5th Dachnaya St., 11 in Saratov 🇷🇺

5th country street, house 11 on the map of Saratov 2022. Detailed geographical, satellite, online and offline card of Russia. Geographical coordinates.

House 11 on 5th Dachnaya Street Saratov

House 11 -The building on the 5th Dachnaya Street in Saratov, located next to the houses 9a and 70/3 on the same street and houses: 13b, 13 and 11 on Gvardeskaya Street.

Geographical coordinates

  • Absolute in degrees, minutes and seconds:
    51° 35′ 8″ N • northern latitude
    45° 56′ 17″ E • Eastern longitude
  • In degrees with decimal shares:
    51,585524°; 45,937939°

Postal address in English:

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Address plate house 11, 5th country streetAddress plate at house 11, 5th summer cottage street