Cyprus time. Time in Cyprus

Cyprus time. Time in Cyprus Cyprus is very clean beaches, hotels with a good service and a light “guide”. Of the entertainment – mini -corses, thalassotherapy and delicious Greek cuisine. Capital

Cyprus time. Time in Cyprus

Cyprus is very clean beaches, hotels with a good service and a light “guide”. Of the entertainment – mini -corses, thalassotherapy and delicious Greek cuisine. The capital of Nicosia, Paphos and Ayia-Napa, Limassol and Protaras-all about Cyprus: weather, tours, reviews, maps and prices.

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Perhaps the most adequate assessment of Cyprus of the tourist will sound like this: Strong Mediterranean good. That is, this is a completely typical direction of the beach holiday, without some bright or unique “chips”, but without big flaws (unless, of course, it is quite high prices). On the island of a soft climate, a service in hotels is quite adequate to their level, and the beaches are very clean, with many blue flags – so that tours to Cyprus are more than well -deserved popular among travelers.

Cyprus regions and resorts

Cyprus island is somewhat excellent beach resorts and one ski.

Time difference with Moscow

no in winter −1 hours

  • With Kaliningrad
  • With Samara
  • With Yekaterinburg
  • with Omsk
  • with Krasnoyarsk
  • With Irkutsk
  • With Yakutsk
  • With Vladivostok
  • With North Kuril
  • With Kamchatka


The daily flight to Larnaka from Moscow has been operated by Aeroflot, and since 2016, the Lawkoster Victory. Three times a week from Moscow to Larnaca and Paphos flies S7 Airlines. On the way – about 4 hours.

From St. Petersburg, direct flights to Larnaka on Thursdays and Sundays are made by the Russia airline. In the summer season, charters fly additionally, and the rest of the time it is easier to fly with a transplant in Moscow.

Also in the summer there are charter flights from Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Rostov-on-Don, Moscow, Samara and other cities.

By sea

The sea can be reached with the help of regular flights and on private ships from the ports of Greece, Egypt and Israel. From the Greek port, Piraeus several transport companies operate regular ferry flights to Limassol and vice versa.

In particular, flights from Greece (including islands), Egypt and other ports are performed by Cruise Cyprus (site in English). Cruises start from 250 EUR per person in one direction. Prices on the page are indicated for September 2018.

Finding air tickets for Cyprus


You can travel around the island on intercity buses. The buses depart from each large city, as a rule, twice a day (morning and evening), except for Sundays.

The fare: approximately 3 EUR per 50 km of path. There are one -time, daytime, weekly, monthly and annual travel tickets. All, except one -time, suggest an unlimited number of trips. A ticket for one trip from Limassol to Larnaca costs 4 EUR, daytime – 7 EUR, weekly – 33 EUR, and monthly – 70 EUR.You can purchase them at stops or from a driver.

There are also single travel tickets that are valid on all intercity routes: for one laziness – 15 EUR, for a week – 75 EUR. More information about tariffs, routes and stops – on the Carrier's website.

Public transport in cities

In large cities there are municipal buses and minibuses. Movement time – from 4:00 (in some cities – from 6:00) to midnight. In large tourist cities, round -the -clock buses go, but they have special night tariffs (but this is in any case cheaper than a taxi). On Sundays and holidays, many drivers have a legal day off, but rare buses are found in tourist centers.

The ticket system is the same as in intercity buses. There are one -time, daytime, weekly, monthly and annual travel. One -time day ticket (from 4:00 to 21:00) costs 1.50 EUR, night (from 21:00 to 4:00) – 2.50 EUR. The daytime weekly travel (no night) will cost 20 EUR, and the intercity (ticket for one day, giving the right to travel both intercity and urban transport) – in 15 EUR.

A taxi can be stopped on the street, called through the hotel administrator, as well as by phone from any store or restaurant. There are two tariffs: daytime (from 6:00 to 20:30) and night (from 20:30 to 6:00, more expensive by 15 %); The tariff for the transportation of baggage on the time of day does not depend. It is better to agree on the price with the driver in advance, and a few words can slow down a little in Greek. The average cost of a trip by taxi 5-10 EUR in 10-15 minutes of travel, depending on the city.

Car rental in Cyprus

Police, Fire Service, ambulance: 112, 199 (around the clock).

Information reference service: 191, 192 (around the clock).


All the beaches in Cyprus are municipal and free, you will have to pay only for sunbeds and umbrellas (3-7 EUR per day). Some hotels provide beach equipment for their guests for free, but this is more about the most expensive hotels. In the centers of cities, hotels from the beach strip separates the highway.

Diving in Cyprus

Diving in Cyprus is not as spectacular as on the Red or Caribbean seas, but also offers good opportunities for beginners and experienced divers. Flora and fauna of the Mediterranean Sea are not particularly diverse, but there are a lot of sunken ships, caves and other curious objects in it. The best places for diving are located around Paphos, Limassol, Larnaki and Ayia Napa.

In Larnaca, there is one of the most interesting dive objects of the world – the Swedish Swedish ferry “Zenobia”, the victim crashed in 1980. None of the crew members were injured, only the steam and trucks, which lie on the seabed at a depth of about 40 m. The depth of 33 m in the same parts rests the HMS Crket cruiser from the Second World War, which went to the bottom in 1947 a little deeper – 50 m – there is a rock in the form of Mushroom Rock mushroom, and 10 m in the depths – Octopus reef, where they live Octopuses.

Suspending in the waters near Larnaki Swedish with the ferry of Zenobia is one of the ten most interesting dive objects of the world.

In Paphos, divers will be interested to see the Greek ship Achilleas, which was wrecked in 1975 under unclear circumstances (depth 12 m), and a unique natural monument, similar to an amphitheater (12 m). And just 5-10 m in these waters you can observe Amphorae Reef – amphoras and other ancient pottery sunk along with Greek galleys.

There are also many ships in the waters near Limassol at different depths, from 7 to 23 m. There are caves that look like ancient tombs where you can watch cute fish living there (for example, Tombs caves at a depth of 12 m).

In Ayia Napa there is a very picturesque canyon (25 m deep) with corals, caves and the remains of ancient Phoenician wooden ships.

Dive centers are located throughout the island. Beginners will first be offered diving in the pool, and then they will be released into open water. Almost every major dive center has Russian-speaking instructors, so there will be no problems with communication.

Beginning divers undergo mandatory training, which includes instructions, a swimming pool and diving in open water at a depth of no more than 10 m. The cost of one dive is from 50 EUR. The Open Water Diving program involves a training course lasting 4-5 days, from 5 dives in open water, and as a result an international diver certificate is issued. Cost – from 250 EUR.

What to bring

Popular souvenirs: a figurine of Aphrodite, models of ships and dolls in national costumes. Fans of culinary delights can bring halloumi goat cheese from Cyprus (convenient for transportation), Cypriot sweets: Turkish delight, halva, suzukos – almond grains in grape molasses, and more.

From October to April, shops are open from 8:00 to 18:00 (break from 13:00 to 15:00), and on Wednesdays and Saturdays they are completely closed in the afternoon. Shops are usually closed on Sundays.

Cuisine and restaurants in Cyprus

The island mainly serves Greek cuisine, differing from its mainland variant in that it has more seafood. Cypriot cuisine is based on meat, fish and vegetable dishes, and the main “culinary attraction” of the island is “meze”: a set lunch that includes 20-30 dishes. Serving meze begins with appetizers, salads and vegetables and ends with meat and fish dishes, and each tavern has its own menu. Another popular Cypriot dish is souvlaki, a shish kebab wrapped in a flatbread. It is traditionally served without sauce so as not to overpower the flavor of the meat. Also noteworthy are moussaka – minced meat baked with vegetables and a sauce of sour cream and beaten eggs, and kupelka – cabbage rolls in grape leaves.

You should definitely try Cypriot feta and halloumi cheeses, as well as green walnuts in syrup. We should not forget about Cypriot wines, spirits and liquors, which are in abundance on the island. The most famous wine is Commandaria. This is a variety of Cahors, and it is best to buy it in the Kykkos monastery on the Troodos.Beer lovers can recommend a foamy drink of two local brands – Keo and Carlsberg.

Those who like it stronger will appreciate Zivania grape moonshine, the alcohol content of which can reach up to 80 °. True, only memories of tasting it can be brought home: the export of drinks with a strength above 50 ° from Cyprus is prohibited.

You can have a cheap snack in eateries or kebabs, which are in abundance on the island. Lunch will cost an average of 5-8 EUR excluding alcohol. The most popular establishments are traditional Cypriot taverns. These are small family restaurants that are inherited from father to son, and the owner and his relatives usually work there. The menu is rarely extensive, but all the traditional local dishes are usually there. Portions are large, you can safely order one for two, and in taverns they are often treated to dessert or liquor. Lunch in such a restaurant will cost 12-20 EUR with wine, dinner can be more expensive.

Hotels and restaurants usually include a 10% service charge on the bill. Therefore, tipping in Cyprus is optional, but a trifle is always accepted with gratitude.

There are also classic restaurants on the island, and the most interesting of them are located at the wineries. They offer Cypriot cuisine and local wine. The average check will be more than in taverns: from 25 EUR per person.

Halloumi is a divinely delicious Cypriot goat cheese that everyone should try.

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Guides in Cyprus

Entertainment and attractions

Cyprus is a relatively small island, but it miraculously accommodates a huge number of monuments of nature, culture, history and art from different eras. The ruins of Stone Age settlements, temples of the times of Ancient Greece, Roman theaters, ancient Byzantine monasteries, Venetian fortresses and Gothic cathedrals have been preserved here. And due to the compactness of the island, many of these attractions can easily be visited within one trip.

It is worth visiting the capital of Cyprus Nicosia, all the main attractions of which are collected in the old quarter of the city. These are the Byzantine Church of Chrysalinotissa and the Church of Tripiotis with the famous iconostasis, the Archbishop's Palace, the Cathedral of St. John, the Famagusta Gate and the Venetian Wall.

On the Akamas peninsula, the ruins of the ancient cities of Morion and Avagos, the monastery of Agios Georgios, have been preserved, and the territory of Lara Beach, located to the south, was chosen by green and large-headed turtles. It is also worth visiting the baths of Aphrodite, which is not far from Latchi Bay. Amathus is one of the oldest cities in Cyprus, the ruins of which are located on the seashore, 5 km east of Limassol. Modern archaeologists have found here the basilica of the early Christian era, the sanctuary of Aphrodite, the ruins of baths and systems of water conduits – of course, their time, as they say, did not spare them, but even in this form they make an impression.

No less ancient Kurion was one of the largest city-states of the island. To this day, Roman baths and rich houses, the sanctuary of the Apollo of Khilatsky, the ancient theater and numerous mosaics have survived there. The mountains of Troodos are a natural reserve and a ski resort. Numerous churches and monasteries are also located there, some of them are included in the list of world cultural values ​​of UNESCO and are under state protection.

Cruises with Cyprus

Mini -coats with Cyprus is an opportunity to go to Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Greece, or Lebanon during rest on the island. For example, a two -day cruise to Egypt includes a trip for the whole day to Cairo (on a visit to the Cairo National Museum) and a tour of the pyramids and a papyrus factory on the second day.

During a cruise in Jerusalem and Bethlehem, tourists will see the Church of the Nativity and the grotto built above the birthplace of Jesus Christ. After lunch at the local restaurant, the tour will continue in the holy city of Jerusalem by visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Calvary and Wailing Wall.

The cost of a two -day cruise starts at 300 EUR per person, this amount usually includes transfers from the hotel to the Limassol port and vice versa, the necessary visas (not always), excursions with the Russian -speaking guide, a full boarding house, the entire entertainment program on board the liners and accommodation in the cabin of the selected categories.

10 things that need to be done in Cyprus

  1. To swim in the Bay of Petra-Tu-Romiu, from where, according to legend, the marine goddess Aphrodite came out of the foam, and gain eternal youth and beauty.
  2. Go to a small winery for a tasting of Commanders and other wines.
  3. Go to the Middle Ages in Cyrian and visit the local shipwreck museum.
  4. Have dinner in an authentic Cyprus tavern and drink with the owner on a glass of liquor.
  5. Buy in the village of Lefkara Hand embroidery tablecloth.
  6. All night before dawn, dance at Aiya Napa discos.
  7. To climb into the tower of the jealous Mavra in Famagust, where in the 12th century the proposed prototype Othello Governor Kiris Christofor Moru lived.
  8. Observe Flamingo on the salt of Lake Alika near Larnaki.
  9. Riding on a donkey named Hitler or Schumacher on the Dipotamos donkey in Aiya Nap.
  10. Look from afar at the ghost city Varosh in Famagust (you can go inside, but very expensive – a fine of 500 EUR).

Holidays and events

A separate reason for traveling to Cyprus is endless holidays and festivals. In April, the country celebrates the national festival of Cyprus. In May -June, the Cataclyazmos is celebrated in the coastal cities – a festival of water and the World Flood, and festival of folk dance takes place in Limassol. In July-August, there is a festival of ancient Greek drama: the performances are given in the ancient amphitheater of Kurion, in the Paphos Odoron, Fort Larnaki and on Monastery Square in Ayia-Nap. The beginning of September, the popular wine festival in Limassol dedicated to the god of winemaking Dionysus overshadows its invigorating breath.

Tourists planning to spend their long -awaited vacation in long hot countries are almost always waiting for a change of time zones. Those who decided to relax at the picturesque Cyprus resorts and have already acquired vouchers, it is necessary to learn all about the time in Cyprus and figure out what temporary difference exists between the Mediterranean island and the cities of Russia. This important information will help travelers not get confused when transferring their hours after arrival, do not be late on vacation, plan campaigns in local stores and visit excursions, and also have time to go home at the end of vacation.

Basic information

Throughout the Mediterranean Island, there is only one time zone: UTC +2 – Winter, UTC +3 – Summer. Therefore, travelers vacationing in such popular resort areas as Larnaca, Paphos, Ayia-Napa, Limassol, Nicosia, etc., will live one time.

Like many European states, the inhabitants of the island are translating time twice a year. In the last days of March, at night, hour -long arrows are translated exactly an hour in advance, and at the end of October – back an hour ago. This feature must be taken into account by all tourists gathering to fly to Cyprus.

How to count?

Russia is a state with a vast territory and several time zones. Therefore, the difference in time with Cyprus in different Russian cities will differ significantly. In addition, our country several years ago completely abolished the spring and autumn translation of the clock, because of this, the difference between Cyprus and Russian time for the same city of Russia will vary in the summer and winter.

Despite all the above features and nuances, it will not be difficult for Russians to calculate the exact time without mistakes and find out how many hours and minutes are now in the resorts of the Mediterranean. The temporary difference between the cities of Russia and the picturesque Mediterranean island is as follows:

  • The time of Moscow is ahead of Cyprus by only 1 hour in the summer months and for 2 hours in the winter, when in Moscow 10.00, on the island 9.00 (in summer) or 8.00 (in winter), thanks to such a small and even insignificant difference, residents of the Russian capital They will practically not feel a sharp change in time upon arrival (the same is waiting for travelers from St. Petersburg);
  • Chelyabinsk, Ufa and Tyumen in the summer months ahead of the resorts of the Mediterranean for 2 hours, on winter days – for 3 hours;
  • Yekaterinburg has a temporary difference with the island of 3 hours (summer months) or 4 hours (in cold);
  • Novosibirsk is located in the UTC +7 time zone, so it is ahead of 4 hours and 5 hours in winter;
  • Cyprus resorts are behind Irkutsk by 6 hours and at 7 hours in winter;
  • Vladivostok overtures Cyprus in the summer for 8 hours, and in winter – for 9 hours.

In order not to get lost in time, tourists can immediately put their watch arrows on the aircraft immediately after landing, as well as transfer mobile phones, tablets and other electronic gadgets for the right time.In addition, upon arrival at the island, the aircraft commander will definitely inform the mundane passengers not only about the weather and air temperature overboard, but also about the time in Cyprus resorts.

Helpful information

To find out what time in Cyprus is now, travelers can go to any site with a tourist orientation. On Internet portals devoted to rest abroad, the exact local time of a particular country is usually indicated. Everyone can find this useful information, as well as information about the weather and climatic conditions of the state.

Cyprus is a popular tourist country in the Mediterranean. However, despite the attractiveness, about to visit this magnificent island in all respects, I would like to first find out what the weather is in Cyprus now, how much time is, whether the flight is long and much more.

The weather of the Mediterranean island

Climate and weather of Cyprus favors excellent and healthy relaxation and life. The life expectancy of Cypriots is much higher than that of the inhabitants of many Western countries. Some dangerous infectious diseases were not even heard here. All this is the merit of the subtropical Mediterranean climate, characterized by dry hot summer and soft warm winter.

Even The water temperature in Cyprus by months is distributed quite evenly without sharp jumps and differences. Therefore, many tourists, accustomed to frosty and harsh winters in their homeland, are freely bathed into the sea even in the coldest period on the island. The period from December to April falls under the definition of Cyprus colds. At this time, the lowest air temperature values ​​are noted +10ºС in the afternoon and +5ºС at night, water +15ºС, and the highest temperatures at the same time – air +21ºС in the afternoon, +15ºС at night and +19ºС can reach the water temperature.

Throughout this period, the number of sunny and clear days is the same as cloudy, rains often go in winter, many resorts are closed, but tourists can be found everywhere. Some, having chosen sunny days, bathe in the sea or in a warm pool and sunbathe, others prefer a rich excursion and entertainment program, and others rush into the mountains, where it is a little colder and you can ski and find out the island from a completely new side.

In the summer, in the hottest months Air temperature during the day can exceed +35ºС But such temperatures are quite easy to tolerate, because the percentage of humidity is relatively low. The only advice that can be given to all tourists going to Cyprus in the summer is to stock up on tanning and protect yourself and their children from direct sunlight. The water temperature in the summer is very pleasant and comfortable for bathing +25ºС – +28ºС. And the fact that the waters of Cyprus are clean and are awarded from year to year of the highest awards and premiums for safety and environmental friendliness is another reason for such a high popularity of Cyprus resorts, compared with other resorts of the Mediterranean Sea.

The most ideal time for visiting the island for the purpose of a resort rest is nevertheless considered the end of spring – the beginning of summer and the velvet season. But everyone has their own views and their temporary restrictions. If the opportunity falls out in the winter to break out of the cold to a warm country that is spoiled by the sun and bathes in its rays all year round, then there is no reason not to do this.

When you found out what the weather is now in Cyprus, you can safely collect a suitcase. Take the necessary documents, money, a phone, a camera and other equipment, a road medicine cabinet and the most necessary things on the road and for life on the island. You go there in winter and do not know if you take bathing costumes? Of course, take it. If you go to this sunny island, no matter what water temperature in Cyprus is now, you can always sunbathe or swim in the pool.

How to get to Cyprus, time difference

The most popular and simple way to get to Cyprus is a trip to the plane. Here, tourists are accepted by two airports in Larnac and Paphos. A direct flight from Moscow to Larnaka takes from 3.5 to 4.5 hours. This takes a little longer than the flight to Turkey, but less than to Egypt. A flight with transfers will take much more time, but it can do a little cheaper.

From Larnaki Airport to Limassol or Nikossia, you can get for 7-8 euros. From countries with ferry communication with Cyprus – Greece, Egypt, Italy – you can get by water.

There is one time zone in Cyprus. There is an island in East European time – GMT+2. At the end of March, on his last Sunday, in Cyprus they transfer the arrows of the clock for 1 hour. And at the end of October, they return 1 hour ago. Thus, in Moscow difference in time with Cyprus is 2 hours in winter, and 1 hour – in the summer . When in Moscow 9 hours, in Cyprus, in any of its city – 8 hours in the summer and 7 hours in the winter.

Knowing the time zone of Cyprus and your city or country, you yourself can easily calculate the time in Cyprus now, or at any other point in time. And so that the flight and the difference in time do not play a cruel joke with you, prepare yourself in advance for this event. And upon arrival, after a short rest, try to get as many positive emotions and impressions from this fascinating and wonderful island.

Cyprus is a paradise that gave people love, because it was here that the goddess Aphrodite was born. She came out of the sea foam, illuminated by bright sunlight, under the sonorous singing of birds. Everything here seems to be filled with its presence: the blue sky, fragrant plants, quiet stellar nights. Cool forests are beckoning into their shadow, golden beaches are filled with joy and health, a delightful aroma spreads everywhere from citrus gardens.

Everyone who goes to the island is interested in the difference in time with Cyprus.Indeed, for a comfortable rest, it is important that the body is easily adapted. Going on a trip, it is better to ask in advance in which time zone the resort is.

The difference in time with Cyprus

Everyone knows that a day consist of 24 hours. In accordance with this, our entire planet is divided into the same number of time zones. Also, the belt system contains 24 meridians. The zero belt, from where the counting begins, is called its longitude is zero. Having studied the map of time zones, we can conclude that Cyprus relative to Greenwich has +2 hours.

So, for people traveling Moscow-KiPre, the difference in time will be only one hour. This has a very positive effect on the condition of the body. Moscow tourists do not have to adapt at all. The flight in comfortable conditions takes only four hours, so on the first day, without wasting time to restore strength after the road, you can plunge into this exotic world, and the hourly difference with Cyprus does not affect well -being.

General description of the island

Cyprus is famous for its most beautiful landscapes. Here, echoes of ancient Byzantine culture are observed everywhere. Once upon a time, the island was part of Byzantium, Turkish, British and Arab conquerors dominated here at one time. The ancient castle of Colossus testifies to the Byzantine rule. The left-handed movement confirms the fact that the British once won the island.

The huge territory of the island is occupied by mountains, they are covered with chic coniferous forests. They lost many traces of ancient monasteries and ancient cities. All tourists seek to visit these unforgettable places.

The capital of Cyprus is called Nicosia. On its territory there are many interesting historical monuments. The largest resorts in the island are the cities of Paphos, Larnaca, Ayia -Napa and, of course, Protaras. All of them are located in the south of the island. They have a high level of ecology, have awards of the European Union. Vacationers here tourists can go on an excursion to Israel, Egypt or to the island of Rhodes.


Tourists are, of course, not only the difference in time with Cyprus, but also local natural conditions. A soft Mediterranean climate prevails here. The weather is always warm, in the summer the unobtrusive sun warms the air to 35 degrees, but there is no sultry heat, since the sea breeze pleasantly evokes coolness. In winter, the temperature does not drop below 15 degrees.

Doctors believe that Cyprus is a place with a beneficial climate for health. Those who suffer from thyroid diseases, without any medicine, often recover, having lived on this island a year and a half. The difference in time with Cyprus for residents of central Russia is completely not noticeable, it is also an important factor for health restoration, because the body does not require additional forces to adapt.

The sea and the sun

All beaches in Cyprus are municipal, you most often have to pay for beach equipment. The beaches in Aiya Napa are the best. An attractive Nissy Beach is also attractive with her snow-white sand, there is a small island nearby in the water. The sandy bay, golden sands are popular in Cyprus. The beautiful pebble beach of Petra-Tu-Romio is held apart. The longest beach in Cyprus is a ladies' mile, it is west of Limassol, is very popular among the local population. On the governor's beach, beach parties are often held. In Larnac, Phenicades and Mackenzie are popular. Often hotels in Larnaca, Paphos and Limassol are provided with free beach equipment to their guests, but in AIA-NAP and Protaras this will be very rare.

Where to stay

The difference in time with Cyprus is easily determined. Knowing that from the Greenwich meridian Cyprus is located at +2 hours, being anywhere, you can calculate the time of arrival on the island. It is worth noting that there are many hotels on the island, which receive guests around the clock. Service categories here are different, from two stars to five. Two -star hotels of a rather decent level, equipped with air conditioning, although this is paid additionally. Often you can find Russian -speaking staff in hotels. Breakfasts in 2* hotels continental, 3-5* – a buffet was organized. Some hotels offer half a panic: lunch or dinner to choose from. Modern hotels categories 2-4* offer the All inclusive system. The higher the rating of the Ayia Napa hotels, the greater the likelihood that the institution has its own beach.

What to watch

Nicosia is considered one of the most ancient cities in the world. Here you can see many architectural masterpieces who are thousands of years old. The gates of Famagusta are located in the old part of the city. Here, musical evenings and exhibitions are constantly held here. Nearby, north of the gate, there is the Byzantine church of Chrysaliniotis, it contains an amazing collection of Byzantine icons. It should be noted that all historical attractions are located here near each other, you can walk around them on foot.

For residents of Russia, the difference in time with Cyprus is completely indispensable, so many here are easily wake up and meet the dawn. Such beauty can only be seen in these paradise. The rising bright red sun, the snowy tops of the mountains and the gentle rustle of the waves, at some point it seems that now the goddess Aphrodite will appear from the sea foam. Thousands of lovers seek to arrive at Cyprus in order to get into this magical atmosphere and get the blessing of the goddess of love.


In the resorts of Cyprus, no one is bored. On the beach during the day there are many entertainments: paralagayding, walking boats, banana skating, high -speed skis, canoe, boats with a glass bottom. Aquariums, dolphinaries, water parks are located everywhere on the shore.In the pathos of golf fields, even professionals are surprised by their convenient arrangement. At night, dozens of clubs and bars are open for lovers of noisy parties and discos. Those who prefer a quiet, romantic environment can also find many restaurants with a cozy atmosphere here.

Attention, only today!

Cyprus is one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean, which is a very popular resort direction. Rest in Cyprus is distinguished by the comfort of clean beaches, the charm of mysterious grottoes, a variety of sea flora and fauna, and a wealth of art monuments.

Cyprus regions and resorts

The territory of the island is divided into two regions. The Republic of Cyprus is located in the southern part, and in the North – the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Basically, tourists come to rest in the southern part of the island.

Cyprus tours were especially fond of Russian tourists because of the magnificent beauty of nature, the magnificent service and the unique color of this island. Cyprus hotels correspond to the needs and preferences of various categories of tourists.

Fans of outdoor activities and nightlife can choose such resorts as Ayia Ata, Paphos and Limassol. Cyprus also has resorts where you can relax calmly with the family, for example, Larnak and Protaras.

Climate and weather in Cyprus

The climate of Cyprus cannot be described as a typically Mediterranean. Because weather conditions here differ significantly from other countries of this region. Thanks to low atmospheric pressure, a sharply continental climate dominates here. Summer in Cyprus is quite dry and hot, the winter is quite soft.

The summer season begins in mid -May and ends in mid -September. Warm winter begins at the end of November and lasts until the beginning of March. Short spring and autumn have comfortable weather.

Rest in Cyprus is good at any time of the year, since the sky is almost always clear here. Line day lasts in December 9.8 hours, and in June 14.5 hours.

The average daily temperature in the hot summer months varies in the range of 22-29 ° C. The average maximum temperature is 27-36 ° C. In winter, in the central region of the island from 18 ° C, coastal areas up to 14 ° C. The sea temperature in the summer months in the coastal zone from 22 ° C to 27 ° C, and in winter about 16-17 ° C.

The difference in time between Moscow and Cyprom

Cyprus is in an excellent clock from Moscow (UTC +2), but in fact, the time difference is very small – minus 1 hour.

Transport in Cyprus and transfer from airports

Most tourists fly to Cyprus by plane. There are two modern airports in Cyprus, which are in Larnaca and Paphos. The sea fleet carries out passenger transportation and cruises. Large ports are located in Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos.

In Cyprus, an excellently developed automobile transport network, but there is no internal air traffic and there are no railways. On the island, you can comfortably travel by bus, taxi, and you can also rent a car. Movement in Cyprus is left -handed.

Tours to Cyprus, as a rule, include a transfer or you can order it additionally. In this case, the hotel staff will meet you at the airport. You can also pre-order a transfer online.

A transfer from both airports to the nearest Limassol will cost about 55 euros, and to the farthest resort of Paphos – 125-150 euros.

Currency in Cyprus

The current currency in Cyprus is the euro, which was put into circulation on January 1, 2008. Before that, the Cypriot pound was the official currency on the island.

Do not forget to change Russian rubles on the territory of the Russian Federation, as they are not accepted in the banks of Cyprus.

Sights of Cyprus

Cyprus is the cradle of European culture. This island has a huge number of architectural monuments and other unique attractions. Let's name the most popular of them:

  • Rocks of Aphrodite;
  • Baths of Adonis;
  • Monastery of Kykkos;
  • Ancient city of Kourion.

What not to do in Cyprus

In Cyprus, it is strictly forbidden to take pictures and make videos in active temples, military personnel and strategic objects. It is not allowed to take any photo or video in the border area between North and South Cyprus.

10 things to do in Cyprus

  1. Ayia Napa is famous for its clean beach, which is worth a visit.
  2. Step over the Green Line dividing Nicosia into two parts – the capital of the Turkish and Cypriot territories.
  3. Taste the local Commandaria wine.
  4. Taste the Meze dish, which is a set of appetizers for wine, served in a special sequence.
  5. Go to the Shipwreck Museum, where the remains of a Greek ship from the era of Alexander the Great are located.
  6. Swim in the bay of Petra tou Romiou to feel younger and more beautiful.
  7. In winter, visit the Aliki salt lake to admire flocks of pink flamingos.
  8. Climb the citadel of Othello near Famagusta, where the prototype of the jealous Moor, the Venetian governor, killed his wife Desdemona.
  9. Visit the fortress of the Crusaders of St. Hilarion in the Turkish part of Cyprus.
  10. Learn to dance a local dance.

Shopping in Cyprus

In Cyprus, you can buy locally good wine, prices for which start from 2 euros. You can bring delicious local sweets and spices as a gift to loved ones. The island has a large selection of fairly inexpensive souvenirs.

If we talk about larger purchases, then the prices for goods of such democratic brands as Mango, Zara, CA and others are somewhat lower than in Moscow, but higher than in many countries of continental Europe.

Holidays and events in Cyprus

Southern Cypriots celebrate almost the same holidays as the inhabitants of neighboring Greece. In Greek Orthodoxy, Easter is considered the biggest holiday of the year, and Christmas is the second most important.

The largest secular holiday is October 1st – Independence Day of Cyprus.

Muslim holidays are celebrated in the northern part of the island.

Cypriot cuisine

Although most Cypriot dishes are similar to the food of Greek and Turkish cuisine, they are distinguished by a special color.

The basis of the kitchen of Cyprus is meat, poultry, fish, seafood and vegetables. Often, dishes are prepared on the fresh air and are abundantly seasoned with fragrant spices.

Once in Cyprus, it is worth trying such dishes as Hallumi, Keftedes, Tarhan soup, deep -fried Kalamari, languid in the wine of Octapodi, Slavtelia and others.

Cyprus hotels

Cyprus hotels are distinguished by excellent service, comfortable rooms with all amenities, depending on your chosen category of the hotel. You can relax, enjoying beautiful beaches and visiting interesting excursions.