote a restaurant
  13. Irina Shubina. Organization of leisure and show programs: Creative Laboratory of Scriptwriter

Author's school of Vanchev Event Manager

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