Europe plus "made a chase behind megatyumen likes

At Europe Plus, a large -scale series of games was held in pursuit of likes, each of which was dedicated to one of the holidays – the Day of all lovers, the day of the defender of the Fatherland or the International Women's Day.

Europe Plus staged a chase behind likes

A large -scale series of games Pursuit of Likes was held at Europe Plus.

Each game was dedicated to one of the holidays – the Day of all lovers, the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland or International Women's Day. Listeners of radio No. 1 in Russia* from different regions of the country checked their intuition and received cool gifts from the station.

In order to take part in the prize draw from “Europe Plus” from February 7 to March 8, it was necessary to reach the air at the signal of the presenters and complete the special task – in 30 seconds to guess the number of likes under the last publication on the Instagram page from the world famous Or a domestic artist. The lucky ones who chose the right answer from the proposed options won the branded Bluetooth column, wireless headphones, certificates in spa and barbershop, bouquets of flowers and dinner in a restaurant.

The All -Russian pursuit of likes was joined by students from 29 cities of the European Plus Broadcasting: Bratsk (101.2 FM), Vladimir (102.9 FM), Voronezh (100.3 FM), Yekaterinburg (101.2 FM), Izhevsk (103.0 FM), Kazan (106.8 FM ), Kaluga (102.6), Kemerovo (88.0 FM), Kirov (102.2 FM), Krasnoyarsk (103.8 FM), Kurgan (105.5 FM), Murmansk (101.0 FM), Nizhny Novgorod (103.9 FM), Novosibirsk (103.2 FM), Penza (103.8 FM), Perm (89.4 FM), Rostov-on-Don (105.7 FM), Samara (99.9 FM), Serpukhov (102.9 FM), Sochi (104.4 FM), Stavropol (106.8 FM), Tolyatti (91.3 FM ) Tyumen (101.8 FM), Ufa (106.0 FM), Khabarovsk (105.6 FM), Cheboksary (102.5 FM), Cherepovets (101.6 FM), Chita (102.0 FM).

In pursuit of likes

“Europe Plus” – radio station No. 1 in Russia for a daily, weekly audience and market share in the audience*, as well as the largest network of music stations in the CIS and Baltic countries. More than 9.2 million people (14.4% of the population), weekly – more than 21.6 million people (33.7% of the population), the market share in the audience is 8.3%*. For 14 years in a row, Europe Plus has first place among all Russian radio stations in terms of average annual indicators of the daily audience **.

On the air of the radio station, modern hits of foreign and Russian performers, relevant news and dance music are sounded. To date, the regional network Europe Plus has 389 points of installation of transmitters in 8 countries.

“Europe Plus” is part of the “European Media Group” (EMG) – one of the leading Russian media holdings, the leader of the Russian broadcasting*, in the portfolio of which is also the national broadcasting networks “Road Radio”, “Retro FM”, “Radio 7 on Seven Hills” , New Radio, Studio 21 project, Eldoradio radio station in St. Petersburg, regional radio station Kalina Krasnaya, weekly journal Profile and network publication

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*Mediascope, Radio Index – RUSSIA 100K+, JULY-DECEMBER 2021, Daily Reach, Weekly Reach, AQH Share. Age 12+.
**Mediascope, Radio Index – RUSSIA 100K+, 2008-2021, Daily Reach. Age 12+.