21 best fitness site for an active lifestyle

21 best fitness site for an active lifestyle

21 Best Fitness Sit: Russian-speaking and English-language resources devoted to training, healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle

21 best fitness site for an active lifestyle

21 best fitness site for an active lifestyle

Healthy and active lifestyle

21 best fitness site for an active lifestyle

In this article, I offer you my top sites, which includes 21 best, in my opinion, fitness site for those who lead an active lifestyle or are going to start leading it.

The Internet is the easiest and most affordable source of information for any sphere of life. If you want to do bodybuilding, lose extra pounds, get rid of diseases and make a beautiful figure, then sites dedicated to the topic of sports and fitness will become your faithful assistants.

Attention! The article was written in 2012, and from that time both the sites themselves and the author’s opinion changed. The updated version of the hit parade is preparing

Why exactly fitness-website?

I am surprised, but so far many people, usually in age, believe that fitness is something like gymnastics for women. In fact, fitness is not any specific physical education or sports discipline.

This is a common name for all methods by which you can change your figure and health for the better.

The word fitness comes from English to fit – Correct, be in good shape. Methods for “improving” forms can be very different – these are strength training, and running, gymnastics, and yoga, and all kinds of newfangled systems like Zumba or P90x. If you want, call it physical education. Therefore, in this article I will use the phrase “fitness site” as a definition of a site that provides information and tools to help lovers of a healthy and active lifestyle.

A little about a review of fitness sites

All sites participating in the review are either completely free, or offer a choice between a free account and a pro-version that includes additional, but completely uncritical buns for the user. Because of this, popular, but completely commercial projects like Dailyburn. The only exception is FitLinkwho asks to make a one -time symbolic fee in order to confirm his interest.

In the West, fitness culture is not developed better than ours, so I want to start a review from the most progressive English-speaking fitness sites, leaving ours “for sweet”. If you own English at least at the level Pre-Intermediate (below the average), you can extract maximum benefits from these sites. The exception is the Finnish social network Heiaheia, which has a section in Russian.

Foreign fitness sites


Let's start with my favorite fitness site. Myfitnesspal is a tool for keeping nutrition and training diaries (tracker), which has amazing functionality. Everything seems to be simple – you set the goal of training, weight loss or weight gain, the calculator calculates the optimal calorie intake, and you begin to keep a diary.And here the entire potential of MyfitnessPal is revealed – the site base simply has a huge amount of food and exercises, as well as the ability to add your own options. If you approach the diary responsibly, then you can get almost any statistics and graphs according to your nutrition and training and draw the right conclusions. The forum operates on the basis of the site, as well as for most other viewing participants, there are special mobile applications for smartphone owners.

Pros: a huge base of products and exercises, many opportunities for conducting statistics

Cons: weak social component


Another tracker, similar to Myfitnesspal, but sharpened specifically for the fight against excess weight. There is no such grandiose base and meticulous description of products, however, the interface is more modern, more social functions, there are opportunities for creating a photo gallery and maintaining your blog. If Myfitnesspal is exclusively your tool and assistant, then Extrapounds is created for those who want to not only track their progress, but also actively communicate with like -minded people.

Pros: a lot of statistics management opportunities, a convenient interface

Cons: not found


The third tracker in our review, similar to the first two, but having a greater focus on achieving the goals. Every week you set goals in three areas – nutrition, training and motivation, and performing them, get points. The site has a large collection of training programs and recipes, as well as a large community in which, according to the owners of the site, a large number of fitness experts are taking part, ready to answer questions from beginners. Unlike Myfitnesspal and Extrapounds, by default, it provides you with a ready -made diet plan.

Pros: a lot of statistics management opportunities, a convenient interface, emphasis on motivation

Cons: not found


Tracker, sharpened for training. The user is provided with more than 300 different exercises and a convenient tool for maintaining a training diary with separation of exercises into muscle groups. Compared to Extrapounds and Sparkpeople, it looks simple, but at the same time it has deeper opportunities for building and planning training. To wemers interested people from spammers and simply curious people during registration, they offer to make a one-time fee of $ 5, so the site can be called conditionally-commercial, but in any case, the huge capabilities of the site cost these five bucks.

Pros: a huge base of exercises, the possibility of detailed training planning

Cons: a minimalist design that can scare away beginners; One -time payment for access


For 2018, the site no longer exists!

An interesting social network, sharpened for setting goals. You set yourself a goal and term, and when performing you earn points. The trick is that all goals fall into the general list, and anyone can join you and compete.Conversely, you can choose a goal from a common list, and strive to achieve it along with dozens of other participants. As you know, competition with others is excellent motivation. The goal may be everything that relates to self -development – from weight loss and set of muscle mass to the ability to say no and avoiding negative thoughts.

Pros: unusual concept, high motivation

Cons: not found


The Finnish social network Heiaheia is closest to classic networks like “Odnoklassniki” and “VKontakte”. Friends of friends, interest communities, the ability to set assessments and comment on entries. However, simple communication is not limited. At any time, you can add a note to your tape about the (or expected) training session indicating its type and duration. The days of training of training due to illness are also fixed. Thus, at any time, you can get the main statistics on training and see what your friends have recently been doing.

A competitive element is also present – every week your friend is displayed in a special field, who spent most time for training, motivating you to approach its results.

Pros: Russian -speaking interface, interesting design

Cons: with the support of the Russian language, low popularity in Russia, which is why it is quite difficult to find friends or just people involved in your sport; The minimum of the possibilities for keeping a diary (only the type of training and the time spent is taken into account).


For 2018, the site no longer exists!

At first glance, this fitness site seems to be an ordinary search engine for resources associated with a healthy lifestyle. However, with a careful acquaintance, he refuses that a huge portal is hiding behind the search line, which provides access to hundreds of groups and blogs on any topic related to fitness and health. After registration, you are provided with a personal page on which you can track all your posts in the communities, news in blogs, as well as set goals.

Pros: A lot of diverse information on any topic

Cons: not found


Another popular community dedicated to sports and health, but already in a more familiar format for us. Forums, blogs, expert advice.

Pros: A lot of diverse information on any topic
Cons: not a very convenient interface

Men’s Health

Fitness Magazine

Two fitness sites, which are online representatives of popular English-speaking magazines. Many articles in the style of “how to pump 6 cubes in 6 weeks”, designed for the widest audience, pictures and infographics, expert advice and everything else that can attract an inexperienced reader. MH in the electronic version in the West has simply crazy popularity, just note that every second article in the Stumbleupon recommendation service from the Fitness section sends us to the MH website.Fitness Magazine is somewhat less popular, but has one advantageous difference – a huge section of training videos.

Pros: many useful and interesting articles on popular topics

Cons: a lot of useless and uninteresting articles. Filtering required 🙂


A sophisticated fitness blog with a video section and several tools for keeping diaries and calculating calories, indices, etc. To some extent, it is similar to Men's Health and Fitness Magazine, but it does not have a paper version, and the published articles are more serious character. When entering the site, the reader is invited to display one of the sections – men's, which focuses on strength training, or women's, dedicated to cardio, stretching and yoga. Definitely bookmarked!

Pros: many useful and interesting articles on popular topics

Cons: not found

Russian-language fitness websites

Our sites, in comparison with their foreign counterparts, in fact, have only one advantage – they are in Russian. We do not have popular social networks dedicated to a healthy and active lifestyle, and those that do exist are at the very beginning of their development and do not amaze with either functionality or design. There are simply no video portals and full-fledged trackers, and the bulk of communication takes place in groups of popular social networks and communities, such as LiveJournal, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Facebook, Mail.ru, etc. From standalone fitness sites we have popular information portals. However, there is every reason to believe that sooner or later we will have trackers and full-fledged fitness communities in which it will be possible not only to communicate, but also to compare results and strive to achieve goals.

As promised, the second part of the article is devoted to a review of the top ten sites of choice and not the worst fitness site folkextreme.ru – active lifestyle 🙂

Healthy Russia

I want to start the review of Russian-language fitness websites from the Healthy Russia state portal, which operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Health. If you regularly watch TV, you might have noticed the site's ads that flickered on the central channels at one time. In addition to the articles about a healthy lifestyle standard for the information portal, here you can find infographics, various promotional products – leaflets, brochures, posters, etc., as well as a small tracker that cannot be compared with the same Sparkpeople or Myfitnesspal, but , as they say, for lack of fish and cancer – fish. It's nice that much attention is paid not only to weight loss and nutrition, but also to the fight against bad habits. Unfortunately, it doesn’t particularly catchy, and, to be honest, for state millions it could have been done much better. But in general, this is a good, solid fitness site that rightfully takes its place in the list of the best.

Pros: the presence of a tracker, active promotion of a healthy lifestyle

Cons: the site can quickly get bored; lack of community


Sports Encyclopedia on a Wiki-slide, a kind of “Wikipedia” about training and nutrition. The resource positions itself as an “encyclopedia of scientific bodybuilding”, but, in fact, one BB is not limited to one BB – there are many articles about proper nutrition, weight loss and health in general. Sportswiki is a non -profit project, however, it has qualified specialists in its staff, so it claims to be reliable.

Pros: diversity, accuracy and relevance of information

Cons: the project is created by programmers, not designers, and such useful sections as Body-Expert are made on the knee. However, the authors of the site do not hide this.

Fatal Energy

The best, in my humble opinion, from modern Russian -speaking communities about strength training. Initially conceived as a forum, the site gradually grew into a portal on which you can find many articles and books, calculators, reference books and various training videos. But the main feature of the site remains in the forum: more than 2 thousand, 12 thousand users and the atmosphere of informal communication allow you to find almost any information on training and nutrition.

Pros: a huge community, a lot of information

Cons: a very weak portal component

Geek Runner

The information portal for running lovers, working on the same engine as the popular Habrahabr.ru and outwardly almost indistinguishable from it. The project consists of many blogs covering everything related to running – training programs, clothes and running shoes, gadgets, food, interviews with famous athletes, film reviews and books.

Pros: a modern and convenient interface that allows you to form your treadmilling tape

Cons: not noticed

Fit Trends

Another portal, who performs under the motto “Everything about an active and healthy life” and provides not only many useful articles and communities, but also a reference to fitness clubs, as well as the ability to keep a simple training diary and calculate calories. He is still very far from foreign trackers, but the site has a certain potential.

Pros: modern interface, good potential for development

Cons: the declared training diary and calculator have minimal functionality


Hardgainer on the jargon of bodybuilders is a beginner who has to make a lot of efforts in order to optimize his weight and pump up muscles. Especially for such hardgeyers, the site “Hardgainer.ru was created – be healthy! Bodybuilding and fitness for amateurs ”, which is an excellent source of information. The site provides a lot of copyright and translated articles on fitness, including complexes of exercises, nutritional information, additives and sports injuries. There is a section of personal consultations, which is conducted by a certified coach, representative of Ironman, Viktor Tribuna. One of my first fitness sites, which turned out to be one of the best.

Pros: a lot of useful information, a large community.

Cons: an outdated interface and design


A portal dedicated, as is clear from the name, application and discussion of various diets. There is an opportunity to lead your blogs, create photo albums and communicate in numerous groups and clubs. The site has a catalog of beauty salons and fitness clubs, reference books on vitamins and calorie products, tests, as well as the simplest tracker. In the consultation section, you can ask specialists to health and nutrition questions. Judging by the design of the portal and the composition of the participants, the site was designed mainly for the women's audience.

Pros: a large amount of useful information, many useful functions, a large community

Cons: not found


Information portal for lovers of club fitness culture. The site has a large catalog of fitness clubs with the functions of selecting a club at the place of residence or in other parameters. Here you can always find various news of fitness movements, reports from events, interviews with fitness specialists, as well as many articles on the topic of health and active lifestyle. There is a sore social network, however, imprisoned for users' membership in one of the clubs.

Pros: the ability to be in the topic of all the newest and relevant in Russian fitness, a convenient tool for selecting a club.

Cons: only residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg will be able to extract maximum benefits from the site


Another information portal that will appeal not only to lovers of strength training and fitness, but also to fans of various game and extreme sports. Articles on training, diets, the history of sports games, technology and tactics, photographs of athletes and much more. A pleasant modern site.

Pros: A wide range of topics, interesting articles

Cons: the social component is completely absent

We lose weight correctly

There are several useful sites based on paper magazines in Russia. And if the glossy and sugary Russian Men’s Health does not particularly deserve a high place in the review of the best fitness sites, then the online version of the magazine “Losting correctly” provides users with a lot of healthy health information. Articles, interviews, secrets and tips, weight and calories, various directories and tables, success stories, consultations of specialists – all this is interested in eating and leading an active lifestyle correctly. Beautiful and modern design – an additional bonus 🙂

Pros: a lot of useful information, convenient interface

Cons: Advertising in the whole hat

The review of fitness sites is completed. If you think that I missed some interesting and desired site, then be sure to write to me about this, and if I like it, I will include it in the next review of the review of the best fitness sites.