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What kind of strange devices began to find Russians in supermarkets? Of course interesting. I read in the news: visitors to supermarkets and grocery stores were puzzled by the origin of the mystery | Ahtung, Ahtung! Der Find Hunt Mit! | Author Couteau/Kuto. More articles of the author read on the site.

Ahtung, Ahtung! Der Find Hunt Mit!

CouteauCouteau/kuto القيق في الحالة قimes الخيرة

What kind of strange devices began to find Russians in supermarkets?

Visitors to supermarkets and grocery stores were puzzled by the origin of mysterious electronic devices, which they began to detect on a shopping campaign. We tell who leaves them there and for what purpose.

Employees and visitors to retail chains began to find strange electronic devices hidden in various places of retail stores and supermarkets. For a long time, many simply did not pay attention to small boxes of gray and black colors, which are disguised as ordinary electric distribution boxes.

The first alarm was the alarm was the employees of the security service of one of the stores, finding a device connected to the outlet with an ordinary network cord, which is not characteristic for electric distribution station. As it turned out, the Raspberry Pi device was hidden behind the plastic case, which is a full -fledged computer in size only 8.5 by 5.5 cm.

This mini-device is very popular among hackers and can be used for a wide variety of fraudulent operations: from illegal mining of cryptocurrencies to hacking ATMs. With its help, for example, you can steal someone else's drone or easily open a neighbor's barrier. In 2018, hackers using Raspberry Pi even managed to hack the NASA server.

In addition, sometimes hackers use these mini-computer as WiFi radars (sniffers) to collect MAC addresses from smartphones, but most likely you will not even know about it. The usual look of a guy with a backpack on his back may turn out to be those who specifically visit public places in order to collect as much information as possible about visitors.

And in order not to attract unnecessary attention, attackers began to hide such devices in supermarkets in which there are blind zones of video surveillance chambers, which allows them to analyze traffic remotely.

If you forget to turn off Wi-Fi, leaving the house, then subsequently, for example, you can find that you are shown an advertisement for a new cafe that has opened nearby, or a competing store with lower prices. However, this is the most harmless use of sniffers. In addition to showing targeted advertising, with their help you can steal passwords, as well as distribute malicious software, loading the corresponding scripts. In general, there is little pleasant.

Now you know what potentially dangerous devices look like, and if they are detected in a supermarket, you will always be on the alert.

Now we know and we will be on the alert.

Well, they noticed. An ordinary-looking guy with a backpack on his back. Small gray and black boxes that are disguised as regular electrical junction boxes.