At the start of the Russian Championship - 2014/15, the Torpedo players first played against the champion, and now against the vice-champions from Zenit

Announcement of the match of the second round of the Russian championship; 2014/15; Zenith; Torpedo.

Gazeta.Ru represents the participants in the match of the second round of the Russian Premier League-Zenit (St. Petersburg) and Torpedo (Moscow), recalling the history of the relationship between these teams.

Announcement of the match of the second round of the Russian Championship – 2014/15 Zenit – Torpedo

At the start of the Russian Championship - 2014/15, the Torpedo players first played against the champion, and now against the vice-champions from Zenit

The match of the second round of the Russian Championship-2014/15 between the St. Petersburg Zenit and the Moscow Torpedo will be remarkable for the fact that it, unfortunately, will be held without spectators according to the decision of the RFU Code of Council in connection with well-known events in the end of the meeting of the 29th round of the premiere Legs of the 2013/14 season, in which the blue-white-blue played against the metropolitan Dynamo.

Thus, the Zenitites are not the first time to lose their true and loyal fans who will not be able to cheer up for the team in the stands of the Petrovsky stadium.

By the way, a brigade of referees, led by Judge Igor Nizovtsev from Nizhny Novgorod, as well as his two assistants, Vladislav Nazarov from Nevinnomyssk and Alexei Shiryaev from Stavropol, will serve this meeting.

It is worth noting that the confrontation between Zenit and Torpedo, interrupted after 2006, will become the 25th for clubs as part of the highest division. Moreover, in the 24 previous matches, football players from the city on the Neva celebrated the victory 11 times, in seven cases a draw was recorded, and only six wins were black and white (with a total difference of 38–31 goals scored and missed).

It is interesting that two of these Victorias were mined by the car factory on the territory of the opponent. So, in the debut match, held on May 17, 1992 at the Kirov stadium, the guests stopped on account 3: 2 in their favor. But on May 5, 2001, they simply defeated the locals at Petrovsky (3: 0), while their forward Dmitry Vyazmikin designed a double.

Muscovites have achieved the four other triumphs in the then homes for themselves Luzhniki: 2: 1 (July 31, 1996), 1: 0 (August 28, 1999), 3: 2 (August 18, 2001) and 3: 1: 1: 1: 1 With the winning duplet of the former Zenitts Alexander Panov (April 25, 2004).

But Petersburgers can boast of the fact that they were not inferior to the torpedoes in the last five meetings, including three winnings in a row. One of them even turned out to be large-on September 18, 2005, on the field of the same large sports arena, the blue-white-blue answered 4-0 defeats thanks to the goals of Alexander Kerzhakov, Andrei Arshavin and Duba Igor Denisov.

To complete the picture, you can also mention the pleasant for the “zenith” of the teams in the semifinals of the Premier League Cup-2003 (2: 2 on the road and 3: 1 house) and in the quarterfinals of the Russian Cup-2005/06 (2: 0 at home and 3: 3: 3: 3: 3: 3: 3: 2 Visiting).

So the current season, these clubs began in different ways. Silver winners of the Russian Championship-2013/14 played in a large way with Arsenal in Tula, giving debutants a lesson with a result of 4: 0. And those who returned to the elite from the third place in the FNL Avtozavodsy allowed the current champions from CSKA to win a volitional victory in the metropolitan derby (1: 4).

Forecast Gazeta.Ru – 3:1 victory Zenith

It is unlikely that the empty stands of the stadium will have such a significant impact on the emotional mood of the St. Petersburg stars. They are noticeably superior to the black-and-whites in terms of individual skill, not to mention their own transfer value.

True, not all the wards of the Portuguese coach of Zenit Andre Villas-Boas succeed in confirming this high class, at least not in every match. Vivid confirmation of this is the game of the striker of the Brazilian national team Hulk.

Torpedo players are also capable of surprises, similar to those that were in the first minutes in a meeting with fellow army men. However, while the team rising from the ashes under the leadership of Nikolai Savichev does not inspire confidence that it has the necessary margin of safety. Although, of course, she got her opponents in the first two rounds of the season as a selection…

It is noteworthy that the ex-striker of the Russian national team, St. Petersburg Zenit and Moscow Torpedo Alexander Panov gave his forecast for the upcoming match, in which he gave preference to the three-time champions of Russia.

“My sympathies will be given to Torpedo, but they have little chance: somewhere 70/30 in favor of Zenit. Still, the torpedo players do not reach the status of the team that Zenit will not beat. Of course, for some period of time, the Torpedo team will resist and look good, as it was in the game with CSKA, but the class will eventually affect. In general, I have no doubts about the victory of Zenit,

– conveys the words of the former football player R-Sport.

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