7 applications and services for Tiktok users

7 applications and services for Tiktok users – Lifehacker

Use the capabilities of these applications in order to stand out among many identical vertical videos in Tiktok.

7 applications and services for Tiktok users

7 applications and services for Tiktok users

The official Tiktok application allows you to record video and impose filters on it. But if you do not create your own content, but only look at the accounts of other users, then you simply do not need these functions and only weight the client.

Try Tiktok Lite: it occupies less memory, more economically consumes traffic, and also allows you to download the video for viewing in autonomous mode. A useful thing for those who want to follow what is happening in our Tiktok, but do not want to record the videos himself.

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2. Tiktok Wall Picture

If you love Tiktok so that you don’t even want to close it, install the official Tiktok Wall Picture application. This program allows you to convert a video from the social network to live wallpaper. You can enjoy them, even when the client will turn. However, keep in mind that not all smartphones support this opportunity.

Open the desired video in Tiktok, click “Share” → “Live Photo”. Wait for the loading ending, then open the Tiktok Wall Picture, touch the “Install Live Photo” button and select the saved file.

3. Quik

Gopro universal corporate video editor. It will come in handy to create professional videos for YouTube, Instagram* and Tiktok. A bunch of filters, templates, styles, synchronization with audio roads, the ability to add photos, smart pruning, different fonts and other tricks will help you create truly unique videos.

4. Videoshop

Another video editor with a lot of opportunities. Pruning and changing the sizes of rollers, creating animated headlines, transitions, slowdown and acceleration, sound effects and music imposition – there is everything to diversify your videos.

5. Inshot

This editor is characterized by a huge number of stickers and emoji, which you can apply on your videos. To do this, you just need to find a suitable option on the network, download and insert into the video. The dimensions and position of the elements can be configured.

In addition to stickers and emoji, Inshot has a video pruning, adding texts and inscriptions, filters and the ability to install an interesting background for the video.

6. Video Downloader for Tiktok

This simple free program allows you to download a video with a water sign or without it.

Install the application, copy the link to the video, insert it into the empty field, and the video will be downloaded. It can be sent by mail, loaded into a cloud or open in a third -party application.

There is no similar application on the iPhone, but you can still download the video from there. To do this, open Tiktok Downloader in Safari and insert a link to the video there.

7. Seekmetrics

The service is useful to Tiktok users who want to promote their account. As you know, the key to popularity is the addition of the right hashtags. And SeekMetrics will help select these.Despite the fact that the service, according to the description, is designed for Instagram* and Twitter, it can also be used with Tiktok. Just enter the word that interests you, and SeekMetrics will give out suitable hashtags.