Daniil of nettles. Biography

Russian football player, playing for the 3 team of Lokomotiv, blogger, protagonist of the film Outside the game. Prologue.

Daniil of nettles. Biography

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Born February 14, 2003 in Balashikha. He has been engaged in football from 6 years old. The elder brother, Mikhail Krapivnikov, played for Spartak II and Saturn (Ramenskoye). At the age of 14, Krapivnikov Jr. signed a contract with Lokomotiv.

Daniil of urticaries photography Daniil of urticaries photography

Club career


Daniil of urticaries photography Daniil of urticaries photography

In the debut match for Lokomotiv against the youth team of Torpedo, the railway workers won 2-0. He became a player in the main composition of the “locomotive” of his year of birth. As part of the team born in 2003 He became the champion of the international tournament UTLC Cup [1]. He also advocated for the youth team of the Moscow Spartak, marked with a goal against Lokomotiv.


Since the 2020 season, he plays for the youth team Strogino in the Russian Youth Championship in football.


Since 2018, it also has been playing a team of bloggers 2Drots, performing in the Moscow Cup of Selebri. In a debut match I scored 4 goals. According to the results of the season, he entered the top 3 scorers of the tournament and became the best player of the ISS 2020.

The best days

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Filming in the cinema

In 2018, the documentary “Outside the game was released on the Start platform. Prologue ”, the main character of which was the footballer of the Lokomotiv Academy Daniil Krapivnikov. The story of Daniel served as the basis for the entire series “Outside”. The Prologue was shot and released after the release of the first season of the series and explains the problems of children's football – it is cheaper to buy a ready -made player in a professional team than to grow pupils. Especially if the child is initially lagging behind peers, due to low height and shortage of weight. The history of Krapivnikov in the film is dismantled by the Gus Hiddink, Leonid Slutsky, Alexey Smertin, Stanislav Cherchesov, Yuri Semin, Ilya Herus, Dmitry Kombarov, Alexey and Anton Miranchuki, Alexander Golovin, Dmitry Sennikov, Yuri Rozanov and others.

Together with his brother Michael, he leads his own channel on YouTube, started with the video on the 2Drots channel.