Ludmila Tsupko

Anastasia Bubnova: “I will try to make the name of our city sound as loud as possible! ”

Anastasia Bubnova: “I will try to make the name of our city sound as loud as possible!” / Lighthouse. Pinery. Leningrad region.

Anastasia Bubnova: “I will try to make the name of our city sound as loud as possible!”

Ludmila Tsupko

– I have been recording for many years at the studio of Igor Latyshko (St. Petersburg producer, composer and performer – ed.) L-sound. Igor usually does not invite me to festivals – he says that I have outgrown them and that it is better for me to focus on a solo, author's career. And when I recorded the song “Thank you, grandfather” in his studio, he said that it must be shown to people. He sent it to the editor, and they immediately called me back and let me into the concert program! And there were already two qualifying rounds, more than 600 participants, several nominations … I'm still at a loss, everything happened so quickly.

– What is the song that the organizers liked so much? On your page you said that you dedicated it to your grandfather…

– I wrote it a long time ago, but there was no reason to record it in the studio. My grandfather Terekh – full name Terenty – from the Vologda region. He gave himself a year to get into the war. He received four serious wounds, a fragment got into his eye, he did not have one leg. But this did not stop my grandmother from waiting for him, and then giving birth to five children for him. My mother is the youngest. She always cries a lot when she remembers her grandfather …

– Tell us about the video for this song. You invited a special guest to shoot, right?

– We started shooting even before I got to the festival. Dmitry Bykovsky has also been writing in the L-sound studio for a long time – he sings very beautifully, he has a strong voice, a baritone! And I had no doubts about who to invite for the role of grandfather. When I asked him what fee he would take, he replied that he was very attracted when young people were patriotic, and would gladly take part in the filming for free. It's amazing how people are attracted to this project! It was the same with “Gerda” (a video for Anastasia's song, filmed in Sosnovy Bor this winter – ed. note): we did not plan to shoot at all, but people themselves began to offer help.

– When will you be able to perform on the big stage?

– It is not yet known exactly, but the organizers say that around August. The level, of course, is very high. The jury includes Viktor Drobysh, Igor Latyshko, Vladimir Dyadenistov… And, of course, I will try not to lose face so that the name of our city sounds as loud as possible!